Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

25. I’ll be, disturbing you

“Touri— Touri—.”
Hm? Yui, what is it?”
“I sent a mail to Yuuki Kousuke-kun yesterday, yeah?”
“The high school student from before? What of it?”
“When he didn’t reply, I got curious and checked, yeah?”
Ahh, and then?”
“So, then, the mail was deleted.”

Yui’s head, at the same time she finishes speaking, droops from dejection. While Yui’s mind is elsewhere, Touri falls deep into thought.

Is this his way of telling us he has no intention of cooperating with us? Or could he have been dissatisfied with the reward Yui offered? Wait…

Touri realizes after some thought that he is ignorant to the contents of Yui’s mail. He then asks her a question.

“About the mail, what did you write to that high school student?”
Eh? The usual, I began it by saying, [For starters! Th—is is Yui. There is something I would like to ask you for. Is that alright wi—th you?], but…”
“Yui, you made a mistake.”

Touri briefly explains that her mail was probably mistaken for spam.

“…In that case, what now? Send another mail?”
“I’ll give up with that—, it seems like it’d be mistaken for spam again.”
“Then, what will you do?”
“Hack his smart phone and cover the screen with my message!”

Immediately following Touri’s shock, Yui types away at her keyboard with incredible vigor.

“Hol… Yui, wai…”
“Hacking, success—! ……Ahre?”

Yui, having commenced her hacking before Touri could stop her, leaks out a dumb founded voice. The reason is because unlike when she hacked to confirm the mail address, this time she senses something is out of place.

“What’s this? Instead of invading, it’s more like I’m being invited in…”

Then on the following second, a message occupies the screen of Yui’s PC.

[Hello, I’ll be, disturbing you.]

Yui is terrified upon seeing that message.

Her special ability, [Cyber Brain1], allows her to connect her consciousness with cyberspace, trespass into any device that is connected online, and control them. However, in [Divine], there are many individuals who share special abilities. While their capabilities are far removed from the rank A [Cyber Brain] Yui possesses, they too are able to connect their consciousnesses with cyberspace.

As such, Yui has taken measures to prevent her PC from being invaded by them. By making full use of her special ability and programming skills, she surrounded it with a special firewall. Should a rank B try hacking it, the firewall would be able to hold out for hours.

However, the fact remains that a message is covering her screen. That means her firewall was broken.

“My firewall, it was breached in an instant! Touri, help! I’m being hacked!”
“What did you say!?”

Touri, who can use [Cyber Brain] just like Yui, comprehends just what sort of firewall surrounds that computer. As such, the meaning of Yui saying, “breached in an instant,” is understood without a thought.

Do they have another rank A [Cyber Brain]?!?

Touri touches the PC, and together with Yui, accesses cyberspace.

[I’ll drive away the intruder. Touri, use that time to repair the firewall.]
[Got it. I’ll suspend vigilance towards the surroundings and provide support equivalent of a rank B [Cyber Brain].]

While getting used to the difference in the flow of time compared to reality, the two arrive at the space with the intruder.

Yui, upon seeing the humanoid cyber brain body in that place, is convinced.
[I knew it… looks like it’s the [Cyber Brain] special ability.]

A cyber brain body that is three heads tall stands before the two of them. Its entire body is pure white with only 2 black dots for what appear to be eyes.

As Touri glares at the cyber brain body, Yui feels a doubt.

[What is your objective?]
Yui asks that of the white cyber brain body.

The foremost reason for her doubt is that the white cyber brain body did nothing upon entering her PC. It didn’t search for their location or anything else for that matter. It merely stared at the surrounding icons.

[Objec, tive?]
The cyber brain body tilts it head.

[I see, so then you have no intention of discussing your goals. Are you a special ability user of the organization?]
[Organization, don’t understand. Special ability, too, don’t understand.]
[You don’t say? Touri, the firewall, please.]
[Leave it to me.]

Yui, concluding the white cyber brain body has no intention of telling them anything, commences her assault against it.

—Diamond of Greed doesn’t return from his vacation—

“Rin-san, don’t randomly jump on me when I’m working.”
“…I’m sorry.”

While I was experimenting with [Toy] that I acquired yesterday, Rin hugged me out of nowhere. Because of that, I messed up in adjusting the power.

“I’m happy if you understand. Please be more careful from now on.”

I didn’t scold her very strongly, but she’s completely dejected. Looks like she’s reflecting.

“Well then, how about a snack?”

Rin dashes back into the living room as if nothing had happened.

“Did she seriously reflect?”

With that doubt in mind, I decided that it’s snack time.

“Right, but before that…”

Is this guy alright? He was restlessly looking around all gyoro gyoro earlier, but now he completely stopped moving. Maybe I should take him to an electronics shop if he doesn’t start moving again after a while?

—Diamond of Greed retreats to the mountains—

[Solving puzzles, is fun.] 2

All of the programs being used to force the intruder to disconnect are being dismantled like puzzles.

[Looks like your processing ability is better than mine. Still!]

Yui, while astonished by its strength, has more options prepared. At the same time she invokes her offensive program, she uses supercomputers she had hacked in advance for such a cyber brain warfare to unleash a massive amount of useless data.

[Head is, heavy. Solving puzzles, difficult…]

The massive amount of useless data that was unleashed is too heavy of a burden for the intruder to bear. Yui then unleashes a number of attack programs at the intruder greater than its capacity can withstand.

[I’ll ask you one last question. What’s your name?]
Just as the white cyber brain body’s access breaks, Yui throws a final question at it.

[Still… don’t, have a name…]
[I see.]

At the same time the white cyber brain body has its access cut, Touri deploys the firewall.

[Good job, as expected of you.]
[Not as expected of me at all. Its processing power and analytical ability were way beyond anyone else I faced. I was somehow able to drive it off using the attack programs and supercomputers I prepared in advanced, but… next time it comes, I’m positive I’ll absolutely lose.]

Touri swallows at the seriousness lacing Yui’s words. The reason is because never has he heard of anyone being able to match Yui in cyber brain warfare.

[Was the intruder a special ability user from [Divine]?]
[I don’t know. The logs seem to have disappeared due to the debris of the attack programs, but…]
[…No, it’s nothing.]

Yui shuts her mouth before saying, “I don’t think that was a bad person.” Although she is very confident in her theory, she barely has anything to back up the claim.

[For now, what should we do from here? Won’t it be a problem if it comes again?]
[The firewall won’t break as long as I support it, so we’re probably fine for now. However, releasing [Cyber Brain] would be too reckless, so I need to rewrite the IP address while I’m still in here. Touri, I’ll be depending on you—]

Touri is relieved that Yui is returning to her usual self now that the battle is over.

[Because I’ll be resuming vigilance towards the surroundings, I’ll turn into the equivalent of a rank C [Cyber Brain], but I’ll what I can.]
[Uwaa, this took a while—]

After a mere minute of real time, the battle between the rank A [Cyber Brain] and the white cyber brain body quietly has its curtains close.

—Diamond of Greed sheds off it’s world attachments—

He was frozen up until a bit ago, but there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong now. I’m glad, I’m glad, looks like he isn’t broken.

“By the way, what do you eat?”

In the middle of eating a snack, the thought crosses my mind and I try asking it to my smartphone.

Food, isn’t required. There will be no problem, as long as I can recharge.”
“I see. Does that have a taste?”

This isn’t a conversation feature of my smartphone, right? It really does have its own will.

Why would my smartphone have a will? Well, when I was testing out [Toy] on it, I accidentally used too much power. Due to having succeeded on other experiments, I got carried away. Also, that test gave me the same feeling I had when I created Shiro and Rin. He’s probably going to stick around.

In short, our family has a new member.

“Well, you’re not a giant robot, so I guess that works?”

Right now, he’s in the form of a normal smartphone, but when he transforms, he turns into a robot that’s the size of my palm. Its body is three heads tall with both its head and body being made of display screens with a white and silver base. His face is bare save for 2 black dots that seem to serve as eyes.

Hm? What’s up?”

I speak to my smartphone.

What is the name of this one?”
“Your name?”

Now that he mentions it, I haven’t decided on one. While I could name him after his model type, that would be insipid. Name… what about after a device? Smartphone… computer… Alright, I’ve decided!

“Since you are a smartphone, I’ll always want you nearby. With that meaning in mind, how does [Near] sound? Furthermore, I think that name once belonged to a famous computer, too.”
Near. I am, [Near]!

Ooh, more than anything else, he seems quite happy with his name.

“Near, was it? I am Kuro. Pleasure to meet you.”
“…Said Shiro, Rin!”
Kuro-san, Shiro-san, Rin-san, I will be in your care.”

I can’t help but smile as I watch everyone interact with Near. It’s a bit noisy, but it’s a really comforting feeling.

“At any rate…”
I am so relived he isn’t a gigantic robot.

T/N: I want to see him use Toy on a gunpla model.  Better yet, I want to see him go to Odaiba and use Toy on the giant gundam.

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  1. This is probably a “Ghost in the Shell” reference.
  2. It’s way of speaking changes with each line.  At first it was only katakana, but slowly is using more kanji. Most likely, it shows that it is learning.