The Noble Girl Who Finds a Nerdy and Plain Guy Moe Thinks that the Arrogant Prince is in the Way ZCompleted Translations

Extra 13.2 Witness: Kate Fairfield

“T, the victor, Riol Glen! The duel is concluded! Hurry, someone, bring His Highness a remedy!”

A teacher’s hurried voice echoed throughout the arena.

Leonardo, who was laughing maniacally just before, collapsed on the stage while his magic circle vanished without a trace.

On the other side of the prince who was no longer moving, Riol Glen stood with a calm face. He bore no injuries or scratches while his beloved laughed like a blooming flower beside him—

—Sharina Clydea was happily snuggling up to him.

“H, huh…?”

It was so different from the once desperate sight she had witnessed. Kate could only stand there in a daze.

It should had been less than ten seconds since she took her eyes off him—so what happened, exactly?

She wondered how Sharina, whom was in the VIP section, reached the stage before her. Did that mean she jumped off? No, no way…

“Eh, but why, huh? Eh…?”

It was a happy ending. No doubt about that. The hero would afterwards live happily ever after with the princess he had saved from the Demon King’s grasp. How great, how great—

—but what about her own determination, was it fated to meet a tragic end…

“—…Highness! Your Highness Leonardo!”

“What have you done, Riol Glen—!?”

“Impossible… how could this be—!?”

Kate couldn’t keep up with the developing anger and her thoughts flew towards the direction of the day after tomorrow. However, she was soon pushed away by a wave of students from behind and returned to herself.

They rushed forward without even noticing Kate. The crowd mainly consisted of the followers of the prince and girls who strongly admired him. Most likely, they were shocked by the outcome of the duel and came down from the audience seats.

“You…! Do you realize the weight of your actions towards the next King…!?”

Then came a loud, reverberating, angry voice.

The Demon King’s general—no, she meant, Leonardo’s attendant, Edward Ariarose, approached the stage. His shoulders were heaving in anger.

“Just you remember this, when His Highness becomes king, your head will fly!”

Even though he was the one who condemned an innocent person, he talked as if he was on the side of justice, and not of a power abuser.

Indeed, it wasn’t the end.

The prince wasn’t the only incarnation of all evil. The malicious enemies who were trying to entrap them weren’t gone yet.

It mustn’t end like this—

to come this far only to succumb against the power of authority…

…Kate started running in a hurry and jumped into the wave of people crowding the stage.

By the time Kate managed to reach the front of the stage after desperately pushing her way through, the calm Riol had already ascertained his innocence.

When the atmosphere began to shift between blaming Riol and suspecting Leonardo, one boy raised his voice.

“I, all this time, I couldn’t say it, but… Sharina has been bringing a lunch box for that scholarship student… I’ve seen it… them lunch together in the schoolyard. To me, they seemed like good friends… So… if His Highness is indeed imposing his one-sided feelings, then…”

It seemed that the boy had never directly interacted with either Sharina or Riol, but had been bearing the pangs of guilt for a long time because he was aware of the couple’s innocence.

Oh… this person understands it, too…

So it turned out, there existed a person whom was just like her of the past few days—who due to his own powerlessness, could only grit his teeth as the entire academy was swallowed by a lie. That fact alone was absolutely gratifying—Kate felt a gentle warmth in her chest.

“M, me too! Then, the rumors spread, I was too scared to speak…! But, I’ve certainly seen Sharina and that boy on a date in a café…!”

Following the courageous male student, Kate spoke out.

“This entire time, I couldn’t say it because I was too scared, I’m sorry, forgive me, Sharina-chan!”

The reason behind her quivering voice wasn’t because she was scared of the prince, but due to the compassion and relief for herself—for finally being able to say what she wanted to say. The confession was also filled with a blessing for the couple. As her various emotions blended, tears dulled her sight.

“Listen well! By abusing these scales to make everything go his way, this person was already showing signs of turning into a power abusing tyrant who cares solely about his own gains, just like the 19th king who was deprived of his throne by the same scales! Anyone who is still willing to let him be king, raise your hand now!”

Before she knew it, the atmosphere had transformed completely. No one could overturn the words of Riol Glen who raised his voice again. It was an authentic happy ending no one could complain about.


They still hadn’t reached the ending yet.

“Riol—! Riol—! You’re really, really awesome—! Encore! Please encore! ‘Are you saying that either I lose or win, I’ll be killed?’—please repeat it from that point—!”

“Don’t say something so unreasonable.”

…The hero seemed a little dismayed at the unshakable princess who asked for an encore.

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