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Extra 13.1 Witness: Kate Fairfield

“It can’t be! Are you kidding me!?”

As if responding to the lone frustrated voice, a roaring gale gathered and focused on a certain place.

It came from the audience of students whom were watching the stage made of marble. Kate was a member of said audience.

The first prince of that kingdom, whose face was distorted like a statue depicting hate—Leonardo Randall Ulysia Elgacia stood facing a weak, black-haired, boy. His hand was extended.

A powerful, high-class, magic circle was drawn on the floor where the black-haired boy—Riol Glen—stood.

It was easy to imagine that when the magic activated, his delicate body, which was similar to that of a girl of the same age, would be blown up and beaten.

The magic circle rapidly grew in size and quickly covered most of the stage. Even at the moment, if he were to jump off the stage, he might be able to escape. But that would also mean the duel would be forfeited. It’d be considered his defeat, and the only fate which would await him then was the gentle death sentence; banishment.


Kate’s quivering voice whispered the boy’s name. On her lap, her hands were clenched.

It had merely been a week since that tyrant announced the duel. Absence wasn’t allowed for the entire student body was the ‘witnesses.’ Ever since she sat on that seat, only ten minutes had passed. Meanwhile, she was already despairing about the future which awaited her friend whom was about to be beaten up.

However, contrary to the initial expectations of all the students, Riol, withoutfail, continued to nullify Leonardo’s magic using his amulets.

Leonardo insisted the amulets weren’t made by Riol but purchased from a certain magical implements store in the royal capital.

Despite so, the amulets, which should have been quite expensive, never ran out. Instead, it was Leonardo who was about to run out of magic.

It was only a few minutes ago that she began to see hope.

Maybe, just maybe, Riol could get through that after all.

Kate hoped that the duel would end in some kind of a draw, even if it was actually impossible to defeat Leonardo.

“Fuhahahahahaha—! As I thought! With this, I will put an end to everything!”

…As it turned out, reality was not so kind.

The dozens of amulets dancing at Riol’s feet could no longer prevent Leonardo’s magic circle from activating.

The miracle could no longer continue.

Everyone thought that the fate of the poor boy was finally sealed.

“Why…! Why does the relationship between those two have to end like this…!”

Ever since that day, those words repeatedly hammered inside of Kate’s chest.

So, just because he’s royalty, it’s fine for him to tear apart a pair of lovers and even deprive someone’s life?

That shouldn’t be. There was no way that was forgivable. Surely, everyone would think so, too.

However, even worse than a tyrant who mercilessly trampled on the life of an innocent boy—even worse than all the students who blindly believed in such a tyrant—was herself.

Even though she knew the truth, she couldn’t do anything. It not only made her the most pathetic but also the most disgraceful.

Even now, she didn’t have any power to overturn such a desperate situation.

Even while she was tormenting herself like that, the wind circle at the center of the stage continuously increased in power. When Kate was about to shut her eyes tight, not wanting to face the cruel end which would arrive soon—


The cry of a girl resounded.

It came from the VIP seat of the Fala Rubia Academy Arena which was located at a high place overlooking the entire stage.

The girl whom had already been declared by the future king to be his future queen was of course seated in said seat. That seat was usually reserved for special people—such as royalty, or VIPs from other kingdoms.

Suffice to say, the girl became the center of the jealousy and grudges of the all the girls in school.

Until recently, the girl who sat in that luxurious seat with castle escorts on both of her sides was quietly watching the duel between the two. Her hands were folded in front of her chest, as if praying—

—Sharina Clydea.

Just now, she stood up and screamed in a desperate voice.

The escorts who were guarding her rushed towards her—for she was about to jump down to the stage far below.

“Eh, that shout just now… but why?”

“Why would that girl scream for that Written Magic Department boy?”

The students sitting around Kate were clearly bewildered.

It was only natural—

—the girl who was supposed to be enamored with the prince was instead desperately calling that boy’s name. Even though she was supposed to be cheering, instead, for her beloved prince who was about to defeat the mouse who incessantly stuck to her.

“So, her oh-so-pure heart throbs for that pitiful, inferior, student, now? How selfish! Does she not think about His Highness’ feelings?”

“But, if it’s merely sympathy, didn’t she sound too desperate just now? As if… as if—”

“—wait, what are you trying to imply!?”

The whispers enveloped the venue.

Unfortunately, there were many who criticized Sharina, calling her eccentric. It boiled down to them concluding Sharina was, ‘torn between two lovers.’


Without hearing the hustle and bustle of her surroundings, Kate opened her eyes and stared at Sharina.

There was no going back. Once the duel was settled by Leonardo, the distrust which sprung up in everyone’s heart would soon be final. They’d be convinced that Sharina and the others were bad guys.

No matter how violent she may be, one girl couldn’t shake off the power of the escorts. Even if she could, if Sharina were to jump down onto the stage from that height, she certainly wouldn’t be unharmed.

What a strong girl Sharina was.

It wasn’t simply a matter of strength, authority, or magic—

—it was instead her firm, unyielding, feelings. Her unbreakable will was much stronger than that prince.

The same must had applied to her best friend, Angelica Kirklight, and her soulmate, Riol Glen.

Compared to them, I…

“W, what’s wrong, Kate!?”

Kate stood up vigorously, looking away from the VIP seats, and started running towards the doorway of the spectators’ seats.

Her aim was the center of the arena, the stage where Riol was currently fighting Leonardo.

Even someone like me is capable of something…!

The larger the magic circle, the longer it took to activate. The magic circle, which had swelled under Riol’s feet, had grown to a size never seen before. In that case, there would be some time before the wind gathered within the circle would turn into a full-blown weapon.

Kate’s element was earth. Unlike wind and fire, it wasn’t suitable for offense on a battlefield. Despite so, for defense and logistical support, said element was indispensable. Above all, the hard ground she planned to use to catch Riol Glen after he had been blown up high could be instantly softened and transformed.

If an outsider meddled in the duel, surely, that would deserve punishment. Not to mention, it was the duel of a member of the royal family, one which also used a national treasure—

—surely, the punishment would be terrifying.

Even so, if she didn’t do anything, for the rest of her life, she wouldn’t be able to lift her face.

“Please! Let me make it in time!”

Her destination was close. If she went through that door, the stage would be right in front of her.

While out of breath, with the feeling of praying, Kate opened the door by basically slamming her body against it—

—however, in front of her, was a truly incredible sight.

***T/N: Lmao, it could be said that before Riol’s ultimate victory against the prince, a lot of students with common sense reached epiphany and were about to slam the stage only for them to be outshone by Riol himself.

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