The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

97. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (45)

Since it was a black dragon, whose existence was close to the Dragon God, it was possible to order a wild dragon to carry Camila, Zeke, and Lawrence. It was also possible to take the lead, instruct the other dragons to maintain a simple formation, and fly.

Lawrence’s analysis, saying that Hadith would probably not be escorted using dragons, was correct. Princess Faelis, who was concerned that getting involved might lead to a troublesome end, most likely would be taken to the Imperial City through another route.

But no matter how many dragons we use, the number of soldiers is overwhelmingly insufficient. There’s no way to match the fake heavenly sword.

They were racing against time.

“Listen! Our purpose is to secure the Emperor! Our only chance for victory is through mobility! Once support comes from the Imperial City, we’ll be defeated!”

Lawrence announced, pointing at the convoy imprisoning Hadith.

By the end of his cry, an arrow flew from below. However, Listeard’s Dragon Knights were truly competent. Every dragon, including Brynhildr, twisted and turned so that they weren’t shot down—then, they spout fire.

Jill, who caught up with the convoy first, looked down and gave instructions to the black dragon—

“—That biggest carriage, Black Dragon!”


The black dragon spout fire and kicked the heads of some soldiers straight towards the large carriage.

There was a person who flew after kicking the roof of the carriage.

“Her Majesty Elynsia…!”

“I knew you’d be alive somehow, Jill.”

Jill, whom was pushed by the momentum of the sword which hit her, rolled down from the back of the black dragon whom had landed on the ground.

“I will manage! Black Dragon, rescue His Majesty!”

“I understand, but there’s a powerful magic! It’s probably the Goddess’—as such, it’ll take time before I can destroy it!”

“Camila, Zeke! We will escort the Black Dragon! Keep the soldiers away!”

Lawrence immediately gave concise instructions.

Even so, Elynsia didn’t at all appear impatient.

Jill calmly landed at a distance from Elynsia and pointed her sword.

Of course, her magical power hadn’t returned. The wounds from fighting the black dragon also hadn’t healed—but still…

“—Please move aside, Your Highness Elynsia.”

“I can’t move aside, for the sake of my family, my siblings…”

Towards Jill’s frown, Elynsia laughed beautifully.

The moment Jill was mesmerized with Elynsia’s smile, Elynsia lunged at her with a tremendous speed.


“Despite the fact that your magical power is sealed, you’re still determined to fight me? Certainly, you are considered a threat.”

With Elynsia’s second shot, which was swung from below, Jill’s blade chipped. Even if she tried to distance herself, Elynsia would close in instantly. A slash appeared on Jill’s cheek as she tried to avoid Elynsia’s sword.

She’s strong!

Jill never underestimated Elynsia, at the same time, it was her first time in close combat with her.

How far could they compete in her current state, where half of her magical power hadn’t returned, yet?

“Withdraw, Jill! If you withdraw, I won’t chase you! I will be the one who will save Hadith’s life!”

“If that’s true, why did you betray us in the first place!?”

She got angry by Elynsia’s selfish words and yelled at her when they were close to each other. Even if Jill was pushed back, she was still determined to not lose.

“If you truly wanted to help His Majesty, why treat him like a fake emperor?!”

Elynsia, whom was supposed to be pushing her back, distorted her face—she appeared to be hurt. Nevertheless, Elynsia’s strength remained the same. Jill, whom was blown off, crashed into a rock and sunk down. The tip of Elynsia’s sword came straight towards her.

However, right in front of the unflinching Jill, Elynsia’s sword was parried—

“—I also want to talk to you, older sister.”

Listeard was spinning a dual-edged spear. Elynsia lowered her sword a little.


“Why would you betray Hadith? I understand your initial intent, which was to remain neutral. However, I also know that you’re a kind-hearted person. You’re someone who can’t abandon your brothers. Even if they’re actually half-related to you, you thought of them as your family. That’s why I decided to trust you and choose your side—I don’t want to think it was a mistake.”

No—Listeard muttered, before screaming;

“Even now, I still don’t think it was a mistake!”

Elynsia, on the other hand, was collected. She took a breath and corrected her posture.

“—Then you should join me, Listeard.”

“I’ve acknowledged Hadith as the Dragon Emperor! To go against that is to go against my way of life!”

“Even at the cost of your little sister’s life!?”

Towards Elynsia’s cry, Listeard screamed back.

“You shouldn’t have said that, older sister!”

“No, you’re wrong…”

Elynsia, who tried to deny it, was the one who noticed it first. Before Jill could move, Elynsia had already pin both Listeard and Jill down on the ground.

The tremendous amount of magical power was dying.

“What happened, Elynsia?”


Georg, wielding the fake heavenly sword, walked—causing his heavy armor to thump.

Behind him, military flags could be seen in the distance. The Imperial Army was heading towards them in a row.

Has His Majesty been rescued, yet!?

In the distance, Listeard’s subordinates were also surrounded. As a result, the dragons were on the offense—they were in a stalemate.

Elynsia, who got up, shouted to Georg as if impatient.

“I will convince Listeard, so leave it to me and just wait there, uncle!”

“No matter how I look at it, he doesn’t seem at all convinced.”

“That’s right, uncle. There’s nothing to be discussed between me and older sister.”

Pushing away Elynsia’s shoulders as she tried to cover for him, Listeard came and stood up.

“Hadith is the Dragon Emperor! No one can deny that! I don’t know how you managed to convince older sister, but I want you to stop this futile fight!”

“But, is Hadith worthy to be an Emperor?”

“At least he’s better than you who burns down the village of innocents!”

“I had no choice.”

To the person who uttered that matter-of-factly, Jill dug her fingers into the ground.

Elynsia bit her lips, and Listeard flew into a rage.

“I will never consider anyone who dares say anything like that as a member of the Royal Family of Rave! Uncle, how about you? You aren’t even worthy to be a member of the Royal Family of Rave!”


After breaking free from Elynsia, Listeard leaped at Georg. However, he was defeated in a single blow and was thrown back.

“His Highness Listeard…!”

“Damn! Is that really a fake heavenly sword!?”

“It’s indeed a fake, but the power of that thing is a whole different story, so don’t push your luck!”

If it was made of the Holy Spear of the Goddess, it should be as powerful as a sacred artifact. They must never underestimate it.

Elynsia stood in front of Jill and Listeard again, and raised her voice.

“Uncle! I’ll convince them, so leave this place to me!”

“You’re too naïve, Elynsia. The reason Hadith’s escort was delayed, wasn’t your judgment the direct cause of that? Perhaps, you were thinking of releasing him on the way? Instead of Hadith, the enemy is the one who arrived first, what a nuisance!”

“T, that’s…”

“Listeard, earlier, you said that I’m not worthy of the Rave Royal Family—then how about you?”

Listeard frowned at Georg who took one step forward.

“I don’t know what that means—but…”

“Even Elynsia doesn’t know about it. So of course, you, who’s younger than her, has no clue about it also. Even Hadith himself shouldn’t have noticed. …It’s about his mother.”

“No way, is it concerning how Hadith’s mother is both a commoner and a dancer? Merely because of that, he isn’t worthy to be the Emperor?”

“After giving birth to Vissel, that woman fell in love with an escort. My Older Brother’s—the former emperor’s—blood doesn’t flow through Hadith—which is fortunate. However, the former emperor ended up in the throes of madness, which lead to this situation.”

What is he trying to imply?

Not only Listeard, even Jill was dumbfounded by the story she had never heard before. Elynsia shouted, her face was blue.

“Uncle! Is it necessary to tell Listeard about this!?”

“It is. Because this is a crisis involving the entire Rave Royal Family.”

“What, do you mean. What are you trying to say?”

“Hadith isn’t the son of the former emperor—of my oOlder Bbrother.”

It was a breathtaking moment.

Georg laugh, his eyes were both distorted and out-of-focus.

“Now, Listeard, do you finally understand?!”

Slowly, Jill swallowed her saliva.

…What Georg was trying to imply…

His Majesty is the Dragon Emperor. He’s definitely of the Rave Royal Family. However, from what has just been said, that means the former emperor—the current Rave Royal Family…

Listeard, who arrived at the fact earlier than Jill, collapsed onto his knees.

Elynsia closed her eyes and clenched her fist.

“We can’t recognize Hadith as the emperor.”

Even though Hadith was the Dragon Emperor, he had no blood connection with the others. Despite so, he was still considered to be part of Rave Royal Family—to acknowledge that was just…

“He’s someone who absolutely mustn’t become the Dragon Emperor.”

To acknowledge that was synonymous with admitting that the current Rave Royal Family did not descend from the Dragon God Rave.

***T/N: So, basically, the reason Elynsia and the other royal family of Rave betrayed Hadith is to save their own skin, then.

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