I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

52. Fifth Go! (7)

Maximilian turned his back on Saint Mia.

It seemed that even the shallow-hearted Saint Mia could understand what Maximilian meant—which was basically for her to refrain from using magic to aid her.

Her face paled, visibly quivering.

“Hey, this is good. It seems those Shits of Light are exhausted from the grand battle during the waltz. Don’t even mention fascination spells, they can’t even maintain Saint Mia’s aura.”

“For a fascination spell’s effect to persist, it has to be maintained continuously. However, Ibel and the grandmas took great care to deplete a large amount of magical power from those angels. If this is repeated, some members of the royal family may return to their sanity. Although this might just be me being hopeful…”

“There’s a possibility. However, it’s very clear that she’ll maintain the fascination spell on Count Haven, the King, and also his wife no matter what.”

The soul of Alicia, the Duchess, who remained in Ally, was eased.

Ally was still stuck in astonishment, thus she was very grateful that her two brilliant friends took charge to explain the situation.

That Maximilian, whom in my previous nine lives actually behaved similarly to his mother…

That Maximilian, who couldn’t be counted on to select a competent future queen…

Ten years of being his fiancée in her previous lives, being the Queen’s most treasured son, that crown prince, too, would side with his mother on everything.

If she were to complain about his mother, his responses would usually be, “You are just being too sensitive.” “Are you sure you aren’t the one in the wrong, Alicia?”—

—and the sentence which annoyed her the most, “Well, someday it’ll work out.”

…Ah, those days where I could only bite my lips as I assured myself, ‘I can persevere through this.’… I can finally let go of them…

She wasn’t asking for the son to cut off all ties with his mother, but she dearly wished he’d see the error in his mother’s ways.

Back then, I could only agree with the Queen, saying ‘Indeed, there’s no error in her ways at all’—even though the Queen herself was basically a 100% error…

“Master, I’m sorry, but, as you were staring at the Crown Prince with tearful eyes, do you realize his remark pitched you against that holy woman just now? The battle of Baroness Ally VS Saint Mia has basically begun…”

Brooch-Takkun’s words returned Ally to reality.

The next song had already started in the hall and many people were dancing.

“T, t, that just can’t be! There’s no way other ladies would remain silent at that! W, what about the duke’s family? Oh wait, they don’t have any daughters—then what about the marquis? Or the count? J, just give me a moment!”

“It seems that there’s none.”

Abel uttered as Ally watched the dance floor. Ally noticed how Maximilian skillfully led the daughter of the marquis into a brilliant dance.

…Even though that woman was beautiful and her backing powerful, she had the look of total defeat.

Above Maximilian, Ubel and the grandma spirits whom should be accompanying Geoffrey were present. They must be substituting for the completely exhausted Ibel and the other grandma spirits…

Martin and Stephen joined the dance, while Geoffrey and Chris waited. At the back, Ibel and the fatigued grandma spirits were taking a break.

Uuh, even the skills of the four muscle devas are too excellent…

For a short moment, Ally’s emotions were about to overflow. However, that wasn’t the only thing worth noting—behind her, Stila was surrounded by boys and girls of the same age. She was laughing friendly, although bashfully.

No, no, I have to be on guard, especially when I’m in the social environment…

Ally reminded herself.

Then, she squinted at the boys and girls surrounding Stila. Suffice to say, it was a safe and secure lineup, obviously selected carefully.

I’m a mere baroness, and my main job is to be a maid. The Duke of Radphen is probably just joking around, and it’s not like I want to be his adopted daughter. Until Maximilian meets a woman suitable to become the future queen, I’m prepared to be his cover—but that’s it.

“When it comes to your own self, Master, you sure are being too hard.”

“I share his opinion. Uh-oh, a dangerous person is approaching. Ally, you mustn’t be absent-minded.”

To Abel’s words, Ally looked towards the right side of the hall. There was Emilio, the second prince of the neighboring country, Elbert, approaching her with a smile.

***T/N: Since there’s no mention about Emilio’s drastic change, imma gonna assume he’s a heretic and isn’t muscly, which means… ///yawn, BORING, next–!!!

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