Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier Translation

1.4 Because I had too Much Strength, I became an Adventurer’s Bag Carrier

It was the first love confession I had ever received in my life.

The other person wasn’t my childhood friend—but the best man in the world, one who most women would line up to catch.

…No, no, no, no.

Impossible. What is this. Wake up, me. Was my imagination going wild? How ridiculously embarrassing!

That line he said to me—it must have been some kind of mistake.

As if troubled, the hero laughed and gripped my hands even more tightly.

“You’re the only one in my eyes.”

“Eh? But, the Saint? The Swordswoman? The Mage? All of them love you too, Hero…”

“Of course, we love him.”

Due to my confusion, I blurted that out.

The saint, the swordswoman, and the mage came onto the balcony.

As my eyes bulged out, the three women showed me smiles.

“But I don’t love him that way? You may not know this, but as a saint, I vowed to never get married for the rest of my life.”


“A saint will lose her power if she gets entangled with a man. Hence why, I swore an oath to never marry in the future so I can continue helping people. Not like I’m interested in getting married in the first place.”

T-the saint couldn’t get married? But… wasn’t that just foolish? Even though she looked so good with the hero!

“How about you, Swordswoman…”

“I have a fiancé who loves me dearly. We’ve been waiting for a long time, but next month, we’re finally getting married.”


Fiancé!? The swordswoman!? Scheduled to get married next month!?

“That, no way, what about you, Mage…”

“Me? I’m married, I have children.”

“Eh, eeeeeh!?”

Married!? Children!? You must be kidding!? Such a bewitching mother existed!?

When I glanced at the hero, he was still laughing as if troubled.

Looking at his face somehow made me sad.

I see… how pitiful he was… I was the only single girl left even though he was such a handsome, kind, cool, and an amazing person.

“I feel like I’m being misunderstood…”

“Her gaze just now was full of sympathy…”

“Don’t misunderstand? The Hero has been aiming for you since the start?”

“Hey! You promised to never tell her that!”

“But if I don’t say it, there won’t be any progress, right? Truthfully, it’s the Hero who suggested inviting you into the party.”


“That’s right. He was scared of girls, but he suddenly started saying things like wanting to invite another girl into a party. It was actually very surprising.”

“At first I thought he was charmed by a strange woman—turns out my worry was unfounded.”

“He’s an odd child, but it turned out he actually had eyes for girls.”

My confusion still wouldn’t stop.

The hero smiled softly and said to me.

“Back then, I saw you pull out a carriage that was stuck in the mud.”

“Y, you saw that!?”

That time, I even got soiled by horse manure!

Towards me, whom was writhing as I held my head, my friends were smiling.

The hero looked at me with a gaze which could make anyone’s heart to go aflutter as he told me about his first encounter with me.

His actions were always dictated—for he was a hero—for he was a prince.

Ever since he was a child, many ideals had been ingrained in his mind.

He understood his position and did his best to respond.

However, even someone like him could get tired of that.

He told me there were times when he didn’t want to continue living up to the ideal image people had about him.

Then came a day when he met a cute girl—

—a cute girl who also possessed extraordinary strength. He was surprised by her.

Towards her, whom was drenched in mud after lifting the carriage, the coachman was grateful to the brink of tears.

The people around her were also cheering for her.

Amazing, at that moment, he genuinely thought so.

In general, a woman possessing superhuman strength wasn’t deemed feminine.

Despite so, she managed to get everyone around her to accept her—

—through getting angry, laughing, and being proud of who she was.

It was probably because she lived true to herself that people accepted her, along with her unusual power.

At first, he just wanted to talk to her.

However, he soon got to know her—her kindness.

That girl, who was willing to get covered in mud for the sake of the others, exuded purity.

The more he got to know her, the more he loved her.

When they spent time together, said feelings only deepened.

It was a dangerous trip, as such, he contemplated sending her home part way. But in the end, they stayed together.

“You are kind, cool, and can’t ignore anyone who is in trouble. Truly, I love you who is like that. You may think of me as an undependable man, for I relied upon you until the end. However, I’ll do my best to be the right man for you. I want to continue living with you in the future…!”

“Huuuuuh!? Don’t get closer!? Your gaze alone is already enough to crush me, now you want to approach me, too?!”

“Well, that’s true, isn’t it? After all, she’s the one who threw that boulder at the Demon King after it was revealed he was still alive even after being pierced by the Hero’s holy sword.” Said the saint.

“In truth, there are two heroes, right?” Said the swordswoman.

“My, aren’t they well-suited for each other?! Be happy!” Said the mage.

“No, no, wait!? I’m but a commoner! You, a member of the royal family! Unreasonable, this is just outrageous! It wouldn’t be forgiven, it wouldn’t be accepted! Because I’m just a country girl! Let alone the queen education, I don’t even have formal aristocrat education! Besides, your other party members are saint, swordswoman, and mage—it’s absolutely impossible for me!”

“But we can’t be with him, though?” Said the saint.

“That’s right, it’s impossible.” Said the swordswoman.

“Indeed, no matter how much you think about it, it’s impossible.” Said the mage.

Well, that might have been case. after all, the saint had vowed to never get married, the swordswoman had a fiancé, and the mage was married and even had children!

When I stared at them tearfully, the saint, the swordswoman, and the mage laughed, as if troubled.

“—After all, I’m the Hero’s older sister.”


“…While I’m his maternal aunt.”


“—while I’m the Swordswoman’s Older Sister, the mother of the Hero and the Saint!”


The hero laughed awkwardly again.

“The Saint is my older sister, while the Swordswoman is my aunt, and the Mage is my mother…”

“You guys are related!?”

Hence why everyone was beautiful! Everything made sense now—no, it doesn’t.

“What do you mean!?”

“In other words, the hero’s party is also a family party. You’ve passed the test for becoming the Hero’s wife. We’ve acknowledged you. I’m so happy to have such a cute little sister.” Said the saint.

“Rest assured. I’m going to be married to one of the most influential aristocrats in the kingdom. We can just adopt you and the difference in status will thereby be resolved.” Said the swordswoman.

“Meanwhile, the aristocratic and queen educations are also fine! I’ve taught you everything during our trip! Because you are a hard worker, it became quite fun and I ended up teaching you everything! Now, I won’t be embarrassed no matter where I invite you to. Both my husband and the ministers were delighted that the prince, who hates women, brought home a daughter-in-law!” Said the mage.

“The sexy queen was actually the real deal, and the entire time, I was unaware of that—!!”

“I will definitely make you happy!”

“Your face is too close! Too close! Your gaze! Gaze—!!”

Before I realized it, I had been dragged back to the venue. While I was confused, I was already on the stage being proudly introduced as the Hero’s fiancée. I was greeted with a warm applause.

What is happening…

Truthfully, I was worried I might get bullied in the shadows, but none of that happened. I thought my presence must be an eyesore for the noble ladies, but they treated me with kindness for some reason.

There were those with their objections apparent on their faces, but the moment the hero party turned to look at them, they left with a blue face.

I see.

I understood everything—

—because my backing was the hero (also a prince), the saint (also a princess), a swordswoman (also a future duchess), and the mage (the queen), that was just courting death in every way—both in authority and physically.

To be honest, I still felt that the hero was out of my scope—but that didn’t mean I disliked him. Rather, I liked him. However, I couldn’t quite say it was love yet since he was also like an idol to me.

“We can take it slow. I hope you will soon be aware of me.”


If you kept whispering in such a sweet voice, there was no way any woman could resist you.

Indeed, I fell for him in no time. After all, I was just a normal girl. I didn’t care if anyone were to call me an easy girl.

When I decided to marry the hero, he wanted to greet my parents before we got married. Thus, I returned to my parents’ house after a long time.

“I’m home…”

“You…! Finally, you’ve returned…!”

“How are you! I was truly worried! Where have you been!”

“I was working as a bag-carrier in the city.”


“…Maybe you become the right person in the right place. Anyway, I’m glad you’re safe—oh? Who’s this person?”

“Oh, he, he’s my beloved… we come here, to announce our marriage…”

“Y, your beloved!?”


My parents were surprised. At the same time, they were also happy regarding my announcement.

He went to offer his greeting and took off his hood.

“Umm, don’t be surprised? He’s the hero, and also the prince of the kingdom…”

“Nice to meet you.”

“…??? ….!!!!????”

My parents collapsed on spot.

As I thought, it was that hard to believe.

While my parents were unconscious, my forehead was kissed by the hero many times. Perhaps out of joy because I referred to him as my beloved earlier.

It was embarrassing—please stop.

Although my parents fainted, the aunt who lived next door was still conscious.

As per my request, he also greeted everyone in my neighborhood. The entire time, his hand was on my hips. My face was about to melt from sheer embarrassment.

While greeting everyone, he never missed his chance to flirt with me—was I undergoing some kind of penance?

I also went to my childhood friend’s house.

There were quite a lot of children. It seemed that the bride was truly fertile.

In the last few years, the girl he had married, whom was once delicate, had grown twice her size and had evolved into a stubborn mother.

At the same time, my childhood friend was very thin, as if all the energy had been sapped out of him.

Whether he was married or not, it seemed that he was destined to be at a mercy of some strong women.

Keep up the good work!

Helped by my former party members, I looked beautiful for my age.

My childhood friend glanced alternately between my face and his own wife’s—there was a slight tinge of regret on his face.

“Do you have anything to say to my wife?”

Hero, we’re all adults, here. Don’t get worked up.

Other than that, he was exaggerating—I wasn’t his wife, yet!

Eh, could it be, in his heart, he already considered me his wife?

Aww, it couldn’t be helped, then. (an easy girl)

Thus, my adventure reached its end.

From now on, there may be no use for my extraordinary strength.

“Anyone—! A cow has gotten stuck in the swamp—! Help—!”

…Or so I thought.

…My beloved was gazing at me, his gaze full of expectations.

That person loved me so much, I was troubled—

—uhm, alright!

Leave it to me!

I shall lend them a hand! (an easy girl x2)


***T/N: Turns out the harem party is basically a family trip…

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