Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

37. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (10)

It hurts…

Gaizel, who finally stopped the overwhelming kiss, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he stood up, exhaling hot breath.

Facing such a bewitching appearance, Tistye was prepared for her own demise.

“—Is it alright?”

Asked such by Gaizel, Tistye was at loss—

—Something was wrong with today’s Gaizel.

Not only did he reveal his love for Tistye, he also rushed. However, considering how long he had been putting up with her, it might be normal for men.

Then, Gaizel frowned slightly. Perhaps he was skeptical because of the silent Tistye.

“What happened? Are you dissatisfied with something?”

“N, not at all, Your Majesty, but how to say this…”

—precisely at that moment.


Your Majesty!?

Tistye widened her eyes at the sudden loud voice. She looked up at Gaizel whom was in front of her in a hurry. He kept looking down at her as if the voice from before belonged to someone else…

But that was definitely the voice of His Majesty’s heart…

Then, in quick succession, Gaizel’s wrath struck Tistye’s ears—

[“Bastard! What are you doing to Tistye?! Quickly! Get away from her!”]

W, what is happening—?

Even though such was the voice of Gaizel’s heart, the person before her kept staring at her passionately. He even looked as if he was questioning something.

Because said Gaizel was towering before her, there was no way Tistye could escape.

However, after becoming aware of his discomfort, Tistye was now alert.

Come to think of it, no matter how many times I referred to him as, ‘Your Majesty’, I wasn’t told off…

If this were the usual Gaizel, she have been corrected. The current Gaizel, however, never pointed that out.

Above all, she didn’t think that the Gaizel who decided to not overwork Tistye last time and restrained himself would go against his own words…

Then, the one who’s currently before me… who is he?

The fake Gaizel suddenly laughed, perhaps noticing the change in Tistye. Even though she knew he wasn’t Gaizel, his expression was the same. His smile, which she loved, was the same.

Tistye was somewhat sad.

“It’ll be alright, leave everything to me—”


Tistye attempted to twist her body free, but his arms heavily pressed against her shoulders leaving her unable to move. Eventually, the fake Gaizel opened his lips and bit Tistye’s neck.

Suddenly—the fake Gaizel’s right hand unnaturally pulled back from Tistye’s shoulder. In the next moment, Gaizel slammed his fist to his own right cheek.

“Y, Your Majesty!?”

Due to the loud striking sound, Tisyte became astonished. Sure enough, Gaizel collapsed onto the bed due to the trauma and fainted.

Tistye freed herself and checked upon him in a hurry.  After a while, Gaizel’s eyelashes fluttered.

“A, are you alright…?”


Gaizel’s eyes, which were open, were the same clear color as his usual self. For the time being, Tistye let herself feel relieved. As Gaizel slowly woke up, a fine fist mark marred his beautiful cheek.

Looking at the tense Tistye, he finally spoke.

“…What a relief.”

“Your Majesty?”

“…It’s ‘Gaizel’. No, that’s unimportant right now.”

Convinced that it was indeed the real Gaizel, Tistye finally relaxed. Gaizel, on the other hand, seemed to be organizing what had happened to him.

“The moment I saw you, I felt like I was overtaken by someone else. My consciousness disappeared somewhere else and that person manipulated my body as he wanted… even my emotions too, it’s as if…”

“Lord Gaizel, could that be…”

“Yes, the same situation which Van fell into.”

Tistye unintentionally trembled at his words.

Not only Van, but His Majesty, too…

—who on earth could it be?

If it’s a malicious person, what’s the aim?

Gaizel’s range of movements that day were restricted to the royal palace and the main residence. The same applied to Van—there was a high possibility that it was an internal crime.

But the aim was too mysterious.

Even if there was a real strategy, and the plan had been executed, the timing and the opponent were quite specific.

Even if said plan existed, the plan wasn’t clear.

If the person wants to shake up Verscia from the inside, there must be many other alternatives beside using Van and His Majesty… then, he has another goal in mind?

Tistye recalled the recent situation. Did any similarities occur on the days Van and Gaizel were overtaken?

Of course, as they might also have work-related business with each other, she couldn’t say for sure…

“What is it?”

“No, but there’s something I’d like to confirm…”

“I don’t mind, say it.”

“Lord Gaizel first saw the levanite today, didn’t you?”


“The other day, Van became strange after seeing that jewel for the first time, too.”

“That’s true, but the chief of the ceremony and you saw it, too.”

“Y-you’re right…”

As Gaizel had said, Tistye and the chief of the ceremony had seen the levanite too. But neither of them experienced any kind of incident.

She suspected it also had something to do with gender and age, but she had never heard of any cases where someone would act strange after merely looking at a jewel.

Despite so, Gaizel still considered it a possibility, and put his hand over his mouth, thinking.

Eventually, he decided.

“Would you like to see that jewel again tomorrow?”

“Eh!? Is that alright!? If by any chance you get possessed again…”

“At that time, I’ll do this again.”

Tistye glanced at Gaizel who pointed at his cheek. She unintentionally laughed.

While apologizing to Gaizel, who looked slightly sullen, she traced her fingertips on the swollen area.

It seemed that he hit himself without hesitation as the area was still tingling.

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