The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

96. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (44)

It was as if he was dreaming—of a gentle future.

In reality, he was locked in a dimly lit cage inside a carriage protected with strong magic to prevent criminals from escaping.

He couldn’t hear any noise. Both his vision and hearing were blocked. His movement was also restricted—if he were a normal person, he’d surely have lost his sanity in a matter of few days.

However, Hadith, who had a Dragon God inside his body, retained his consciousness.

Only a short distance left before we reach the Imperial Capital…

After calculating the place where he was imprisoned and the travel time, he started to devise a strategy. The destination of that carriage was already obvious—the execution of the false emperor had been decided to be held in the Imperial Capital.

…However, with that Goddess’ vessel present…

“Hadith, are you awake?”

He felt the magical restrain ease a little. The curtain of the carriage which was hiding the cage was lifted. Hadith, whom was trying to regain his physical strength, opened his eyes.

“—Why aren’t you eating? You’ll get sick.”

“What use is eating, when the person is going to be executed?”

Elynsia, who spoke in a caring voice, shut her mouth immediately as if she had been struck. Her hands, which were carrying his meal, stopped near her chest.

“…I know, I’m sorry. However, I’ll convince Uncle Georg and Vissel. At the very least, for them to place you somewhere you can live as a normal human being…”

“No matter how much you want to deny the fact—I’m the Dragon Emperor.”

When he gazed straight at Elynsia, she trembled—

—she probably was aware of that.

Because she hadn’t use a single dragon to escort Hadith. That proved she was fully aware Hadith was the legitimate Dragon Emperor.

“I wonder why Jill told me against killing you.”

He didn’t expect any answers for that question—despite so, Elynsia answered bitterly as she looked away.

“Because you’re pitiful, that’s why. Not only were you pitiful enough to be betrayed by your sister, you also had to kill said sister afterwards.”

“I honestly don’t think I’m pitiful. After all, in the first place, I never thought of you as my older sister.”

“…I don’t think you’ll ever forgive me, but I should at least be killed by Jill…”

“Are you pleading for your life?”

“It’s an atonement for not being able to become your older sister.”

He felt like there was no lie in that smile of hers, which seemed like it was crying. Suddenly, he found himself wondering. When he acted like he didn’t care, it was merely a pretension—

—said pretension vanished like bubble;

“…Why would you betray me, older sister?”

Elynsia blinked, as if surprised by the way Hadith referred to her. It seemed like she was about to start crying.

“…You aren’t the one in the wrong. You haven’t committed a single crime. We’re the ones who’re in the wrong. You’re not wrong.”


“Forgive me, forgive me for being such a pathetic sister…”

Whether or not she was considered his sister—Hadith suddenly felt annoyed. That didn’t matter in the slightest. He wanted to hear the truth.

Even if in the end, she could only apologize, he felt that Elynsia definitely tried to care for him as his older sister.

Hence why, he had to ask for the reason.

“—Enemy attack! Her Highness Elynsia, the enemy has attacked!”

“Where is the enemy from!?”

“Dragon—there are dragons! One is the dragon of His Highness Listeard, while the other… is a black dragon!”

Elynsia wasn’t the only one who widened her eyes. Hadith, too. Rave, whom was slumbering inside Hadith’s body, responded.

“A purple-eyed, black dragon—the highest-ranking dragon amongst the existing dragons. So, you’ve been properly acknowledged by it, Little Miss?”

That was only obvious—Hadith laughed, for she is the Dragon Princess!

Because she was the bride of the Dragon Emperor, chosen by himself, and was also blessed by the Dragon God Rave.


“…Why would you betray me, older sister?”

Ah, fuck.

//Left her seat to go slay the onion cutting ninja hiding somewhere in her room, afterwards, it’s Elynsia’s, who hurt our pure Hadith, turn.//

If only your apologize could actually solve shit

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