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40.2 The Speculation of the Fake Saint

It seemed that Alberto wanted to retire soon.

He was tired of his days of battle.

After retiring, he intended to become the member of the royal family and lead the same luxurious life as Leticia. What Alberto didn’t know was that dream would never come true.

“So… what’s the purpose of your visit. You have something to say to me, right? After all, you came without being summoned.”

“Indeed, that’s right.”

Alberto begun to speak.

“Previously, you’ve told me about Eliane, right?”

“Yes, that fake saint. She’s already been banished from this kingdom.”

“Or so I’ve heard, but that fake saint seems to be in Lynchgiham as of the present.”

“What did you say?”

For a moment, Leticia doubted her ears.

Despite so, she immediately regained her composure.

“…Well, who cares where that woman goes? It has nothing to do with me.”

That was what she said.

In all actuality…

How troublesome…

Leticia thought so inwardly, to the obliviousness of Alberto.

Eliane’s saint power was the real thing.

She didn’t expect Eliane’s barrier to be what was preventing the dragon’s invasion, but with the same power, Leticia’s true intentions might end up being revealed.

“Hey, Leticia, I’ve been thinking—is Eliane really a fake saint? The dragon invaded the kingdom right after she left, right? During that time, I was in Lynchgiham to fulfil your order, which was to sell the necklace. But, what if her power is real…?”

“Stop saying ridiculous things!”

Leticia raised her voice.

“I’m sorry for bringing up such an irrelevant topic. Well, indeed, it doesn’t matter whether she’s the true saint or not.”

Alberto gave off an eerie laugh, not knowing Leticia’s real thoughts.

“Oh, right, I heard something interesting regarding Eliane.”

“Something interesting?”

“Yes, apparently, Eliane is with the first prince of that kingdom—she was seen together with Nigel.”


Involuntarily, she let out a stupid voice.

Leticia would never be able to forget what she had just heard.

More than when the news of the dragon’s invasion arrived, she doubted her ears.

“Indeed. Beautiful women sure have it easy. Even after getting banished from her former kingdom, she immediately started anew after merely meeting the prince of the other kingdom. I want to become a beautiful woman, too.”


Eliane… was seen together with Prince Nigel?

That’s just ridiculous… no, that’s not the case. Alberto wouldn’t lie about this kind of thing…

When she imagined the scene of Eliane and Nigel being intimate with each other, black emotions swelled inside Leticia’s heart.

That’s it…! It’s Eliane’s fault! The dragon’s invasion, my plan going awry—it’s all her fault! Moreover, she trying to steal Prince Nigel from me!

Leticia slowly stood up and picked up a sword in one corner of the room.

She hadn’t plan to resort to that method so soon.

However, when she heard about Eliane and Nigel, she wanted to just destroy her right there and then.

“Kill the fake saint with this.”

It was an eerie sword with a bright red blade.

“Can you do it? It’s part of the reason why I ordered you to pretend to be a merchant. On the possibility that this kind of thing might happen. It’s your time.”

“Hey, hey, I can’t just accept such an ominous sword…”

At that moment.

“W, what is this…!?”

A black aura rushed from Leticia’s sword.

The aura clung to Alberto and eroded his body.


Alberto screamed.

Although he was suffering from the pain for a while, he slowly lifted his face—

“—Hahaha! That’s the best sensation in the world! I feel like I can do anything, now! I’ll kill the fake saint as per your wish!”

Screaming, Alberto received the sword from Leticia.

His eyes were gleaming red.

“Fufufu, good response, my cute little boy.”

Leticia smiled.

Her expression was glaringly malicious, there was no way it could’ve belonged to a true saint.

***T/N: When a villain be so dumb as to let her emotions take control over her next course of actions… I’m starting to think that instead of this bitch being proficient at lying, it was just Claudude who is too dumb.

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