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23. Let’s Erect a Barrier

“Eliane, are you truly okay with this?”

Nigel said with a worried look.

The conversation happened later.

After leaving the barracks where Adolf and his subordinates were, we returned to the royal castle.

“Yes, if I raised a barrier, the crisis will be over soon.”

I reassured him.

That was right.

After I heard that monsters were increasing around Lynchgiham, I tried to create a barrier for the kingdom.

The range was the entire city.

By doing that, not only monsters, but also dragons and demons wouldn’t be able to enter the kingdom in the future.

“But, is it really possible to create a barrier that will envelop the entire kingdom? I heard just creating a barrier the size of a person is extremely difficult.”

It was as Nigel said—

—well, if the person in question was an ordinary wizard, it would be.

Ara? Back in my former kingdom, I keep the barrier up for many years? Also, this kingdom is located on higher ground, therefore, it won’t be a problem.”

I placed a finger by my mouth and explained.

“Thus, I will set up a barrier right away.”


Whenever I created a barrier, I would picture a film wrapping around an object.

However, it was a delicate work. If I made even the slightest mistake, said ‘film’ would break.

Thus, I carefully poured my magical power and created a barrier.

After a while…

“…It’s done.”

About fifteen minutes later, I informed Nigel.

“So soon?”

Rather than surprised, Nigel was confused.


“T-thank you.”

“It doesn’t feel like anything has changed, doesn’t it?”

“Y, yes… I’m sorry, but I wonder if this will really prevent monsters from approaching…”

“Please do not worry. I made certain the barrier is tight. This will prevent monsters from entering the city.”

“I, I see, forgive me for doubting you.”

“It’s alright.”

It was inevitable for Nigel to doubt me.

A barrier cast by an ordinary wizard would also seem like nothing.

Despite so, if the person whom was being protected by the barrier were weak, his body might feel sluggish.

Originally, barriers were usually invoked during battles or expeditions.

In my opinion, barriers that causes those who still have to face off against monsters to feel uncomfortable are third-rated barriers.

“You should be able to feel the effect after a while. Let’s wait patiently until then.”

“Alright, then. Thank you, Eliane.”

 ◆ ◆

About a week had passed since then.


As I was playing with the Fenrir, Ralph, in the courtyard, Nigel rushed in.

However, that time, his countenance was different from a week ago.

Ara, Nigel, what’s wrong? Could it be, the knights—…”

“It’s not that. This time, I have good news.”

Nigel was out of breath as he explained—

is it because he ran so fast?

“Today, I heard the report from Adolf, the knight leader. It’s about the state of the monsters around the kingdom recently.”

“How was it?”

When I inquired, Nigel’s tone became excited.

“Monsters are no longer within Lynchgiham’s vicinity! Until now, I had to dispatch a lot of people to guard the border of the city, but he said it would be fine to reduce the number some. Since monsters are no longer close to Lynchgiham, we can rest assured for a bit and create a long-term monster subjugation plan.”

“Are you sure Mr. Adolf wasn’t mistaken? For monsters to no longer be in the vicinity…”

Truthfully, I knew the real answer, but I still tested him.

Nigel shook his head.

“It may have been only a week, but the numbers have significantly decreased. The abnormality of it is truly obvious. Even the knights feel that it can’t be ignored. Eliane, it’s all thanks to your barrier…”

“Told you so. In the future, monsters will no longer be able to approach Lynchgiham.”

Actually, the fact that nothing seemed to have changed after a barrier had been erected was the main reason people believed said barrier didn’t exist in the first place.

Because of that, people often said my barrier was actually unnecessary.

‘Does the barrier even exist? Rather than because of a barrier, monsters are probably just not approaching…’

A prime example of that sort of person was Prince Claude of my former kingdom.

I honestly thought the effect of the barrier would become known after some time.

“Thank you very much!”

Nigel held my hands—

h, huh?!

Nigel! Your face is too close!

“Thanks to you, the people of Lynchgiham, including myself, can sleep peacefully. Thank you very much! How should I express this gratitude to you…”

“Y, your words are already aplenty! So please distance yourself!”

Even after I said so, Nigel didn’t let go of my hands.

To be thanked by such a beauty, it didn’t feel bad… but I was truly at loss because I had never experiencead anything like this before.

Back in my former kingdom, I was basically kept in the castle—for I was the saint.

***T/N: Kind of sad how in the new kingdom–a different place, basically–Eliane still end up doing the same thing she was doing back in her former kingdom, which is her Saint’s duty, lol. I thought this was her opportunity to live her life.

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