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18. Little Girl’s Clothes/ A Slithering Tail

Little Girl’s Clothes

“Today, I wish for us to go shopping at a women’s clothing store.”
“Why… at a women’s clothing store?”

Kuro’s question is justifiable. The reason, it’s to buy little girl’s clothes. Right now, the little girl is wearing my clothes, but as expected, they don’t fit her. They are loose. There is the white clothing she wore when I summoned her, but life would get troublesome if that one set is all she has from now on.

“As such, I believe we should go buy clothes.”

Everyone seems to agree.

Incidentally, I’ve already completed the preliminary investigations. There is a women’s clothing store within 100m of my home which, for some reason, also sells children’s clothes. Furthermore, the shop manager is a reticent person. So, even if I take a little girl who is wearing loose clothing, I won’t need to worry about being criticized more than necessary. We’ll also be free to let her try on as much clothes as she’d like.

“Alright, link!”

Utilizing spiritual power thread, I connect with the crow and share his field of view. Fumu fumu, the area surrounding my house seems clear of high school students.

“‘I have confirmed through ultrasound ground oscillation that there are no students in the shadows of building either,’ is what he is saying.”
“Oscillation? Ultrasound? What are these functions!?”

He even has techniques like those? Or maybe I should say, it looks like Kuro can understand the crow’s words.

Well, moving on. Right now, getting clothes is more important.

“Speaking of which, why is there a need for such secrecy? Even if high school students are present, should you not carry yourself with confidence?”
“Kuro, you might not know this, but… I, used to be a bit of a celebrity.”

I’m the high school student who captured an atrocious villain at a supermarket.

“Recently, that gossip has finally died down. As such, I want to avoid standing out as much as possible.”

Furthermore, if Mizukami-san sees us, that I’m the masked practitioner will also be discovered.

“I see. If that’s how it is, then I shall certainly cooperate. Entrust the crow’s interpretation to me.”

Ohh! How reliable!

With that, while guiding the little girl-san who wants to make a detour for some hard candy, we safely arrive at the woman’s clothing store——

“……Well, shall we head back?”

——Turns out today is a day off.

Ara ara, why if it isn’t Kousuke-kun.”
Ah, Ise-san.”

On the way back home, we meet the next door neighbor, Ise-baa-chan1. She’s a childhood friend of my grandparents.

Ara, why isn’t she a cute girl. Although, don’t you think these clothes are a bit loose?”
“We were on our way to buy her some clothes, but the clothing shop was closed.”

I divert the conversation towards clothing.

Araa~. I have some hand-me-downs. Would you be interested in them?”
“They’re my granddaughter’s clothes. There’s still a lot left.”


“I planned on disposing of them one day, but it’s just too troublesome. If you have a need for them and can put them to use, then I think the clothes would also be delighted.”
“I will certainly and humbly receive them2!”

The sizes are a perfect fit too!

Thus, we were able to peacefully acquire clothes for the little girl-san. Furthermore, there is a multiple variety to choose from unlike me with my clothes.

“……! ……!!”

With great delight, the little girl-san fishes through several cardboard boxes for clothes until late into the night.

—The Diamond of Greed cuts down all of the turned Diamonds of Sin—

A Slithering Tail

“I’m back.”
The door opens and Kuro returns from the cat congregation.

“Right, welcome ba… wait, ahre? Just now, how did you open the door!?”
“How you say? Like this.”

His black tail slithers and reaches for the doorknob where it coils around it and opens the door.
What kind of technique is this?  How scary.

“That, you weren’t seen by anyone?”
“Of course not. I am vigilant of the public gaze.”

Well, if he’s vigilant… Hm? What a sec!?

“Crow! Come here for a bit!”

At my call, crow skillfully opens the living room sliding door with his beak and pitter patters out from it.
The sliding door… well, I suppose it’s fine.

“Crow, can you open the entrance door?”


The crow flaps his wings while giving a chirp that exudes confidence. Then, he lands on the doorknob with one leg and manipulates his body weight to open the door without any trouble.

“Thank you, you can go back now.”

Crow, after chirping with a human like, triumphant, expression, returns to the living room.

He goes out every now and then, but is this how he leaves the house?

“Alright, let’s put in a cat door. The crow will be able to use it too.”
“No, we are fine without one?”
“No, I will put one in.”

Even if you claim to be careful, a fuss will be kicked up on the off chance anyone notices. No matter what is said, I will put in a door!

I gather the essential tools through Amaz0n delivery and learn more house renovating techniques than necessary though Y0uTube. As my parents said I can do with this house as I like, I won’t hesitate to remodel it.

The little girl-san easily cuts out an opening and I set up the door I bought. Everything ends without a hitch.

Fumu, not bad.”
“You think so?”

The process, from the order all the way to the end, took 2 days. Buying the appropriate tools cost me 3000 yen3.

T/N: Seeing as how Ise-san mentioned a granddaughter, I get the feeling we’re going to be introduced to a future heroine.  She might even be a childhood friend of his.

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  1. Granny. Also, I could be reading this wrong and she’s actually the grandparent of his childhood friend.
  2. Itadakimasu means to humbly accept or receive something.
  3. Roughly 30 USD.