I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside ZCompleted Translations

I Reincarnated as a Villainess in an Otome Game, but I’m Still Stupid Inside [Chapter 1]

The Stupid Child I Remembered

“Ayaka, let me introduce you. This is Ryudoji Kaname. Please get along with each other.”

It was my tenth birthday. The moment I laid eyes on the boy with a disappointed expression my father brought before me, a conviction rose. Long-held suspicions were confirmed, and everything changed.

I’m the rival character and villainess of the otome game “The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden”, which I was addicted to in my previous life. The Hououin family’s Ayaka, that was who I had been reincarnated as.

“The Prisoner of the Miniature Garden” is an otome game set in a school for children of wealthy families. It featured dormitory life.

The headmaster took in the heroine, who had no relatives, and asked her to reform the school where family power dictated social standing. Those at the top did whatever they pleased with impunity.

The protagonist, who had grown up among commoners, entered the school despite being terribly out of place to repay the headmaster’s kindness. That bright girl with a straightforward character had a commoner’s gaze and didn’t evaluate others by their social standing. This included powerful capture targets.

One of them, the main capture target – Ryudoji Kaname – stood before me. The second son of the second-largest corporation among those enrolled at the academy. He’s an ore-sama, the student council president, the school’s top power. Though confident and arrogant, he has the requisite skills to back it up: capable of his work while being good at sports and academics.

Nicknamed the “Emperor”, he became interested in the heroine because she didn’t try to flatter him. He eventually fell in love with her after she discovered the darkness inside his heart.

However, he had an opponent that he couldn’t go against no matter what.


A very slender man standing next to my father pushed the boy’s shoulder.

As his beauty was similar to the boy, this was probably his father.

“Ayaka-san is the daughter of an essential client of the Ryudoji family… Do you understand?

The attractive boy – with features similar to a lovely young girl – distorted his face in displeasure at his father’s words.

The person that he can’t defeat is me, Hououin Ayaka, who is the most important character in the game.

The sole daughter of the Hououin family – owners of the largest corporation among those affiliated with the academy – who have ties to royalty. They are an old and venerable family of honorable origins and high social standing. Ayaka is the most powerful person at the academy and the one who established its caste system.

More arrogant than any other and merciless towards those that opposed her, she thoroughly harassed the protagonist, who came to change the academy and attempted to get rid of her at every turn. No matter what route one chooses or how high the favorability is with the chosen target, the game cannot be won unless the school is reformed and Ayaka is driven out.

Her character design truly gives off the feeling of a powerful villainess: beautiful loosely curled golden hair, a severe but beautiful countenance, and a fearless smile.

Because the cooperation of the Hououin family was indispensable to the Ryudoji’s, the revered “Emperor” Kaname became Ayaka’s dog. To secure the family’s relationship, the mistress’ illegitimate son was given to Ayaka as a ‘toy’ on her tenth birthday by his own father.

That exact situation is unfolding now.

Though seemingly on equal standing on the outside, behind everyone’s back, Kaname is made to wear a collar and behave like a dog in front of Ayaka. Due to his position, he can’t oppose her. The prideful Kaname is psychologically driven into a corner. To cope with his resentment, he goes through life with an arrogant attitude.

That’s too dark a relationship for two ten-year-old kids to jump into. When the game hit the market, people were complaining on the forums.

First, they said that Ayaka’s character was too dark. That she was basically the Queen of S&M. And while there’s no official name for her in the game, the fans called her the “Empress” because Kaname was the “Emperor”.

Well, I seem to have been reincarnated as that character.

What is the best way to proceed from here on out?

Unless the protagonist fails to capture a target, the ending that awaits Ayaka is a sad one: expelled from the academy each time. The best way to avoid this is to treat Kaname well.


Kaname waits for me to speak with a bitter look on his face. It would be pretty fun to see such a beautiful boy (well, I’m beautiful in this life as well) swing between happiness and despair through only my actions. He belongs to me, after all.

In my past life, I was a pretty hopeless kid. I don’t really want to admit this, but I might have been pretty stupid as well?

I was perpetually clumsy, with my head in the clouds: a natural airhead. If you want to say it nicely, you might have called me quirky. If you were mean, it was like I was an alien.

I was always laughed at and messed with.

I was so clumsy that my company even fired me. Afterward, I had eaten the leftovers from my fridge and drank sake desperately. However, the leftovers were so old that I ended up gagging and then dying from food poisoning.

In other words, I was the lowest of the low.

God’s mercy must have allowed me to be reborn as Empress-sama.

Empress-sama was a villainess, but a really cool one. Whether she drove people out of the academy or otherwise oppressed them, she did it in a dignified manner, justifying it by saying, “I just did what I thought was correct.” She never gave in to the heroine.

Even when she was taking care of Kaname.

“Oh my, it looks like a dog has appeared with a man’s face… Alright, the young lady who made you make such an expression will release you now. My father and I aren’t so petty as to break a contract, though if it does get broken, it seems that Ryudoji Daiichi will be the one most troubled.”

That’s right. It’s easty to say that Ayaka was someone who lived according to her beliefs.

Honestly, I’m numb right now. I’ve longed for this role. Empress-sama was actually a trendy character, with a fan site dedicated to her. (There was a lot of variation of the Ayaka/Kaname shippers: from Empress-sama x Hetare President, S&M Master/Slave, and to the Empress-sama gender swap genre, in which she naturally became the seme).

Anyway, if I had become such a girl, then I would like to experience a world that I did not have in my last life. Besides, even the most miserable ending was just expulsion from the academy. It wasn’t like her house fell into destitution.

Besides, with Empress-sama’s high specs and background, wouldn’t she be able to get rid of the scandals, transfer to another school, and continue living gracefully?

It’ll be sad that all those good looking guys will come to hate me because I harm the heroine, but it’s not like I can become her either. It’s because a stupid child like me has weak romancing skills.

It would be better to play out Empress-sama’s life and continue to enjoy myself until I was expelled.

“—Kaname. From today onwards, you are my dog.”

I declared this while staring straight at him, smiling fearlessly. Just you wait, heroine, I’ll show you a true flower of evil.


That’s right, and Kaname’s unexpected reply to my enthusiastic declaration was, “A dog you say… What should I do specifically?”


“Um, well… You have to listen to whatever I say. If I ask you to be a dog, then I want you to imitate one!”

“Even if you tell me to imitate a dog… I won’t be able to do it well because I don’t have a dog at home… I don’t understand how to be one in the first place.”

…What the hell?!

Isn’t it standard to have a few Dobermans as guard dogs or a huge, human-sized golden retriever in a rich person’s household?

Wait, actually, even at our home… Mother is allergic to animals… But well, when I think of rich people, I think of dogs! You got a problem with that?!

“…If you really want me to imitate a dog, then I’ll study how to be one to get some knowledge of it for the next time we meet…”

“—There’s no need for that!”

Studying to act like a dog, that’s just nonsense!

Well, it can’t be helped. I’ll teach you directly!

“First of all, you have to get on all fours, okay?”

The hands are key. You can’t do it with your legs, but if you put your palms on the floor, you can imitate paws. If you turn your hands, then you can mimic the softness of a paw.

I just love paws!

“Then, look up with eyes like you’re about to cry!”

Imagine a puppy abandoned in the rain, with its round eyes looking up at you. It’s not completely wet, but imagine that just the tip of its nose being damp… The tip of a dog’s nose is always damp. Hmm, this kind of gives off the image of having rhinitis. Well, something like this is okay for now.

“Finally, bark! Arf arf arf!”

Don’t be shy! Be bold so that the noise echoes throughout the guest room.

…Hmm? Wait, guest room?

“…I’m glad for you, Ayaka. You’ve made a friend, besides the servants, who will go along with your dog play.”

Coming back to reality, I turn towards my father, who sighed as he spoke.

…Ah, father and his important guests are still here.

Translator’s Note: If you thought the beginning sounded really, really familiar, then you are not alone! This was written by the same person that wrote “I’ve Been Reincarnated as this Game’s Villainess, I’ll Train the Main Capture Target to be a Yandere” and from the premise, it seems to be that exact scenario…if Suzune was dumb (*、。艸。)(゚艸゚`*)

Their work runs from funny like this to really, really dark. I read a super scary yandere story from them that wasn’t particularly romantic in my opinion, so I didn’t want to translate it. Then I found this! There’s also the same story in a set of three one-shots, but I decided to go with the serialized version. Why? Because I’m a masochist. The story will probably be more fleshed out this way.

Anyway, hope you all enjoyed it! (`▽´)