I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

59. Sixth Go! (2)

Angered, Ally turned around in three seconds—pretending she hadn’t seen anything.

It wasn’t like they were alone in a closed space or anything…

There were spirits, the Apostles of Darkness, and a man she could rely on.

“…Are you doing well, Your Highness?”

Umu. To put it simply, I miss the mountains. I have no physical ailments, but my spirit is very worn out.”

A mysterious fog was generated and began to engulf Maximilian’s body which was lying in a tight posture. He was no longer in his tantalizing second form but instead in his tremendously muscular body.

“I have a terrible headache. My aides keep telling me to decide my fiancée as soon as possible, that it has to be someone who makes me aware of important things, who strengthens my heart just by being by my side—but no matter how much I think about it, it’s still hard for me to comprehend.”

Is this perhaps due to the impact of Saint Mia’s fascination spell?

Ally felt a chill run down her spine.

No matter how strong his muscle armor was, her magic was fired from a close distance. There was no way Maximilian wasn’t affected in the slightest.

If she looked closely, the ancient spirits also appeared pale—bluish, as if dying.

She wondered if those ancient spirits (770-years-old), whom appeared enthusiastic during the grand ball, were merely keeping up appearances. As of the moment, they were probably too weak to even pretend.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Ibel has taken a look at the grandmas and has done everything necessary.”

“As of now, my heart basically goes to Ibel. The rest of the U to Ka-bel also seems to be good-hearted youths…”

“I see, which means as a boss, I’ve disciplined them well…”

Encouraged by the voice of Abel, who never lost his cool, Ally knelt on the rug where Maximilian was sleeping.

“Your Highness, would you like some painkiller? Or do I need to summon a healer from the clinic?”

Again, Ally bemoaned—if only I have the attribute of light!

With Marilyn, who once again became her best friend, Ally had worked hard to improve her physical strength. She imposed on herself a more intense training than before—despite so, the Angel of Light never descended to her.

“I have already taken my medicine, so it’s okay. If I don’t improve after some more rest, do summon a healer. If I may request one thing, I want Ally to say, ‘pain, pain, go away,’ to me.”

Lying down, only Maximilian’s face shifted to look at her. He gloomily gazed at Ally’s face.

Ally lost her breath—and it wasn’t because such childish words came out from such a huge body.

In her past nine lives—especially the first, unadulterated, one—Duchess Alicia thought it was her job to discipline the unreliable crown prince’s ass. Thus, she always said harsh things and was frowned upon by Maximilian. Simply said, there was no sweet atmosphere between them.

Despite so, whenever he complained, ‘my head hurts’, Alicia would always stroke his head and say, “pain, pain, go away.”

Yes, those moments certainly existed.

I wonder why… now, even when I’m recalling the past, my chest doesn’t hurt at all.

Since she came to the West Wing, every time she recognized certain parts in Maximilian, which had something in common with his former self, Ally’s chest would hurt—even though his appearance was completely different.

There may be a part of me which is considerate enough not to show him my pain since he’s currently suffering…

…but as I thought, that isn’t it.

“I understand.” Ally nodded.

Maximilian’s eyes widened. Perhaps he thought he’d either be turned down or her salary would be doubled.

She proceeded to reach for Maximilian’s forehead. It used to be dry, but now it was slimy and sticky. It was apparent that his temperature was too hot.

The intensive waltz training, the unfamiliar socializing place, his obligation to dance with countless ladies, and lastly, the fascination spell of Saint Mia.

No matter how much he looks like a muscle overlord, he’s still a human being in the end… I sometimes forget about that… If he’s exhausted to this extent, it wouldn’t be strange for him to acquire a fever…

At that moment, it was as if a switch was pressed in Ally. An older sister switch—the part of her which had watched over the sickly Jean as he grew.

What the past was like, their current difference in status, the responsibilities of an unmarried lady, and so on—all of that vanished in an instant.

“Go to Duke Radphen and arrange for a healer specializing in children to come.”

“I understand, my Master.”

The hawk brooch disappeared from Ally’s chest. Ally took a breath and whispered in Maximilian’s ear.

“Um, Your Highness, I will give you a lap pillow, so won’t you cooperate with me?”

“L-l-l-l-l-l-l-lap pillow!?”

“It works better than mere, ‘pain, pain go away’. I won’t mind if you fall asleep.”

Ally tried to prop Maximilian’s head—it was so heavy she wondered if even his head was filled to the brim with muscles.

As such, she tapped her thigh and requested Maximilian to move. Ally had no healing magic, but Jean, who tended to get sick, often said, “Ally’s hand is magical.” That if she were to pat him, he felt much more at ease.

“A-a-a-a-alright then, pardon me…”

Perhaps due to seeing Ally’s firm determination, Maximilian agreed and put his head on top of Ally’s lap.

It was heavy. His short silver hair caused a sort of pricking, probably because even his hair had evolved. Ally patted him many times, gently repeating, “Pain, pain, go away…” as if he was Jean.

***T/N: Maximilian has totally ascended. The man caught a glimpse of heaven.

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