The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

29.1 Yukino’s Untold Encounter with the [Ogra (Organic) Dragon King]

──Yukino’s Story──

I first met my True King during a warm spring night. Sakura…… no, pale pink flowers were blooming. I remember that they were really beautiful. At that time, I thought to myself, “To greet them just as I’m at my end is perfect.”

My body had always been weak ever since I was a child, and I was frequently entering and leaving the hospital. I didn’t get to go to school very often. I didn’t have any friends, either.

It was about a year ago when I came to understand I wasn’t going to be able to live for long. I won’t go into the details, but one of my organs wasn’t working that well. Even if it were to be treated, I would only be able to live about another year and a half.

At that time, I thought,
‘Just…… what am I living for? If I’m only going to trouble my family, then isn’t it better to just die as I am now?’

Therefore, that night of when the sakura were blooming, I made my escape from the hospital. My intention was to simply die. As my world had cars…… large vehicles that were moving about, I said to myself, “Maybe I should get run over by one.”

But, when the time came, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I crossed various pedestrian crossings only to stop myself. This repeated itself several times.

In the middle of what was around my tenth crossing, I suddenly became unable to walk. It was my anemia. My body had probably reached its limit.

‘Ah, that’s good,’ I thought. If it was because of my anemia, then it would not be my fault. ‘I can end everything here.’

Then, when a large vehicle was approaching me──

“Awaken, o, my dragonic powers— twice fold— no, by 4! O, my aberrant powers, pour a great amount of mana into this one’s body, awaken my true ability────!!”

──Those words, I could hear them being roared out.── 

Before I knew it, an unknown boy was holding me, and we were rolling across the ground.

He pulled the me who could not move, took me in his arms, and to the end of the crossing. That was something I realized not long after. I, as I saw it, he at that time, was flying through the air.

……Eh? Wasn’t I seeing things, you ask?
Well, it’s a possibility. After all it was very hot then, so I was feeling light-headed.

……When my body was lifted up, I felt like time had stopped.
Actually, maybe he was flying through the air. It was thatmysterious of an event.

He then lifted me with his arms and moved me to the sidewalk.
At that time……… I thought I was seeing a dream.

His form, was too strange…… no, he looked cool. He was wearing a black coat, and his left arm was wrapped in bandages and he wore bracelets on his right. One was a silver color while the other had black stones. On his head was a hat, and yet he also wore a bandage on his forehead. The parts that stuck out a bit swayed in the wind. I thought he was dreamy.

“Are you alright?”
He asked.

“Ye, yes. It was just anemia.”
I answered him.

He shook his head with those words.

I unintentionally looked away. I felt as if my desire to die had been exposed.

However, what he said was,
“The abyssal army in the 8th circle of hell, the Grief Hell, at the bottom of the earth is on the verge of being resurrected and their vanguard is inflicting harm on people. A Dark Minion, one of the lowest of their ranks, probably restrained your legs. I’m sorry…. If only I had noticed it sooner……”

“That’s not it, I…….”

I instinctively tried to shake my head, but I stopped. His eyes, which stared into the desolate darkness, gave off a mysterious shine.

Undoubtedly, that person, he might[1] have known of this other world. After all, a moment after that, he would face me and say,
“『The Battle against the Demons』 draws near. Perhaps our encounter here is a sign that you might one day take up a sword to fight alongside me. This life of yours……I’m proud at having been able to save it.”

 ──Like that.

Surely you understand now, Lizette-san, Haruka-san.
That’s right. You must want to spontaneously clap now? Pachi-pachi-pachi.
My 『True King』 knew that I’d be reincarnated in another world. Otherwise, there’s no way he’d have said something like that, rightー?

That person, without pause, carried me to the bus stop. As I couldn’t move on my own, he placed me on the bus stop’s bench and contacted my family with his cellphone.

I asked him,
“Why are you being this kind to me?”

 ── Like that.

And he answered,
“…….. If only I had awakened my power sooner…… I would’ve been able to prevent it….”

 ── Like that

I didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say. But, for some reason, he seemed to feel incredibly responsible about something.

And then, he continued,
“When the time comes, you’ll understand my words. You might not realize it at the time, but later you’ll come to feel, 『Ah, so this is what that man was telling me』.”

 ── Eh? What is it, Shouma-san?
Huh, that’s a cold-word? ……Words that can be interpreted in any way by the listener?[2]

You’re sure saying something weird, Shouma-san. I mean, how do you explain me being here right now bathing in a hot spring in this other world? Moreover, I’ll have you know that these were that man’s final words before he left?

“Fare thee well. Perchance that thou art one who shall taketh a up sword alongside me…… We shalt meet again at the end of the battle beyond life and death. For I am the 『Organic Dragon King』!!”

 ── Like that.

Exactly like he said, didn’t I reincarnate here on the cusp of a new battle? Lizette-san and Haruka-san seem to understand me. Here, they’re nodding, un un.

Thank you very much. I feel the both of you two will make great friends.

Eh? “Stop using polite speech,” you say? Yes, I suppose it will happen once I get used to it.

……. Yes?
What happened to me after that, you ask?

After that person left, my family came to pick me up by car. Everyone wanted to thank that person who helped me. Unfortunately, the number he used to call my family was apparently 『withheld』. That person did say, “The forces of darkness are drawing near. I can’t get you involved.” Perhaps that was the reason. We had no choice but to return to the hospital while feeling thankful to him.

Of course, my family was really angry at me. But in the middle of it, my otou-san, okaa-san and onee-chan became so surprised they stopped being angry. That was because I, someone who had always been gloomy, was genuinely smile.

After that person helped me…… the issue of my illness didn’t really matter to me anymore. There was someone who believed in the invisible and was desperately fighting it. I decided to follow his lead and live the way he does.

First of all, I decided to wear bandages on my left arm and forehead. Since I was in a hospital, getting them was easy.
Then, I asked onee-chan to arrange my hair by parting it with ribbons. My onee-chan was very happy about it. Due to being hospitalized, I was no longer fashion-conscious. Although, when I showed her the crest I had drawn on my right arm using a water-based pen, her expression filled with doubt.
Afterwards, my skull-patterned ribbons were taken away. I was told they were too ominous to wear in a hospital.

Then, I wore a black scarf──
But, I was a bit unsatisfied with the color, so I switched to an aqua-colored muffler──
I was also allowed to wear plastic rings on my left hand after promising to remove them during medical examinations.

Thus, the Ice Witch, Yukino Cloudy Dragonchild, was complete. As my name is “Yukino”, it gives me an icy impression.

I transformed into a witch who fights against demons and decided to be proactive. Departed spirits could have been wandering about in the hospital. A wyvern might have concealed itself on the rooftop. However, even an inexperienced person like myself should be able to find the demons lurking within the hospital, is what I thought.

I, too, had to awaken as soon as possible so that I could catch up with that person. If I was someone who’d, “one day take up a sword to fight alongside” him…… For the sake of── someday meeting him again, someday giving him my gratitude.

Although I… took it slowly, I started walking around the hospital’s premises. My family was also happy about it. The doctor-san had also told me to move my body as much as I could after all.

Ever since then, every day became fun. They were adventures. I don’t know where the demon would come from. My family would also── although onee-chan would wryly smile about it── join me on my investigations. 

I passed those days happily──

[1] Saying undoubtably and must isn’t a translation error. This is more like a Japanese mindset.
[2] This is pretty similar to the Barnum statements, He’s referring to words in cold-reading here, though I’m not sure if it’s a ‘read’ in this case as it was just a vague statement that can be interpreted in any way.

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