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22. I was Called a Goddess

“Where are we heading?”

I asked as I followed Nigel—he replied with a somber look.

“The barracks.”

“The barracks… of the knights?”


“Why to such a place?”

“Truthfully, there are a lot of injured people. Quite a number of healers have been mobilized, but they can barely keep up. Hence why, I thought Eliane could lend her power there…”

Aah, I see.

Judging from Nigel’s serious expression, it seemed to be quite a dire situation.

I still wanted to ask various questions, but it would be wiser to just hurry to the barracks…

“It’s here.”

After we reached the barracks, we went in immediately.

The inside was akin to a battlefield—loud screams echoed all around.

“Haven’t we received the potions yet?!”

“It’s useless! We’ve bought all the potions in the city, but it’s just not enough!”

Guh! Healer! Bring a healer!”

“I’ve put up a request in the guild, but their respond is slow!”

Inside the barracks, people who appeared to be knights were running around.

Due to that, no one noticed our arrival.


Meanwhile, Nigel spoke to the man whom was delivering instructions.

“Ni, Nigel?”

“The situation doesn’t seem to be very good.”

“Yes… there are not enough potions, or healers… if nothing is done, victims may occur…”

Adolf…—ah, the dandy knight leader I met during my first encounter with Nigel.

I could feel the astringency of adults.

“Adolf seems to have been injured, too?”

When I gazed at Adolf, his side was bloodied.

“Oh! You’re the saint of that time!”

“I’m not a saint!”

Being called a saint, I was shocked for a moment—but he certainly didn’t think of me as an actual saint, he was just nicknaming me that.

However, I had already screamed.

“I, I see, well, I’m confused too. When I turned around, I was already injured like this.”

“You don’t have to talk. Remaining standing like this must be painful for you.”

I’d like to talk about various things, but first…

“I’ll heal your injury right away.”

I put my hand on Adolf’s side and activated my healing magic.

“Oh, ooh…! The pain is going away…!”

Then, in a blink of an eye, Adolf’s injury was healed.

If that was the degree of injury, then it’d only take me a moment.

“A, as I thought! You’re a saint!”

“Stop calling me that… on the other hand, I don’t think you have time to answer my questions…”

As we chatted, the knights in the barracks were suffering from pain.

Adolf’s injury was nothing compared to theirs.

I could see a dying knight whose breath was rough.

A person who seemed to be a healer continued to give his damnedest to cast healing magic, but it just wasn’t enough.

“Explain later, for now, I shall cure them.”

I extended my hand—

“—Wide Heal.”

After I chanted so, the barracks was enshrouded in a gentle light.

When it came to that many people, it was necessary to put in a lot of magical power. Well, that didn’t mean I’d also be depleted of my magic power, though.

The light wrapped around the injuries of the knights. Before my eyes, they began to heal.


“…Oh! I’m healed!”

“I thought I was a goner for sure!”

“What the helz is going on!?”

Even though they were confused, everyone screamed in joy.

…I didn’t think I needed to worry about them anymore considering how loud they had become.

“M, Miss!? I know you’re amazing, but to heal this many people in an instant?!”

Surprised, Adolf’s eyes widened.

“If it’s only this, it’s nothing. Everyone, I’m glad you’re safe.”

I smiled reassuringly at Adolf.

Looking at us, did the other knights also noticed?

“I, is that the lady who healed us!?”

“That smile of her… a saint… no, she’s a goddess!”

“Thank you, young lady! I owe you my life!”

In an instant, everyone’s attention was focused on me.

“N, n, no, it’s fine, it was nothing, you see…”


I was just not used to receiving so much gratitude.

Back in my former kingdom, there were times when I had to continuously heal for an entire night when similar incident occurred.

Although the knights were grateful to me, Claude downplayed it—“—Hmph! It’s only that!”

Considering that, the difference between my current treatment and the previous one was akin to night and day.

“Listen, this person is an excellent healer who hailed from another kingdom for some matters!”

Nigel stepped forward and explained.

The reason he called me a ‘healer’ was because my identity as a saint couldn’t be revealed.

The other knights finally realized the prince was there and corrected their postures at the same time.

“We’re lucky she happened to come to this kingdom. We should be grateful to her—and most importantly, thank you for bravely fighting for the kingdom. On behalf of my Father, His Majesty, I thank you. We will prepare your reward soon, so please look forward to it.”

“Uooo—!” Towards his words, the other knights exclaimed.

The hellish scene from before had vanished without a trace.

Nigel was pretty cool, to be so brave in such a place…

I wondered if good-looking guys would look cool, regardless of whatever they were doing.

With that in mind, Nigel suddenly turned towards me—


he winked at me!

No—! Stop—!

Be still, my beating heart—!

“S, so, Mr. Adolf, how did this happen?”

I turned my eyes away from Nigel and asked Adolf such.

“It’s a long story…”

It seemed that the number of demons in the area had recently begun to increase.

The Behemoth that Adolf and Nigel encountered last time was no exception.

“Must be difficult…”

“Well, we experienced this kind of thing on a regular basis. We have knights and adventurers to prevent such things from happening. However, the increase has been a little too much lately. If we leave it as it is, a demon may someday invade the city.”

Recently, it had been confirmed that there was a large herd of demons in a nearby forest.

The first unit of knights led by Adolf successfully subdued them.

“However, the numbers were just too high… after slaying the hordes of demons and returning here, well, the result is as you can see…”

I see.

Which was why, after listening to Adolf, Nigel called out to me who could use healing magic.

“…Which basically means, we can’t dilly-dally…”

After listening to me, Adolf nodded.

We were basically racing against time.

If it was only one or two, we could still manage. But what if 100 or more demons invaded the city?

There were women, children, and also elderly—all of them were non-combatants. As such, they’d soon be devoured by the demons—we’d basically be in deep water.

If so…

“For the time being, we can only hope that the demons don’t invade the city, right?”

“Yes, and we can also exterminate monsters outside the city to an extent…”


I then told Mr. Adolf—

“—if so, my magic might be able to do something.”

***T/N: This entire chapter I was like: ‘–But Eliane, you might expose your identity that way!? Eliane–??? Eliane–!?!?! ELIANE–!!?!?!?!

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