I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

48. Fifth Go! (3)

“Uncle, Ally is in trouble, please help her.”

Seeing Stila’s cheeks dyed pink, Duke Radphen rolled up his sleeves in an instant.

Stila’s angelic white dress was pretty—the Duke and the Duchess of Radphen both bit their lips at the same time due to her delicate loveliness.

To the men who gathered around Ally, Duke Radphen spoke, full of wisdom.

“As a person who knows Baroness Ally Crunea far better than all of you—let me tell you, words of wisdom; ‘Muscles are justice! Muscles never betray you!’ Therefore, if you want to ask her for a dance, train your muscles to the fullest!”

The men were startled. Amongst them was Ally’s ‘former older brother’—Ally stiffened immediately—

huh, you approached me instead of Saint Mia!?

Compared to those men who were akin to sprouts, the Duke of Radphen appeared tenacious.

Of course, there was also the fact that the Duke’s appearance still hadn’t reach that of Maximilian’s true form (or final form, if seen from the perspective of Saint Mia). Thus, the Duke of Radphen could still blend with ordinary people.

However, in addition to such a blazing little brother of the king, the prince and his entourages—who hadn’t appeared in the social circle until now—had sweltering, muscular bodies.

Therefore, it wasn’t strange for somebody to suddenly interpret that muscle was the new political power.

…In fact, Ally was sure some nobles already believed so.

“For anyone who’s interested, you’re welcome to visit me. I will give you a training schedule that would give you results in about a month.”

The Duke of Rapdhen beckoned a little. Some people left for obvious reasons while others seemed to hesitate.

To Ally’s surprise, her former brother remained. In her past nine lives, not only was he arrogant, his character was basically flawed. However, that time, his atmosphere was a little different.

I mean… it seems like he’s currently under a difficult time? He should be 20-years-old, but he seems weirdly aged…

The second time her time had rewound, she could no longer believe in her family. Starting from the third time, she didn’t even expect anything from them anymore. She had been condemned nine times—to hope that her father, mother, and brother would come save her—she wasn’t that foolish.

“Ally, the prince has encountered Mia, let’s focus on that now.”

“Oh, right, pardon me, Abel. Thanks.”

It seemed that she couldn’t avoid getting entangled with her former family, after all. But for the time being, the priority was Mia. She had to pick up every keyword Mia accidentally leaked.

Acting like a bashful maiden, Mia showed a fascinating smile as she looked up at Maximilian.

…Mia seemed strangely enthusiastic to fix her previous failure.

It appeared that Mia’s plan was for Maximilian to turn red the moment he took in her appearance from top to bottom. Then, it’d conclude with the two of them staring dreamily at each other.

In fact, such was the case in Ally’s previous nine lives. After performing a quick dance with his fiancée, the crown prince rushed to Saint Mia whom was waiting by the wall. Then, he took her hand with a smile.

Afterwards, they’d perform a lovey-dovey dance, as if the two of them were the only ones in the world. Before Alicia, the Duchess, he never once showed such an expression.

“Your Highness… I’ve always wanted to meet you…”

Mia intertwined her fingers in front of her chest as if she was offering a prayer. As such, Mia looked increasingly and fiercely more beautiful—however, the greediness in her eyes wasn’t even subtle.

Maximilian, whom was tall, had broad shoulders, and a masculine body, was clad in a stylish black attire. He lifted his eyebrows a little, before touching his red cravat.

He sighed a little, as if he had noticed Mia’s sly gaze. Then, he held out one hand to lead Mia to the center of the dance floor.

“What a manly hand!”

As the court orchestra started playing a gentle waltz music, Mia used both her hands to wrap Maximilian’s palm.

“So rugged… and so powerful, but it’s also full of scratches. Aren’t you embarrassed of such a coarse hand? My healing power can cure even old wounds. Alright then, without further ado, I shall cast the light magic of the saint—”

“—No need.”

Maximilian dismissed flatly.

After seeing his apparent frown, Mia became completely expressionless.

“For me, it’s an important proof of growth. Lady Mia, although the way you worded it sounded flattering, you shouldn’t forget the time and place. Didn’t anyone tell you it’s a violation of manners to perform unimportant magic in social situations?”

Hearing Maximilian’s unexpected reply, Mia was at lost for words. Her mouth was agape. Her white cheeks turned rosy, while her eyes shone like stars. She truly looked like a clueless, little, animal.

Saint Mia, who looked wonderful and beautiful in any kind of expression, rushed to recreate her adorable smile. Then, she placed her fingertips atop the palm of Maximilian’s hand.

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