The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

28.1 The King’s Identity is the [Dragon King of Organic Farming]

[My name is Yukino Cloudy Dragonchild! I, I’ll be in your care!]

Pekori, Yukino bows to everyone upon arriving at 『Hazama Village』. 

I asked the Harpies to go ahead and inform the village. I myself am under the village’s care too, after all. All in all, it’s good courtesy.

As for Yukino, I’ll be taking care of her. She’s a human, she just arrived from the capital, and she has no relatives here. Besides, as Yukino is my guest, I’d like for us to work together.

Hence, everyone from the village has been waiting for us on the other side of the gate ──

[Welcome to 『Hazama Village』!]
[Surely, you’ve had a rough journey here! We’ll prepare a meal for you right away!]
[We’d be delighted to welcome a guest of Shouma-sama.]

[Tell us a story about the capitalー] [Are you Shouma-nii-chan’s girlfriend?] [Were you kidnapped?] [Bridal theft[1]?] [The Eiyuu[2] sure has vast preferencesー!] (children)

 ──Together, everyone welcomes Yukino.

「……Awa, awawa]
Yukino’s eyes dart about in shock.
[Ev,everyone’s an oni. They have horns… so cool. There are little children too… how cute…]

…Yeah, seems like she’s adapting rather quickly.

For the time being, we decide Yukino will stay in the village chief’s residence along with Lizette and Haruka. Meanwhile, I intend to remain in Lizette’s house.

Lizette and Haruka acknowledge Yukino’s ability, and they both seem to like her as well. As they’re all fellow girls, it’s best that she stays with those two. However, as we are people who come from the same other world── this is already practically confirmed── I intend to look after her too.

[Then, Yukino, what are you going to do now?]
[Ye, yes! What is it, Shouma-san?]
[Surely you’re tired from your long journey? If you want to rest, then I’ll guide you to the chief’s residence. Or would you rather eat first?]
[Etto, etto……I…]

Yukino gazes at her own hands and feet. She then slides her small fingers across her face. Afterwards, with a, pon pon,she brushes a cloud of dust off of her clothes.

[The long journey has made me all dirty. If I may, I’d like to wash myself first.]
She faces us and, pekori, bows.
[I’m sorry to trouble you, but I don’t want to dirty the house or futon[3].]

[In that case, I know a good place?]
Lizette grabs Yukino’s hand.
[Recently, a hot spring from the era of the Dragon Emperor has become accessible. Since it’s located within the barrier, there won’t be any mamono. Lizette and Haruka cleaned the place the other day, so it’s clean now.]

[In this village, there are talks of going on 『family baths』, you know?]
Haruka chimes in after Lizette.
[If it’s okay with you, shall let’s go together?]

[Lizette and Haruka were also thinking that they want to wash their bodies.] (Lizette)
[E, eto eto.]

Yukino shyly gazes downward at being stared at by the 2 of them. She then raises her face.

[I, I’ll be in your care!]
[Yes, we gladly welcome you!] (Lizette)
[Then, let’s go right away! Yeah!] (Haruka)

With that said, Haruka grabs Yukino’s hand──

And for some reason, her other hand takes hold of my own.

[Eeeh, Aniue-sama isn’t going to enter with us!? But it’s the long awaited family bath……]
[That’s improper, Haruka!] (Lizette?)
[Th, that’s a bit too much for me too…..] (Yukino)

Well of course.
Or rather, did you want us to go in together, Haruka?

[…. But we’re siblings.]
Haruka puffs out her cheeks in dissatisfaction. In the end, she agrees to bathe without me.

Well, I’m supposed to keep watch while the three of them bathe, though.

People are vulnerable during baths. Forget wearing armor, no one wears any clothes. In a state like that, even wild animals pose a threat. It can’t be helped.

Thus, after walking from the village for about 15 minutes, we reach the hot spring. It is a rocky area on the side of the waterfall and is surrounded by trees.

[… Ooh.]
I spontaneously gasp.

Actually, this is my first time here. That’s because Lizette and Haruka told me, “We’ll invite you once it’s all clean.”

Yukino’s eyes, too, are wide open as she gazes at the scenery before her.

In a serene forest surrounded by trees, only the chirps of birds and the flowing sound of hot water echoes. It’s like we’ve come to a hidden hot spring back in my original world.

In front of me is a rocky area with a large depression that’s perfect for a bathtub. Beside the bathtub is a small rocky mountain and in the middle of the rock wall are countless holes from which hot water flows. After many years, the endless current of water seems to have smoothed and polished the walls and floor of the bath. The bath itself is wide enough to accommodate about 10 people.

For a spot like this to exist, the era of the Dragon Emperor-san must’ve truly been peaceful and prosperous.

The reason this place could no longer be utilized was because it was infested by mamono. Now, thanks to the barrier, that danger has disappeared. Furthermore, due to the activation of the land’s mana, the volume of hot water has increased. Presently, this spot seems to have regained its former glory.

Then, the other day, Lizette and Haruka came and cleaned. Since then, the villagers have been using this spot as a 『family bath』 to relax. Those 2, who gave this place their best, should have preferential rights to the bath along with some other benefits, but──

[So, in regards to naming, Lizette wantsthe name, 『Overlord’s Bath』 for this place.]
[I think 『Shouma’s Bath』 is better though.]

…… Seems like that topic has become redundant now.

[Aniue-sama must enter later too! Absolutely!]

I hear Haruka’s cry from the other side of the trees. She’s probably fluttering her legs in there, as I can hear loud splashes of water.

As I rest my back on the trunk of a tree, I absent-mindedly hear her voice. I’m in the woods on the other side of the baths. This is my lookout spot.

I can hear Haruka’s voice clearly because she is bathing right there, in the rocky area beyond the trees, on the other side of where I am.

[….. Is she testing the reason of a man in his thirties? Seriously.]

I just came to this world, I don’t feel like peeping on my sworn sisters. I’m not familiar enough with this world that I can just do so without reservation. I haven’t settled down either. In a lot of ways.

[Did you say somethingー Aniue-sama!?]
[It’s nothing.]

…Seriously, Haruka is way too innocent. Looks like she already views me as her actual blood-related brother.

[Honestly, you…. why do you think I went through the trouble of cleaning this bath for?]
[Why did you do it, Haruka?]
[So Aniue-sama and I could wash each other’s backs!]
[…..Lizetta knew it. Lizette just wanted to ask.]

Haa, Lizette seems to be sighing.

[Please be a bit more modest. Have you asked Shouma-nii-sama how he feels about this?]
[Eehー What forー? We’re family, aren’t we?]
[…Honestly, this is why Haruka is a child.]

Lizette pauses.
Then, after a moment──

[1] Spoken in hiragana 略奪婚. Marrying someone who is already in a relationship/married. Should the stolen partner be married or engaged, compensation might be demanded by the original partner.
[2] Hero
[3] A bed, kinda like a thick quilt.

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