The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

27.1 The Reincarnated Person (Provisional) Yukino, is Surprised by True Power

[Good grief……. mamono have come again.]

Upon approaching 『Hazama Village』, the sight of mamono approaching the 『barrier』 makes us sigh out. The 『barrier』 that surrounds the village is invisible to the eye. Therefore, mamono sometimes come along and repeatedly bump into the barrier’s wall. They give the impression insects in the summer repeatedly crashing against a screen door going, “Areeeー that’s strange, I can’t come inー.”

By the way, today’s mamono are 3 『Dark Bears (giant three meter tall bears)』

[We can harvest the fur of the Dark Bears, but taking them down without damaging their pelts is difficult.]
[If we mess up, we’ll only be able to get 『evil crystals』 from them.]
[And we just got back from selling crystals. I don’t want to do that again.]

I, Lizette and Haruka sigh out again.

[….. Ano. Just a moment please.]
[What is it, Yukino.]

I turn my head and I find Yukino holding her forehead deep in contemplation.

[This place, is in the frontier, right?]
[It is.]

To be specific, we’re in an area where a large number of mamono appear. It’s the limit of where people can live.

[Hence there are powerful mamono here.]
[That’s right. A 『Dark Bear』 is a mamono that requires ten soldiers to take down.]
[Is that so?]

I look towards Lizette and Haruka.

[If it’s people from 『Hazama Village』, then it’ll take 5-6 people.]
[With Liz-nee’s magic, we can manage with 4 though.]

Ajin, they sure are strong. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t have been able to survive here in the frontiers.

[For those mamono to be repelled by the barrier…. how strong is it?]
[Give your praise.]
[That I will, but! That’s not my question here!]

Yukino pointed to the forest with the barrier.

[That place surrounded by those ramparts there is the village, yes?]
[That’s right.]
[And what surrounds it are fields.]
[They were just made, though.]

Making them wasn’t that hard. With an axe that was given the 『Penetrate Attribute』 through 『Naming Bless』, the trees were cut down without any trouble. The hoes naturally tore the remaining stumps into pieces and also tilled the hard soil in no time as well. As such, those highly praised tools are presently in the middle of being used to reclaim the land at a high speed.

[I….. have always been continuously travelling these past few months.]
[Is that so?]
[Yes. From the capital to the frontiers, ever since I came to this world, always.]
[You’ve been doing your best, Yukino. Even though you’re tiny.]
[Please don’t treat me like a child! I was 14 years old back in my previous world!]

She’s 14?
…. I thought she was a grade schooler. Or rather, Yukino, you aren’t even trying to hide that you’re someone from another world. You keep saying, “this world,” and “previous world.”

According to Yukino, she was summoned a few months ago. The timing is a bit off from when I came.

The goddess-sama may have a lackadaisical​ sense of time. The goddess-san who summoned me referred to my chuunibyou period as having been, “a little while ago.”

[From the capital to here, I’ve seen various places, but never once have I seen such beautifully lined fields. Normally, in order to repel mamono and ward off robbers, fences are established. As such, fields this big can’t be made.]
[It’s amazing, right? Give your praise.]
[That I will, but! Such a great place like this being in the frontier… is something I hadn’t heard of.]

Yukino falls into deep thought as she scratches her aqua-colored hair.

[You know, Yukino.]
[What is it, Shouma-san.]
[Is that all that surprised you?]

I point to the white wings on my back.

Trudging all the way here on foot would have been a pain and Yukino was already exhausted, so I invoked 『Winged-kin Awakening』 to carry her. As the harpy could only make arrangements for 2 people, they would have had to make a 2nd round trip for Haruka and Yukino otherwise. I’ve worked quite hard.

[Don’t mine or the harpies’ wings surprise you at all?]
[They’re cool so they’re good.]

Yukino answers as if it was the most natural thing in the world. She then turns her gaze towards Lizette and Haruka──

[I don’t mind their horns either. They’re cool. Rather, I believe I said that I don’t mind such things back then.]
[…….. That you did.]

I get the feeling Yukino touched my wings when we were flying though. If she is a reincarnated person and comes from my world, then the entire world has changed for her. Someone having wings or horns might be a trifling matter in comparison.

[… A village where ajin reside… large-scale land reclamations and an abundance of land… I see. This is why my 『True King』 is in this land….]

She mutters such while crouching down.

……. Her『True King』. Speaking of which, in the end, I couldn’t ask her about the 『True King』 that she is looking for.

She was smiling when she passed── for a former chuunibyou ossan like me, that’s way too heavy of a topic for me to touch.
Come to think of it, with the exception of myself, every single summoned person came to this world after they died. I don’t know what kind of trauma she has. I feel like I shouldn’t carelessly touch the subject until she settles down.

[Shouma-nii-sama, Lizette and Haruka will take down the bears.]
[Aniue-sama, please protect Yukino-chan in our stead!]

Lizette and Haruka take their sword and konbou respectively. Both weapons have been enchanted. Although Haruka did take a sword to the city, she has switched to her konbou.

They run straight towards the 『Dark Bears』, but──

[Lizette-san, Haruka-san, wait!]
Yukino abruptly stops them.

[Please leave this to me, the newcomer! As a reincarn── no, as your companion, I’ll show you what I’ve got!]

With her spear in her hand, Yukino breaks into a run. Her lips are making slight movements. Looks like she’s chanting a spell.


The 『Dark Bears』 have noticed us. Yukino keeps her distance from the mamono as she comes to a stop. Then, she invokes her spell.

[You won’t get past here! Here I go! 『Freezing Wall・Strong《Greater Ice Wall》!!』]

A wall of ice manifests between Yukino and the 『Dark Bears』. It’s 3 meters high, and about── 8 meters wide. I can’t tell its thickness from this angle.

[──Tch. My aim was off.]

Yukino sandwiched two of the mamono between the 『Freezing Wall・Strong』 and the barrier. The third one, however, remained free and is now heading towards her.

[Don’t you come here! 『Freezing Arrow・Successive 《Icicle Arrow Rush》』!!]

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