Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

39. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (12)

At the dawn of the afternoon.

Tistye was taken to the royal palace by Gaizel. Of course, their destination was the treasury.

Since the royal palace was the place where ministers and aristocrats managed the affairs of the state, other than when she was invited by Gaizel, Tistye had rarely visited that place.

Special ceremonies, such as the unveiling ceremony and the wedding ceremony, which were being prepared, would usually be held at the facilities connected to the royal palace.

As Tistye went further down the long corridor, they arrived at a large structure. At its entrance was a sturdy iron door being guarded by several guards.

There stood a man with a prominent physique. At the sight of him, Tistye unintentionally raised her voice.

“Sir Dita! Why are you here?”

“There’s no need for honorifics. Long time no see, Your Majesty the Empress.”

Dita was their benefactor. He had helped Gaizel and Tistye when they had been ousted from the royal capital.

He was a supporters of the late Emperor Dilph, but eventually came to be unable withstand the unending wars and retired within the depths of Isiris.

“How is Anrie?”

“She’s around, being taken care of by a neighbor at the moment. She said she wants to come here soon.”

During the invasion of Yenzie, Dita had also worked hard to save Gaizel. Afterwards, Dita returned to Isiris. However, he returned after being asked by Gaizel and Tistye to join the newly formed administration.

At first, it was difficult. However, persuading him was worth the effort. Half a year later, he showed up as a knight’s advisor.

Actually, they wanted to request him to become the knight captain once again, but the village where Dita lived had few workers, and in winter, the living environment became harsh instantly. Therefore, his condition for joining was that he be allowed to return during winter.

As a matter of course, Tistye and Gaizel, more familiar with the situation of the villagers than anyone else, immediately agreed to Dita’s condition.

“I see, you’re working here today.”

“No, His Majesty summoned me just in case.”

“Just in case?”

No matter how much she thought about it, it was too vague. She ended up glancing back at Gaizel.

“Uh, just in case something like yesterday were to happen again, there will be someone to stop me.”

“T, that’s certainly…”

At that time, Gaizel’s desperate resistance helped the situation to end in nothing, but it wouldn’t always possible to resolve the issue again using the same method.

If Gaizel couldn’t snap out of it on his own, Dita’s fist would help him—just by imagining it, Tistye shivered.

May nothing happen…

At the entrance, while Gaizel was explaining about the situation, the chief of the ceremony could be seen. The door of the treasury was opened after the four of them had assembled.

The space inside upon entering was well ordered. Heavy items such as armors, shields, ceremonial swords, and axes were lined up. Going further, paintings, tableware, and luxuriously decorated furniture appeared. Tistye firmly watched her step.

If I break even a single one item, I won’t be able to compensate for it…

It was the treasure trove of the almighty Verscia.

Of course, there were also a lot of loot and fine arts from other countries being stored inside. The price—no, it was likely that a price tag couldn’t be put on a single one of those items.

Beyond that, there was a conspicuous safe.

It had a large lock and a handle with numbers on it. When the chief of the ceremony stepped forward, he inserted the key in a professional manner. After he rotated the handle several times, a faint click leaked out, and the thick iron door popped open a bit.


—within the safe, which made an old-fashioned sound, the jewel in question was sleeping.

“Your Majesty, here you go.”


Before the box, which was presented to him, Gaizel seemed to be in deep thought. He signaled for the chief of the ceremony and Dita to retreat so they wouldn’t inadvertently look at the jewel. As he looked at Tistye, he gently opened the lid.

Inside, the ‘Levanite’, which looked the same way as yesterday, was stored. Even in the treasury, which contained little light, it emitted a faint glow.

“As I thought, there’s nothing strange about it…”

She sneaked closer to Gaizel, but there was no apparent change on his person—his dark blue eyes quietly reflected the blue of the jewel.

Gaizel closed the box and returned it to the chief of the ceremony.

“You obtained this jewel from Levaria?”

“That is correct.”


Gaizel kept his hand over his mouth for a while, before asking Tistye.

“Tistye, do you have any plans after this?”

“Eh? No, not particularly…”

After Gaizel had confirmed that, he told Dita.

“Please prepare my horse, we’re heading to Levaria this very second.”

An hour after Gaizel’s sudden declaration, Tistye, who had dressed up, was swaying on the back of the black horse.

Of course, Gaizel, who took the reins, was sitting behind her. Further behind were several escorts.

“L, Lord Gaizel, why the sudden…?”

“Originally, I had been intending to go to Levaria.”

[“But that Randi guy kept shoving work my way… as was the case with Isiris, does he not know the meaning of the words ‘caring’ and ‘consideration’…”]

While listening to his complaints, Tistye felt a little relieved.

I was going to look into it alone, but I never thought that His Majesty would come with me…

No matter how concerned she was about the jewel, she might as well be grasping on straws. Not wanting to get anyone involved in her premature assumption, Tistye intended to gather information about Levanite by herself.

However, because Gaizel believed Tistye’s reasoning, he decided their best bet was to go to Levaria right away.

Back in Lacie, no one cared about what I had to say…

To express her gratitude, Tistye gently leaned the back of her head against Gaizel’s chest. Gaizel, who noticed it, held his breath—was he shy?

Levaria could be reached in five days through the use of a horse-drawn carriage. If he were to travel alone, surely, he’d have been able reach that place in three days. However, Gaizel took care to rest in some cities along the way.

While Tistye waited at the villas or an accommodation for the Verscian royal family, Gaizel would be working—in some cases, he’d work for quite some time.

It seemed that their trip was quite abrupt, even if it had been planned for. Tistye didn’t know what she could do to help Gaizel.

However, Gaizel didn’t reveal any of his hardships to her and just proceeded with the journey while resuming his duties in cities.

It was on the noon of the fourth day when they arrived at Levaria. The sun was shining and the dry air felt comfortable on the skin.

Because there were only few plants in the area, unlike the lush mountains of Verscia, red soil spread vast and far.

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