The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

82.2 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (30)

After taking a sip and a deep breath, Hadith saw Listeard shrugging.

“I understand… well, not that I fully agree with it, but I understand… it’s about time for me to get back to work.”

Listeard had summoned his own Dragon Knights under the notion of joint training, and he who became in charge of the entire Dragon Knights became busy.

Once the dispute begun in earnest, Listeard would be the vanguard in leading the Dragon Knights.

Suddenly noticing something, Hadith stopped and looked at the lower cabinet.


They were cookies he had intended to give to Jill. There were several kinds of them—chocolate chips, nuts, jams, etc… Listeard, whom was offered said cookies, blinked before accepting them.

“I’ll accept them. It’d have been wonderful if my little sister had been present.”

“I, I see… so she like sweets… but…”

Recalling how terrified that girl once was when she saw him, Hadith shut his mouth.

Immediately opening the bag, Listeard bit the cookie in front of Hadith.

“Frida must’ve been scared.”

Frida was the name of Listeard’s little sister whom remained in the imperial city. She was about seven-years-old.

“It’s not only you, she’s usually terrified of new people and hides on sight.”

“I, I see… is that so…”

“Moreover, back then when you first met her, you were with Father, weren’t you? Not only Frida, but the others would also quake in fear at the sight of him. Not to mention, you’re her older brother—there’s no helping that.”

There’s no helping that—Hadith had always thought so, too.

However, he felt that Listeard’s, ‘there’s no helping that,’ bore different meaning.

Oh, I see… she’s afraid of me—but the reason for her fear isn’t because I’m a monster, but because I’m older than her.

That was why—there’s no helping that.

Those words, which contained no ridicule, went straight to his chest.

 “I see… indeed, there’s no helping it.”

“Oh, the two of you are here! Hadith, Listeard, there’s good news!”

Even Elynsia made an appearance in the kitchen. Listeard sighed.

“…Never would I’ve though the day would come—the day where the Rave royalties would be having a meeting in a barrack’s kitchen… Explain the situation.”

“Was this hand-made by Hadith? My, you have something good with you—give me some.”

“I hadn’t agreed yet, and you’ve already snatched it away, Older Sister…”

“Everyone should have a taste—Hadith, you too.”

Receiving a piece of his own cookies, Hadith felt weird.

They were akin to siblings enjoying idle chit-chat with each other…

“What’s the good news?”

“I got in touch with Vissel.”

That caused a significant reaction to Hadith, who turned around at the mention of his brother’s name. Elynsia nodded meaningfully.

“He’s worried about you. He said that he’s still attempting to convince uncle. If that’s not possible, then at the very least he’ll supply you with information. Listeard, Frida is safe.”

Having been cConcerned about his little sister’s safety all along, Listeard widened his eyes. His expression, which was always grumpy, turned gentle.

“Is that so… I hope she’s not terrified… what about my mother?”

“Everyone of royalty is safe. However, they’re forbidden from contacting others or going outside. Vissel, too, is being monitored by uncle. He may be able to contact us further, but there’s no forcing it.”

“After all, if it becomes known he’s in contact with us, he’ll be in deep water.”

Elynsia nodded to Hadith’s words.

“That’s all. We must keep preparing in secret before settling everything in one go. Vissel’s plan is also similar to that. You two understand what I’m saying, right?”

“I’m against relying on Vissel.”

Before Hadith could nod, Listeard made his point. He grumpily ate his cookies.

“I dislike Vissel about as much as I dislike Hadith—no, more than Hadith, actually.”

“You, are you questioning your own crown prince?”

“I approve of his good status… but, still…”

For some reason, Listeard gazed at Hadith before turning away.

“…Well, we’re in an emergency. We should utilize everything in our discretion.”

“…How good would it be if you can just be straightforward about it. How about you, Hadith, you’re also alright with this, right?”

Hadith nodded, causing Elynsia to laugh and slap his back—it was painful, but not uncomfortable. Hadith still wasn’t accustomed to it.

I wish this moment could last forever…

“I agree.” Rave nodded.

Hadith was still wary about the Goddess, and at the bottom of his stomach there was always that feeling of unrest—

—despite so, at the moment, he just didn’t want to question anything.

***T/N: The red flag has steadily been raised.

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