I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

56. Fifth Go! (11)

As Dylan stepped into the hall, the commotion became even louder—finally, it turned into a full-blown uproar.

Ally eyes widened as she clenched her chest. In her heart, a live commentary had already started—!

Oooh—! What do we have here—!?

The Crown Prince of Elbert, Dylan, has appeared with a tremendous amount of muscles! His arrival is truly like that of a dark horse! His appearance is exactly that of someone who is in hot pursuit for muscle!


If Maximilian’s true form is the endgame of muscles, Dylan’s appearance is at the midgame of muscles! He hasn’t transcended human form, yet! Despite so, his muscles are still excellent! Be still, my beating heart! Why, just why did this muscular development occur!?

“Master, you are in massive confusion. Calm down, take a breath—heave-ho, heave-ho…”

“Isn’t that the breathing method for childbirth? Takkun, you’re confused, too.”

Dark Spot Abel screamed, and Ally quickly regained her senses the moment she heard it.

“Hahahahaha!” As he walked with a laugh, Ally recognized Dylan’s masculinity, dauntless expression, pointed eyebrows, and a slightly intrusive, yet enthusiastic atmosphere.

Despite that, Dylan’s appearance was too strong for the word, ‘princely’—simply put, his current atmosphere was too wild and unruly.

The moment she laid eyes on him, she was already wary that the guy would start an illegal fistfight tournament in the basement of some bar.

Even though he obviously came here as a guest from the neighboring country, I’m somehow convinced he instead came for, ‘the biggest revenge in history,’ and is about to talk using his fist…

…not to mention, Dylan’s appearance is 1.2 times wilder than Maximilian’s second form…

“Compared to the true appearances of the Muscle Special Squadron, Dylan still resembles a human…”

“You see that glance Dylan sent Maximilian’s way? In terms of muscle, this dude truly thinks he has won—it would be nice if the effect of the candies were to disappear right at this moment…”

“No, that’s not ‘nice’ at all. Hmm, as I thought, it has something to do with their rivalry? Did Dylan also start to ‘change’ after Maximilian started his training from the age of nine?”

Dylan went straight to the throne.

Maximilian and the four muscle devas naturally turned towards him.

The Duke of Radphen, whom was supervising Stila as she played with her friends, also approached the throne to greet Dylan.

Even though the five of them had concealed their true forms, their backs were basically human mountains—a moving continent.

In front of King Aghail and Queen Belfia, a dense, muscular, forest was created in no time.

“Look, Ally, the Duke of Radphen is here. Let’s get a little closer so we can collect some information.”

“Uuuh, to approach such a thick muscular forest!? I’m not too happy about that!”

“Certainly, there’s nothing revitalizing about that forest. Being upfront, I don’t want to go, either.”

But she mustn’t be absent-minded there. Reluctantly, Ally began to walk.

Maximilian, who had silver hair and purple eyes, and Dylan, who had blonde hair and blue eyes—the relationship between the two of them up until her ninth life was exactly that of a dog and monkey.

However, as of present, they looked like a dragon and a tiger, with four elemental spirits above each of their head.

In the men’s eyes, it was as if a gong of friendship or something like that was ringing—

—or rather, Dylan’s very crisp spirits had become super incessant.

When Ally started walking, Emilio, who was stunned, walked by her side. “While I was wandering for three years, what the heck happened to my brother…”

“Hahaha! Your Majesty Aghail, since I thought the broken bridge would truly inconvenience the residents, my entourage built a simple one out of logs. We therefore apologize for cutting down the trees without permission.”

“I, is that so? M, more importantly, Dylan, the Saint of Light is—”

“—Father, now isn’t the time, don’t you think? Dylan, my deepest apologies. We’ve indirectly caused you a lot of trouble. I’d like to make it up to you afterwards.”

“Hahaha, don’t make such a big deal about it. Other than that, how many years has it been, Maximilian? I was a little interested in the fact that you’ve been training…”

—Hasn’t the conversation basically derailed? Besides, yes, it is actually a big deal.

Ally (and Emilio) gently stood diagonally behind the muscle forest.

The entire time, a smile was plastered on Saint Mia’s face as she fixed her gaze upon the two crown princes who started going off tangent.

Dylan turned his face towards Ally—perhaps because his younger brother was beside her.

“Such a weakling… your thinness, your fragileness—they never change, I’m sick of them.”

Dylan spat out such words towards Emilio with apparent wrinkles between his eyebrows.


Even though the five of them had concealed their true forms, their backs were basically human mountains—a moving continent.

In front of King Aghail and Queen Belfia, a dense, muscular, forest was created in no time.

And here I thought I’ve built up immunity to the imagery this novel might conjure… oh boi.

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