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31. Being Reunited After a Long Time

“Y, you’re the dragon from that time?”

I screamed at the man.

…Huh?! Oops!


The gatekeeper shot me a suspicious glare.

“N, no! I was mistaken! This person is…”

…This person is???”

I pointed my finger at the ‘man’ and continued.

“A dragon researcher—! In the city where I used to live, this person was researching dragons. Hence why, I nicknamed him ‘Dragon’, I call him that all the time, so out of habit, I—…”

To be honest, I thought it was a lame excuse.

I didn’t expect to meet him in such a place …I couldn’t help but become flustered.

However, the gatekeeper—

“—Ooh! Is that so? You’re the acquaintance of Eliane?”

It seemed that I had successfully convinced him.

What a relief… it seemed that the gatekeeper wasn’t the type to dwell on things…

“I’m not a dragon research—ngugugu—

Before the man could utter anything outrageous, I closed his mouth and stepped away from the gatekeeper.

“…Why are you in such a place? Other than that, your form is… that of a human?”

I whispered so the gatekeeper wouldn’t hear us.

That was right.

This man… or rather, the dragon was one of the few people I talked to back in my former kingdom.

—in my former kingdom, where I was basically imprisoned in the castle.

During my free time, I’d often find any means of distraction—after all, I couldn’t go out.

One of those said distractions was telepathically conversing with someone.

However, there were quite a few people who could converse through mind with me. It was because they had to have enough magical power to receive my telepathy.

It was something I did to kill time… nevertheless—

“—Who is this? Who is the fool who tries to converse with me through such a method?”

—I recieved a response.

I was surprised—after all, all that time, no one could hear my telepathy.

I immediately started to communicate with that person.

“Who are you?”

“Me? It’s fine for you to be amazed once you hear the answer. I’m the champion of the world—a dragon.”

I felt that the dragon was very excited.

No—I couldn’t see the appearance of the other person through telepathy, I could only sense them.

Therefore, I thought he was joking about being a dragon.

But as I continued to talk to him, I realized that he really was a dragon—it wasn’t a joke.

Apparently, the dragon also had free time in his hand. We weren’t merely pen pals—but ‘mythical friends’. More often than not, we spoke about love.

“Please listen. My fiancé, Prince Claude, loves to stare at me as if I’m filth.”

“Fumu. I’ve been thinking for a long time—but the guy named Claude sure is trash. I honestly understand why you’re so rattled by him.”

At first, I was wondering if he was a scary dragon, but I was surprised. After we talked, he turned out to be a good listener. He was easy to talk to.

…Thus, time advanced to the present.

That was right—when I was exiled from the kingdom, I forgot to tell the dragon…

Who would’ve thought that we’d meet again in such a place?

“If I were to assume my true form, there’s no way I’d be allowed into the city. I transformed into a human figure to avoid any confusion.”

I see.

The dragon’s reason was indeed plausible.

But… why did you have to transform into such a beautiful boy!?

Talking to such a handsome guy, there was no way I wouldn’t get nervous!

“By the way, Eliane, you sure uncovered my true identity quite fast.”

“Naturally. someone who possesses such a huge amount of magic like you is rare. I’m good at distinguishing individuals and beings with magical power.”

“Is that so.”

Hmm… it was still hard to believe, but as I thought, he was indeed the dragon.

Although he had suppressed his magic—perhaps due to the form he had assumed—magical power was something that couldn’t be changed easily.

“Well, back to my original question—why are you here? Didn’t you live in a dragon’s nest near the kingdom?”

“Well, you see…”

The dragon told me his brief story.

Apparently, after I was banished, the dragon noticed that the kingdom’s barrier had disappeared and went to check the situation.

After confirming that I had indeed been banished, the angry dragon decided to travel around the world as a means of distraction…

Since he was a dragon, it was possible for him to fly around at a high speed.

He easily decided to travel the world as if he were deciding what to have for dinner or something…

“As I passed by, I noticed a city that had been completely covered by a barrier. Only Eliane can create such a barrier.”

“Oh… is that so?”

I never thought my barrier would yield such an outcome.

“But Dragon, I’m glad to see you for the first time after such a long while. Above all, I’m glad you’re doing well.”

“That’s my line.”

But… the dragon, my friend, was such a fine-looking young man—even though it wasn’t his true form.

I felt a little confused.

“That’s not the only thing that has happened. Eliane, after all this time, why don’t we talk? There’s a continuation to my previous story…”

“Fufu, is that a pick-up line?”

“Pick-up line…?”

“It’s an act of inviting a girl you like on a date.”

After meeting the dragon for the first time in a while, I was in a good mood.

Hence why I made such a joke.

However, the dragon’s expression didn’t change in the slightest.

“Hmm… I see, the girl I like. Then, there’s no mistaking it—it’s indeed a pick-up line, because I like Eliane.”

He said something out of the ordinary.

Eh? The dragon? Towards me???

What was I thinking!?

Even though his appearance was that of a handsome guy, the man before me was still a dragon! In the first place, our races were different!

I was sure what he meant by that was he liked me as a conversation partner.

“T, thank you. Well, since the dragon has gone out of his way to invite me, what can I do…”

I managed to reply.

Deep breaths, deep breaths!

Regain your composure!

“However, it’s impossible to find a suitable café.”


“Well, you aren’t human, and there are a lot of other things as well…”

No matter how good of a dragon he was, I couldn’t let him enter the city just like that.

“I’ll first ask Nigel.”

“Nigel? Who’s that?”

“A reliable person.”

I owed Nigel, and there was also nothing I could conceal from him.

Even so, what kind of face would Nigel and the dragon make once they saw each other?

Since it was him, I didn’t think anything outrageous would happen if I explained the situation carefully.

I left the gatekeeper with the dragon for the time being and returned to the royal castle.

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