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Extra 14.1 Counseling Angelica

  • This story happened after the main story, in which Sharina consulted with Angelica.

“It’s nearly a hundred…”


Ever since the morning of that day, Angelica’s best friend hadn’t been looking good.

Not even aware that Angelica had entered the classroom, Sharina was sitting on her seat, clutching her forehead while groaning in anxiety. Occasionally, she’d stare at the ceiling and sigh.

“The number of girls who will fall in love with Riol after that duel…”

“…I see, it’s not a fever.”

With a serious expression, Angelica placed her left hand on her best friend’s forehead and her right one on her own.

Suffice to say, Angelica’s worry was unfounded.

She thought something had happened to Sharina, which in turn, caused her to become flustered. As it turned out, it was nothing.

When the last class during the morning became self-study, such was what happened after Angelica finished writing the assignment—

“—After seeing the magnificent appearance of Riol, there’s no way anyone could resist falling in love with him!”

“But that doesn’t mean a hundred people will fall in love with him…”

“Then, two hundred.”

“…I’m not saying it’s more than one hundred.”

She had come to realize, in the eyes of her best friend whom was infatuated with the boy, Riol was the best-looking boy in the world.

“From the beginning, Riol’s inherent coolness has been overshadowed by those unfair, heartless, rumors about him. I mean, look at those long bangs! They concealed his beauty, but at the same time, also brings out Riol’s mysterious charm! It’s hard to understand Riol’s handsomeness from a distance!”

“Eh? What? Why are you explaining this, all of a sudden…”

Sharina spoke with serious eyes, clasping her hands right in front of her mouth.

Huh? Has her analysis about, ‘how popular should Riol be?’ begun?

“—Taking into consideration how the Research of Written Magic Department only consists of one class, and they have almost no joint classes with other classes, not to mention how Riol rarely goes to the cafeteria, there’s almost no opportunity for other female students to get to know about him.”

“I, I see…”

It couldn’t be helped. Anyway, as soon as the lunch break begun, Sharina would fly to her meeting place with Riol.

For the short time until then, Angelica was prepared to listen as much as she could.

“In other words, most of the female students only knew the bad rumors regarding Riol, but had never seen or interacted with him properly. No matter how attractive Riol is, if you don’t know him, you won’t like him.”

“Yes, I guess so. I mean, I also misunderstood about him at first.”

However, even though she was prepared for some outrageous theories, Sharina’s conclusion turned out to be correct.

A seemingly gloomy boy who sat at the scholarship student’s seat at the entrance ceremony, but showed no pride whatsoever for being the scholarship student. His department was ‘Research of Written Magic’. At first, Angelica believed the rumor that he was an arrogant boy since he had scored a scholarship through writing alone.

She never tried to get to know the real Riol.

“Indeed. If there have been no such rumors, and Riol frequented the cafeteria, everyone would have had the opportunity to get to know him.”

Sharina continued in a serious tone. She swallowed—

“—then, just like me, there’ll be many who’ll fall for Riol.”

“No, they won’t.”

“Are you saying that a person who will love him more than me will appear!?”

“That’s definitely not what I was trying to say.”

Angelica was in a melancholic mood. Surely, there exist no other girl who would love Riol more than her best friend, who currently sat in front of Angelica.

…Let’s say there were indeed many girls who loved Riol as intensely as Sharina—

that’d be the depiction of hell, right there.

“Even if it’s merely a possibility, I’m confident that I won’t lose to anyone!”

“Yes, I think so, too.”

“But still, if there are many of them…”

At first, Sharina was clenching her fists and exclaimed resolutely, but in the next moment, she became dejected.

“Until now, I was the only one who tried getting closer to Riol, but from now on…”

Angelica was a little surprised by the situation.

After falling in love, her childhood friend had never yielded and always advanced forward. She never stopped at anything.

It was unusual for her to be pessimistic like that.

“From now on… I shall pry off and discard all the love rivals who’d try to approach him one after another—!”

“Don’t discard them!?”

Correction—as Angelica thought, Sharina indeed would never stop at anything.

“I think a one-on-one stratagem would work, but if I were to be outnumbered…”

“What kind of battle are you envisioning!? Fight like a girl, for once!”

“Like a girl…? Should I make the most of my physical flexibility?”

“For starters, don’t get physical.”

Her unyielding attitude was wonderful—but sometimes, it was necessary to stop and think calmly.

Don’t stray in the wrong direction, Sharina!

My love rival’s cuteness and beauty would be rendered useless if she can’t get into Riol’s sight!”

“Aren’t you being too violent? I get that you’re worried, but let’s devise a more realistic plan!”

In the first place, there should be no need for Sharina to worry, but Angelica had already given up on reassuring her. The maiden in love saw a different world.

The next moment, Angelica casually casually glanced at the clock, wondering when the bell would ring, indicating lunch break—

“That’s right, I’m chewing more than I can swallow. I must change my perspective—to focus on Riol and not the love rivals…”

Sharina’s words turned to a disturbing direction. Angelica turned around to stop her.

“Eh!? Huh, wait, what are you saying, Shari—!”

What Sharina meant by that—did she intent to block Riol’s field of view or something!?

Angelica experienced a drop in body temperature. Sharina’s line was the exact same as that of an obsessed villainess which appeared in a dark romance novels.

No way, that was just stupid!

It was true that her infatuated best friend often showed risks of going astray because of love, but Sharina would never hurt anyone!

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