I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

65. Sixth Go! (8)

What should I do, now?

Looking at the sleeping Maximilian, Ally pondered.

Actually, she desperately wanted to get rid of the memories of her past nine lives, to the point she was about to cough blood.

That way, perhaps Maximilian wouldn’t have to confront Saint Mia while Ally could only watch.

Aah, please…

Ally involuntarily looked up at the ceiling due to her messy thoughts.

She thought her 10th life was all about the sweltering muscle mass which was akin to that picture book— ‘—The End of the Century’. But the genre suddenly took a leap to that of horror fantasy while the protagonist was the always sincere crown prince—yes, every time he was with Ally, he always showed his true self.

I’m sure if the current Maximilian knew about my past, he’d fervently apologize. However, it might also be unnecessary for him to know about it. After all, his current attitude is already good enough…

After the massive impact which was her first meeting with the 10th life’s Maximilian, the days which followed were awkward—three things she got accustomed to ever since then was ruggedness, stickiness, and darkness.

When she placed her palm against her chest and asked her own self—how do you feel about Maximilian?

‘I don’t hate him.’—such was the answer she received.

It wasn’t like she was envious of the four muscle devas who got along well with their fiancées.

However, when she realized she also thought that, to an extent, I might like him… she was surprised. For her to feel such maiden-like feelings…

Her gaze returned to Maximilian. He was sweating like crazy.

As such, she lightly wiped his face with a cloth moistened by water magic. She also replaced the wet towel on his forehead. The ancient spirits did a good job to cool his lower half. His underwear, which was probably wet due to his heavy sweating, dried instantly.

She wasn’t embarrassed, because she thought of him as Jean.

At first, she wanted to avoid getting involved with him as much as possible to avoid unnecessary stress—

—who would’ve thought that she’d voluntarily think she wanted to be by his side.

“My Master, I think it’s only natural that you ran away from him at first. The first time I saw him, I thought he’s the secret boss of the jungle. I was so scared. But recently, I finally realized that he’s so much more than that…”

“Indeed, it’s exactly as you said. You understand the heart of a maiden more than I do…”

“After all, I’ve been sticking to Master’s chest for a while, now. I’ve been feeling the sweet and sour vibrations of first love from you. Your feelings are probably a mess due to the prince’s chaotic experience, hence it took time for you to take note of his good side…”

Ally felt her cheeks redden. She didn’t know why, but she felt like weeping a little. She was about to die from embarrassment. At the same time, the magnitude of shock she received from said revelation made her realize how inexperienced she was in love.

No, wait! I haven’t decided, yet! But maybe, such is the case, what is this sudden realization!? Perhaps that explains my messy feelings… I will keep observing this person with both eyes, that way, I’ll perhaps be able to gain an even better understanding about my feelings…

They had been engaged nine times in the past, and each time, he condemned her to death.

Even though she knew it was due to Saint Mia’s fascination spell, her feelings were complicated.

Her reason for wanting to be by Maximilian’s side wasn’t because of love, however—

if it isn’t, then what are these feelings?

She was both a little embarrassed and happy at the same time—it felt like her embarrassment had doubled.

“Because Master has a strong sense of responsibility, you probably strived to be a, ‘proper fiancée’ in your past lives, rather than a romantic partner. While the former, sloppy, Maximilian was the type who felt pressured when you keep watching him with both eyes, I think the opposite goes for Maximilian, the Muscle Overlord. He’d probably appreciate it if you did that. You don’t have to close one eye just keep watching him.”

Alright, but it’s frustrating to just watch all the time, so I’ll do everything I can for the future—everything that’ll benefit the kingdom!

Ally stayed by the side of Maximilian for about an hour, chatting in her mind. Thanks to the cooperation of the ancient spirits, she was able to do everything necessary to reduce his fever.

She was also taught a recipe for a drink—which was to mix sugar and salt in water to prevent dehydration. She was deeply impressed by the grandmas’ great wisdom.

That was when the outside hall became noisy. The Spirit of the Wind picked up the voices and delivered them—it seemed that the Duke of Radphen and the four muscle devas had returned.

Thanks to the magic stone given by Abel, it didn’t take a long time to move—it seemed that the information could be gathered quickly.

She poured the finished drink into a glass, thinking of leaving it there as she heard knocking on the door’s room.

The ancient spirits helped Ally tidy her hair and dress with a, “What a helpless child you are.” vibe. Ally felt as if she was at her grandparent’s home, and smiled due to the nostalgic feelings.

***T/N: I mean, to me, it’s really obvious Ally still felt something towards Maximilian despite everything since the very beginning lol. Now it’s all about whether the current Max is worthy for her love or nah.

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