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36. The Glasses Wearing  Prince is also Wonderful

The next morning.

My date with Nigel… or rather, sightseeing in the city. I was walking down the corridor that leads to the courtyard.

“I consulted with Abby and asked her to prepare clothes for me… I wonder if I look strange?”

Not knowing what I was supposed to do due to my lack of experience, I consulted with Abby.

She immediately rushed to help, “Leave it to me!” and prepared my dress for me.

Thanks to that, yesterday, I basically became a dress-up mannequin for Abby. But that also gave me a bit more confident in myself.

When I reached the courtyard.

“Greetings, Eliane.”

Nigel had already arrived.

“Good morning, did I keep you waiting?”

“I’ve just arrived. Moreover, I was playing with Ralph. It didn’t feel like waiting in the slightest.”

Nigel smiled.

Even so… as usual, each of his movements was akin to that of a stage actor. His fingers were so thin, they could easily be mistaken as a woman’s—I was fascinated by them.

“More importantly, Eliane, what you’re wearing today—”

“—A, as I thought, do I look strange!?”

I leaned forward.

However, Nigel shook his head.

“It’s the opposite. You look so cute. You’re cute, no matter what you wear, I honestly think so—however, today, you’re even more so—it’s as if you’re sparkling.”

“T, thank you. Nigel also looks different from usual. Your current appearance is refreshing…”

Nigel always wore aristocratic formal wear, but he looked a little more casual, probably because he was going out. Despite so, he was still neatly dressed—it suited the overall personality of Nigel.

Not to mention… Nigel was wearing glasses!

Why does a man who doesn’t usually wear glasses look cooler once he does?

“Fufu, thank you. I was looking forward to today. I got a little enthusiastic.”

“Looking forward…?”

“Indeed. Isn’t it obvious? Who wouldn’t look forward to being able to go out with a beautiful woman like you? It would be strange if I wasn’t.”

B, beauty!? Me!?

N, no, no!

It was easy to misunderstand his words, however, I managed to prevent that from happening.

Aristocrats could flatter women as easily as breathing!

Despite so, I still felt better—after all, Nigel had praised me.

“Let us go.”


In that manner, my sightseeing with Nigel started.

 ◆ ◆

“Hey, hey, who is this beautiful couple?”

“That cool-looking guy… could it be, His Highness Nigel?”

“That’s just stupid! As if His Highness Nigel would just spend his time in such an ordinary coffee shop!”

“You’re right… but the woman is also very beautiful.”

“Totally, I envy the man…”

We decided to have tea at a coffee shop which also served lunch.

There were tables and chairs outside the shop, so we decided to sit there.

Nevertheless… I was restless!

“U, umm, Nigel…”

“What is it?”

“We’re being stared at…”

“Is that so? Well, it’s only natural for everyone to pay attention to a woman as beautiful as you.”

Nigel gracefully tilted the cup of tea to his mouth.

He was a person whom was accustomed to attention. I didn’t think it bothered him all that much.

I had a sandwich, tea, and cakes, but I was so nervous, they couldn’t get pass my throat.

“But, is it really okay for the kingdom prince to be in such a place? Some people are going to be suspicious…”

Nigel was dressed differently and disguised with glasses, so it seemed that people around him weren’t all too sure.

It should be fine, after all, we weren’t doing anything wrong—but, wouldn’t it cause trouble?

But Nigel showed a generous attitude.

“That’ll only happen if we behave suspiciously. If we stay relaxed, nothing will happen. Don’t you think so?”

He asked me.

“Y, you’re right… no one would think that the kingdom’s prince is right next to them…”


I felt uncomfortable, but I still enjoyed the conversation I had with Nigel.


When I tried to eat the cake, I accidentally dropped the fork to the ground.

“My, it fell.”

“Forgive me…”

“Why would you apologize? We’re in trouble. It seems that the clerk isn’t nearby, I will call him in a bit.”

“Wait, you don’t have to go that far!”

When I tried to stop him, Nigel said it was okay and went to the store to find a clerk.

“He sure does as he pleases…”

While feeling remorseful, I was impressed with Nigel’s actions.

A nice man whom was cool and caring. There was no doubt he’d be popular.

Why didn’t he have a fiancée?

It became more and more mysterious.

“Hey, the lady over there.”

As soon as Nigel left his seat, I was approached by a trio of men.

“Who? Me?”

“That’s right. Why are you alone in a place like this? Why not come play with us instead?”

The men grinned.

Eh… maybe, that was a pick-up line?!

Even if the men had just arrived, couldn’t they see the tea set across from me

I wasn’t alone by any means…

Are they stupid?

Or perhaps, did they wait for Nigel to disappear to approach me?

Their intention was malicious, then.

“No, I’m alright.”

I told them off resolutely.

That kind of clear answer was for the best.

By flat-out refusing them, they should leave immediately.

However, the men were more persistent than I expected…

“C’mon, it’s fine, quick, let’s go somewhere.”

A man forcibly tried to grab my arm.

“Please stop!”

When I sho him off, the man distorted his face.

What do I do now?

It was possible to dismiss the men with barrier magic—however, it was a special occasion, I didn’t want to make a fuss.

“Hehe, such a bold woman, however, I don’t hate your type…”

The men were unscrupulous.

The moment they tried to grab my hand again.

“What are you guys doing?”

Someone stopped them—it was Nigel.

“I’m sorry, but she is my woman. Trying to reach out to her so casually like that, you don’t expect me to be friendly enough to just do nothing, right?”

“Such a pathetic looking man dares to go against me!? You—I, it hurts!”

Nigel twisted the man’s arm by the joint—

—my, it seemed to hurt a lot.

“What do you think is going to happen? If you show hostility, then of course I’ll have to fight to protect myself.”

The man tried to twist his body, attempting to escape by force.

However, that didn’t happen.

“I, I understand! What a bummer! I give up on this young lady!”


When Nigel released the man, the trio fled.

“N, Nigel, are you hurt!?”

“Haha, I’ve been trained ever since I was little. It’s a royal technique taught by my father who always fights on frontlines. I have mastered sword techniques and martial arts. That bunch is nothing to me.”

Certainly, judging from Nigel’s earlier movements, I didn’t think he learned it overnight—though not very much…

…I had just seen a new side of Nigel.

“Thank you, Nigel. Thanks to you, I was saved.”

“I’m sorry, you ended up experiencing such an uncomfortable situation… and even though I managed to chase those men away, I referred to you as my woman…”

“No! I don’t mind at all!”

When Nigel referred to me as his woman, I was actually happy.

Wasn’t that only natural?

For a man as nice as him to say such a thing to me—even if it was a lie, no woman would be unhappy with that.

“Even so, the security of Lynchgiham sure has deteriorated. I have to contact the related departments as soon as possible and try to tighten the security…”

Ara, Nigel, you’ve returned to work mode. Let’s forget about that for now. Those type of people exist everywhere—I’m not bothered by it.”

“If you say so…”

Nigel and I smiled at each other.

***T/N: In all actuality does that scene involving that trio of men, in which they forcefully attempt to drag a woman somewhere in broad daylight, ever happen in reality?

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