I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

64. Sixth Go! (7)

“If Ally wishes upon the magic stone, it’ll carry her wherever she wants. Do think carefully before you use it.”

“Abel, thank you.”

The difficulty of the teleportation magic was extremely high. Even though Abel would allow her to teleport without consuming any magical power, now he was lending her such a convenient tool.

As compensation, her soul might be pulled to the Demon World. However, it seemed that Takkun wanted to retire there, so she wouldn’t be alone.

Thinking about it, Ally concentrated and focused all her strength into her belly, and used her knee to wriggle out of Maximilian’s arms.

When she descended onto the floor, her right hand clenched the magic stone, as she said—“—Alright!”

Her spirits had risen.

After seeing Ally smiling like a lady, Abel vanished.

“May I say one thing, Your Highness and Duke Radphen? I want to go see my beloved brother in the mountains, but at the moment, I think it’s better not to move openly.”

When Ally tried to continue her words, the Duke of Radphen smiled, “I will not disclose it to anyone.” His smile seemed to hint that.

“Indeed. Ally has apparently succeeded in stealing something troublesome from Maximilian. I feel that saint woman’s true aim was never love, but something else. One thing is certain—you don’t want to be resented by her, so move cautiously. Afterward, I’ll secure the safety of your younger brother promptly.”

“Thank you, with this magic stone, I’ll be able to teleport whenever I wish.”

“I understand. I entrust Maximilian to you. If he doesn’t listen, just smack his ass.”

Ally showed an embarrassed look, saying she wanted to refrain from doing that. The Duke of Radphen left the room with a laugh. The four muscle devas followed after him. Since an incident was happening, there was no way she could cry in that room forever.

Saint Mia was an idiot, so she didn’t think it’d be difficult.

In that regard, Saint Mia probably thought if she caused a bit of a mess, everything would go her way in the end.

It was an effective idea—but stupid, nonetheless.

“Then, I will also head out. Ally should wait at Stila’s place.”

“Please wait a moment. More importantly, Your Highness has to reduce his fever. We can’t afford to lose you. I know that you’re aiming for Saint Mia, that’s why, you have to rest a little.”

“It’s okay, don’t worry. This level of heat can easily be forgotten by me. I can treat of it as inexistent.”

“Certainly, His Highness has become very strong—both physically and mentally. Your muscles are heavy, but your footwork is light… however, the fact remains that you’re weakened. If you go out when you aren’t in a perfect condition, you’ll be an easy target for Saint Mia.”

In defense of Maximilian, his previous sweaty odor was due to his high fever. When they were practicing waltz, he was almost odorless.

“If healing magic really is restricted… or the Angels of Light are behaving strangely, you will probably receive a call from your parents, Your Highness. After all, they have some ‘experiences’ with that, too.”

Ally reached out and touched Maximilian’s cheek. It was very hot. Ally felt that her protective instinct was stimulated to the max. At the same time, her urge to murder Saint Mia also rose.

“Let’s go to bed. Even if it’s a short nap, Ally will remain by your side the entire time.”

She was prepared to grab him by the collar the next time he said no, but Maximilian obediently nodded.

“I understand.”

He sure has changed.

In her previous lives, he used to be one of the most beautiful princes in the industry. However, he was both weak and subservient. His stubbornness caused him to be swept away many times. He wouldn’t listen to the advice of the Duchess Alicia because his manly pride kept getting in the way.

When she opened the door leading to the private quarters—

what kind of bed is that!?

There was a large bed which caused her to want to twist her neck.

It was his super private space—miscellaneous things were scattered here and there. Well, it was mostly training equipment.

When she found a strange and subtle object between all the clutter, Ally bent over and picked it up.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I don’t have any strange hobbies. It’s merely an item to verify the difference between me and my weak, dream-self.”

It was a silver, long, wig which seemed to reach the waist.

Maximilian’s rugged fingertips snatched the wig from Ally’s hand.

Then, putting it on his head, the Muscle Overlord smiled gently.

“In my dream, my hair is like this. Objectively speaking, the only good thing about my dream-self is his face—but personally, the only thing I like about him is his beautiful, silky, hair. Now, this wig looks good on me. Took me 10 years to get here.”

“Y, yes, I’m speechless…”

When he wore that wig, the difference between the current and the former him was indeed apparent. He might not be that beautiful boy anymore, but his feature was well-organized and his expression fearless. That part of him, which acknowledged the beauty of his former self, was also wonderful in a way, too.

“Then, I’ll take an hour nap. Wake me up immediately if something happens.”

Then, Maximilian went to bed and closed his eyes. 3, 2, 1—and he fell asleep.

Thinking that he might have a difficult time, Ally gently removed the wig from Maximilian’s head.

***T/N: Yeah… we’ve seen and experienced something more extreme than Maximilian merely having a wig in his room…

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