The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

83. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (31)

“Hey, instead of training, you’re doing laundry?”

Jill, whom had been pouring hot water from a metal bucket, sent a quick glance towards the person who appeared beside the stone-paved laundering area, before immediately turning away.

“A while ago, you were also in the training ground, right, Lawrence? Well that answers your question.”

“Oh, did I get found out? I wonder if Zeke-san will be coming. That person is your subordinate, isn’t he?”

Even though she hadn’t clearly stated it, it seemed that he had been looking into her. Thinking so, Jill only shrugged.

“Zeke is training. Shouldn’t that be obvious? He’s an apprentice Dragon Knight, after all.”

“The same goes for you. Generally, women do laundry. But for a girl like you to do it, that’s impressive.”

“In my opinion, be it a girl or a boy, laundry is a necessary skill.”

…Such were the words Lawrence once told her—before her time was rewound, back when she was still enrolled in the military academy.

Lawrence joined her and showed Jill a new soap.

“You better use this. I saw the guy who pushed the laundry chores to you sneakily hide it.”

“Oh, I couldn’t find it no matter what. Thank you very much, it’s a great help.”

“You just readily accept it… don’t you think you’re being mistreated?”

“I’m reluctant to leave my training because it might lead to my movements rusting, but washing is also an important task.”

“Even though you’re the Dragon Empress.”

“That’s just another way of saying that I’m the Dragon Emperor’s wife.”

Lawrence gazed at her for a moment, before smiling and cut off some of the soap using the small knife he had procured from his pocket.

“With this, we can save time and effort. Does that basket contain all of the laundry?”

“You will help me? What about your training, Lawrence?”

“I’m of the logistic support—so this counts as training.”

Jill attempted to stir the inside of the bucket while they were chatting. It had been warm recently, thus the temperature wouldn’t go down. Laundering at such a temperature would damage the fabric.

While waiting, she stretched out to exercise her flexibility. Then, she leaned her back on the trunk of a big tree near the laundering area.

Lawrence then said;

“You know what, my Older Sister is currently in the palace of the King of Kratos—the blood-related father of Princess Faelis and Prince Geraldo.”

She had heard such story from Lawrence himself, back when they were still in the military school.

His Highness the King of Kratos threw most of work to Geraldo and spent most of the year in the southern area of Kratos.

Geraldo held such outrageous behavior in contempt. The king was then nicknamed, ‘The Southern King of Kratos’ in ridicule.

Not to mention, in the town built by said Southern King himself, there was an informal palace full of gold and lust.

Made into a substitute for her mother, Lawrence’s beautiful sister was sold off by her house to the palace of the Southern King.

To rescue his sister from that place, Lawrence became Geraldo’s subordinate.

After learning my real identity, why did he tell me such a story?

Alerted, Jill frowned. Noticing her wariness, Lawrence laughed.

“As I thought, you know something.”


“Usually, after telling my story to someone, I received two types of reactions—are you astonished, or do you feel sorry about my story regarding the Southern King? The answer is, you’re neither. Instead, you intend to uncover my true purpose for divulging said story and have proceeded to wait for my reaction.”

Under the shade of the tree, Lawrence peered closer into her face, as if searching for something.

“…You know about me after all.”

“T, that’s—well, yes, …at Prince Geraldo’s birthday party…”

“I didn’t attend that party. Prince Geraldo also wouldn’t be so careless as to reveal anything about his subordinates to you, whom isn’t even his fiancée. In conclusion, your opportunity to have learned anything about me during your time in Kratos is next to nothing.”

Towards such a conclusion, Jill began to drip with sweat.

Next to nothing, he said… but surely, there is—no, let’s not answer carelessly.

As such, she could only silently receive his words—

—she mustn’t participate in a battle she couldn’t win—

well, that’s also his teaching…

“But, how did you know that I’m a subordinate of Prince Geraldo and not Princess Faelis?”

Lifting her face, she noticed how piercing Lawrence’s gaze was.

“Judging from your face, I’ve said something I shouldn’t?” Said Lawrence.

“You! Your personality is as bad as always!”

‘As always’? Hee… I wonder what that means?”

“Enough already! If you have something to say, just say it!”

“I’m interested in you, who rejected Prince Geraldo’s courtship, and now holds the heart of the Rave Emperor.”

After hearing her blunt reply, suspicion distorted his face.

“…Who would’ve thought that the Emperor prefers little girls.”

“Be it to Prince Geraldo or His Majesty the Rave Emperor, can you stop being rude to them?”

Lawrence’s smile persisted. He kept speaking in roundabout manner.

“Should I explain it to you… alright, then. Following the recent happenings, it can be said that I’m also in touch with Crown Prince Vissel. Within a few days, not only will he reveal the whereabouts of the princess and the emperor, he’lld also ask Georg to surrender—what do you think about this?”

“…If Crown Prince Vissel betrays us, everything will vanish into bubbles…”

“So you doubt your own brother-in-law? I heard that His Majesty the Emperor is on good terms with his brother.”

“Not like I’ve ever meet with Crown Prince Vissel—and above all, I’m on His Majesty’s side.”

She truly wished Visel was their ally.

However, she didn’t think it’d go as according to her wish.

“Since you’re on the side of the Dragon Emperor, aren’t you aware of the possibility that Crown Prince Vissel might betray not just him, but also His Majesty Listeard and Her Majesty Elynsia?”

“I don’t know what will happen in the future—that’s why I choose to stick close to His Majesty in order to ensure nothing happens.”

“Indeed, that’s it. From my observation regarding you, I knew you’d come to that very decision. It’s is part of the reason why I find you interesting.”

Lawrence straightened up and smiled.

Jill also smiled, then, without hesitation, she said what was on her mind—

“—if you agree to become my subordinate, I’m willing to talk.”

Lawrence lazily placed his hand against his mouth.

“…I don’t think I can agree to that.”

“You can’t, right? Then stop snooping around. You have to properly return to Kratos for the sake of your sister, right? Therefore, let’s settle on the notion that I don’t know anything about you.”

After staring into her eyes, Lawrence moved his hand around his mouth.

“…Are you basically saying that you’re letting me go? Even if you don’t, I still feel tickled inside. I never thought I’d be receiving mercy from a child like you.”

“But if you dare lay your fingers on His Majesty, it’s another story, okay?”

Lawrence’s eyes, which seemed strangely preoccupied, narrowed when Jill put him on check.

“…If you’re the fiancée of Prince Geraldo, then there’s room for consideration for your previous proposal. If you accept Prince Geraldo’s courtship, I’m willing to become your subordinate?”

“Absolutely not!”

Seeing her adamant refusal, Lawrence laughed strangely.

“…How unusual, for that prince to be so disliked. But it’d be great to have you back in Kratos—how about becoming my lover, then?”

“Huh? I have to become your lover just so I can acquire you as a subordinate? Even if it’s a joke, I’m unwilling.”

“…I’m indeed joking, but it still hurts being rejected with all your might like that… What’s so good about that Emperor?”

“His cooking is so good!”

Her strong affirmation caused Lawrence to squeeze her cheek—

“…huh, that’s it?”

“Isn’t it already aplenty? Alright, the chat is over. I’ll continue washing again, so please fetch me the basket. It’s not a large amount, so let’s finish it immediately.”

She poked the surface of the water with her fingertips—then, it became lukewarm.

Jill, who was barefoot was waiting. With a dazed face, Lawrence fetched the basket full of laundry—

—then, he became serious.

“…These are all underwear. Men’s underwear.”

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