I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

60. Sixth Go! (3)

She wished for the palm of her hand to absorb the pain of Maximilian.

The reason for that, rather than because of love, was because if someone as rugged as Maximilian were to unleash that pain outside, it would have an adverse effect on the ecosystem.

It feels like a pumpkin, yes, a pumpkin… my, how tight and packed it feels, isn’t this a good harvest?

Ally continued to stroke Maximilian’s head with a feeling of love for the crops in the field.

“How strange… my pain does get alleviated… to be honest, I’ve always yearned for a lap pillow. To the dream me who was crying, the Goddess once did the same thing…”


“The dream version of myself has neither endurance nor patience. Even so, he was actually ashamed of himself for not being able to live up to the expectations of his parents and teachers regarding his studies and swordsmanship. Until I was 9-years-old, such was the way I grew up.”

Maximilian said in a fleeting voice. He was probably reminiscing to himself. As such, Ally only gave a short reply, “I see.”

“The healing magic of the Saint is so terrifying that it will eventually sow a terrible disparity. It can also be a source of conflict between nations. The fact that the Crown Prince, who should loved all his people equally, would obsessively pin for someone from another world… no matter how you think about it, that’s just problematic. Despite so, why won’t my Father understand it? It wasn’t until I approached adulthood that I realized my parents’ irresponsibleness and lack of compassion… I feel sorry for my wonderful Uncle…”

Maximilian, sleeping sideways on Ally’s lap, exhaled.

“Although she may be a useful human resource for the kingdom, the personality of that Saint just spells the exact opposite. Is there no way for us to return her to her former world in a peaceful manner? I just don’t know…”

Ally’s breath was hitched.

The answer Maximilian had at last reached relieved all the accumulated resentment of Duchess Alicia from her previous nine lives.

“In the first place, how could someone fall from another world just like that? Why on earth would that happen? That question is of the utmost importance…”

“Your Highness, why not rest a little? Right now, what you need the most is rest. Your attitude at the grand ball was top notch. It makes me think I was indeed not mistaken to follow this back of yours which is brimming with the strength you achieved through hard work—which is why, you should go to bed now.”

Although Maximilian seemed like he’d be able to physically carry an entire country, at present he was but a sick person.

She was genuinely worried, therefore she wanted him to sleep for the time being.

It was honestly impressing how he didn’t complain even when his body was weak. Unlike in her past nine lives, she was also astonished that he actually thought about such difficult things.

Maximilian, whose breath became hurried due to his fever, turned slightly to look at Ally.

“For the first time in my entire 19 years of life, I feel ‘rewarded’. I’ve been trying my best to be praised by the Goddess of my dreams—but she doesn’t actually exist. …No matter how much I want to get close to her, to apologize to her, to tell her not to cry….”

As his words stopped, Maximilian showed her a smile.

“…I’m very happy to hear that from you, Ally. Thank you.”

The skin her fingertips touched felt hotter and hotter. His smile was so brilliant, her eyes were almost crushed to bits.

Even though his appearance was unbefitting of a crown prince, looking at him like that somehow made her want to cry—

—it’s simply because I am, …happy.

When Ally realized it, she was crying.

It had been 17 years since she had been reborn as a baroness, and not even once had she ever cried when she recalled the past. She thought it’d be better to dream about the future.

“W-w-w-what’s wrong!?”

The tears which flowed down her cheeks fell on Maximillian. Seeing the astonished face of the muscle overlord, Ally hurriedly wiped away her tears with her hands.

“Forgive me, it’s but a physiological phenomenon. Since Your Highness isn’t used to women, I’ll let you know that there are simply days when women automatically shed tears.”

“Why, is that so? Being a woman sure is difficult…”

Despite sounding like a lame excuse, Maximilian believed her just like that.

Immediately after that, his thick fingertips reached for her face. It made her once again realize his kindness.

There were no coaxing words, no overbearing comfort, no sweet whispers—

—there were only his rugged fingertips wiping the tears that flowed down her cheeks—

—and precisely because of that, she couldn’t stop crying.

Due to having a fever, it wouldn’t be weird for him to forget about this tomorrow—no, please, make him forget…

‘Uwaaaah!’ precisely when her sobs finally broke out, knocking echoed.

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