The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

87. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (35)

“Which means, this secret journey of our might have been relayed to Prince Geraldo of Kratos—huh?!”

Jill nodded in confirmation to Camila’s question. Camila’s suspicion towards Lawrence was understandable because first and foremost—he was from Kratos.

Camila looked up towards the heavens. Indeed, that was Camila’s usual gesture before beginning her sermons.

“Alright, listen, Jill-chan~ why did you keep silent about such an important thing?”

“But—please don’t harm him. He has an older sister. His older sister was taken to the palace of the Southern King of Kratos.”

The Southern King of Kratos.

Camila, who seemed to understand the meaning, frowned with regret. The meaning was precisely like Lawrence had pointed out.

“Do you mean… that unofficial Southern king of Kratos~?”

“It seems that his reputation precedes him. That’s right. That Southern King of Kratos, who easily leaves the court as he pleases and leaves destruction upon his wake. The reason Lawrence became Prince Geraldo’s subordinate was to somehow get his sister back from the temple.”

“…I sympathize with him, but that’s it~ This is a separate matter from that. Not to mention, isn’t Princess Faelis supposed to relay a message to Prince Geraldo in secret to talk about peace? Or was that a lie? Even if it wasn’t, what if that guy is dancing on Prince Geraldo’s palm? Prince Geraldo may even be colluding with Georg.”

“But, that’s also why he wants me to return to Kratos.”

Camila, who had a steep face, blinked.

“A capable person who’s likely know Prince Geraldo’s plan. That’s why, keep an eye on him. That way, Lawrence will move on his own accord for the sake of his own safety.”

“…Haa… I see where this is going~”

“…Therefore, he will finally be able to return to Kratos.”

“Is that your true intention~?”

Jill couldn’t answer Camila’s question—because Jill knew.

In the future, Lawrence wouldn’t make it in time.

Hence why, there’s no reason to stop what he has been desperately trying to achieve.

There was still a few years—and as long as she was there, Lawrence wouldn’t become Jill’s lieutenant, nor would he follow the same path as before.

If she started changing the flow from now, she might make it in time.

At the very least, Jill was no longer carrying out military feats in Kratos—thus, the situation should had changed drastically.

When she pursed her lips, suddenly, Camila’s index finger sank into her cheek.

“I understand your aim~ however, Jill-chan~”

She started poking her cheek.

“Those kinds of things, you’re supposed to tell us earlier, alright~? Onee-san will get angry, you know~?”

“S, sorry, I thought if it were Camila and Zeke, it goes without saying…”

In short, Camila agreed to keep an eye on Lawrence.

Once she told that Camila she was her most attentive subordinate, she stopped poking her cheek.

“Alright, I will forgive you~ Lawrence is important. Well, I understand the gist of it~”

“Oh, Camila, where’s Sauté?”

“He’s fine, look, here.”


Camila hit a bag on the horse’s saddle. Sauté, who was beginning to lose his chick-like appearance, peeked out. At his feet, was the head of Haddy.

“When the time comes, don’t hesitate to use them.”

“I under—huh? Sauté, too? I can use Sauté~?”

“Sauté, stop bullying Haddy. If that doll accidentally activates, we’ll be in deep trouble.”

Sauté squealed and retreated. …Recently, didn’t it feel like they were having proper conversations?

Camila, who looked alternately between the bag and Jill, looked behind them with a tired face. She was checking whether or not they were being tailed.

“My wife is amazing—she’s already planning so many things!”

With his chin on top of Jill’s head, Hadith whispered.

Jill lifted her neck a little.

“While Your Majesty sure is accommodating—why?”

Jill didn’t think what she had been doing was in line with Hadith’s will. Despite so, the beautiful Dragon Emperor with golden eyes always only gazed at her.

Observing her with an adoring gaze.

Hadith briefly affirmed Jill’s concern.

“Well, seeing how much you put into it makes me eager to see how it’ll turn out, too. Other than that, I don’t want to restrict you too much.”

“To be honest, I don’t know if I’m doing something right.”

“No problem. Because no matter who betrays me, I will be the last one standing.”

It wasn’t a hope, nor a determination—but simply a fact.

Indeed, such was the truth.

He lost his older brother, older sister, father, little brother, little sister—basically, he had lost everything.

In the end, that emperor was the only one left. He stood alone until the end.

To His Majesty, for someone to betray him—that’s only to be expected.

Jill tightly pursed her lips—

—she must never forget.

The reason she was there was to prevent that man from standing alone.

***T/N: Can’t wait to see who’s the bigger asshole, Geraldo or Vissel. Both are princes btw :v

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