I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

78. Last Go! (7)

The grand ball for Saint Mia, who demanded excessive care, proceeded according to her desired scenario. Ally was spectating through the mirror (conjured by Abel) in a separate room.

Maximilian and the four muscle devas were of course very indignant—however, thanks to practice, they no longer showed outright refusal.

Amidst the all-star, dreamy, handsome men, the delicate and beautiful Saint Mia would play the role of the sole princess they wanted to protect.

Is the scenario that great?

Is it great enough to justify destroying the lives of others?

At the same time, Ally pitied Saint Mia.

Saint Mia wanted to be loved by men with great authority, tremendous beauty, and also extreme wealth which would last for a lifetime. Other than that, Saint Mia also wanted to be the woman who stood on top.

For her to have such ambitions, it must be because in reality, Saint Mia was but a mediocre girl who lived an insanely mediocre life.

If Saint Mia’s life was instead wonderful and sparkly, then surely she wouldn’t yearn for a set-up where she was a tragic heroine. Not to mention, that set-up was just so she could play with good-looking men.

No, don’t feel sorry for her. Focus, concentrate on your anger! There’s a limit to dreaming!

Anyway, Ally shook her head, wondering what the ultimate aspiration of Saint Mia was.

It was now the 10th time Saint Mia played with beautiful boys. Was her aim to enjoy the scenario peacefully, or was she aiming for a mysterious handsome guy hidden somewhere?

“Well, I think either one could be true. Look, Ally, the grand tea ceremony is about to begin.”

Abel would also make an appearance as the demon king that day. When it came to his dressed-up appearance, it was the epitome of supreme beauty.

In the mirror, Martin, the musclehead, was arguing with Chris, the genius. The two men were scrambling for their turn to dance with Saint Mia. Martin yelled while Chris shouted back at him. Obviously, they were acting, but it seemed realistic enough.

The faces of everyone in vicinity were visibly tense. Despite such, Saint Mia was too happy to notice any of that. Apparently, she was also a very deluded individual.

Saint Mia tried to stop Martin and Chris from arguing any further, her voice was a mix of anxiety and bashfulness—even so, her expression said the otherwise. It was apparent that she was inwardly screaming in delight.

Chris stuck out his chin, and Martin punched him while screaming, “Ora—!” Chris was slammed into the nearby onlookers. Chris stood up instantly, before hitting Martin’s stomach with a sharp kick.

In the mirror, a bitter-looking Maximilian was trying to get in between the two. Martin and Chris threw a punch at the same time and ended up accidentally hitting Maximilian.

The queen went hysterical. “Gyaaaahhhh—!!”

Blood was flowing from Maximilian’s head as he stood up. Red dyed his silver hair. Saint Mia also let out a meek cry. “A, aah…”

Since they were the Muscle Special Squadron, they obviously knew the vital points of the human body. As such, Maximilian’s injury shouldn’t have been anything special. Nevertheless, Ally’s heart pounded wildly due to worry.

The queen approached Saint Mia, wide-eyed. The shocked Saint Mia then showed a beautiful smile akin to a blooming flower while muttering a phrase—‘healing magic’.

“Yes, of course, it’s my obligation to heal the crown prince.”

Not realizing that the golden aura surrounding her had significantly thinned, Saint Mia held her hand over Maximilian with a benevolent look, as if she were a worshipped goddess offering free love to people…

Ally’s heart shrunk as she squeaked—

—despite so, Madiroll exclaimed. “Worry not—!”

“My superior and colleagues are very angry—well, mostly towards God, but also at the ugliness and shallowness of that saint. After all, it was the decision of that woman to withhold healing magic. It’s coming back to bite her. If Angels of Light are deprived of love, mercy, or compassion, their power will weaken.”

Madiroll’s anger seemed to be deep, he was cursing profanities at Saint Mia.

“O, Angels of Light, please listen to my wishes. Lend me your power and heal the Prince of Orlandia—Maximilian.”

A pure light flew and drew an arc just like that of a comet before being sucked into the body of Saint Mia—and then, she was basked in radiance—

—of course, that never happened.

Impatience gradually appeared on Saint Mia’s face. Her gaze was starting to wander.

“Yosh! Now is our chance, go, Abeeeeel—!”

“That kind of passion, I don’t hate it.”

The moment Abel smiled at Madiroll’s words, the previously bright hall was suddenly enshrouded by darkness. Even though it was the inside of the royal palace, thunder roared and it was as dark as night. Amidst everyone’s astonishment, Ally felt her body being carried.


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