The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

82.1 His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (30)

As soon as he entered the kitchen within the barracks of the Dragon Knights, Hadith’s half-brother suddenly said;

“I’m no longer against it.”

Having no idea what he meant by that, Hadith started having headache.

Listeard stared bitterly at Hadith’s appearance, but resumed his explanation.

“Your marriage with that child named Jill. I have never acknowledged it before.”

“Whether you acknowledge it or not, nothing will change. Therefore, there’s no need for it.”

Towards such a straightforward remark, Listeard put his fingers on the wrinkle between his eyebrows and paused for a moment.

“…I was mistaken. Now, I’ve acknowledged it.”

Hadith stopped what he was doing and looked at Listeard. To be honest, he didn’t expect that.

“Really? What happened?”

“That child really takes good care of you. To be honest, I’m still shaken—why is the Emperor being taken care by a ten-year-old girl?! …Not to mention, an eight-years-old girl has also appeared…”

“Sounds troublesome, doesn’t it?”

“—and whose fault do you think it is?! …Well, the point is, I’ve acknowledged it. I also need to express my gratitude.”

“For what?”

“You… you really don’t understand, don’t you!? Not only is your wife from Kratos, she also has no backing! Do you think the court is such a warm place that you can survive just through love?!”

“Surely, Jill will prevail.”

“Gununu…” The reason why Listeard couldn’t argue anymore was probably because he had witnessed Jill’s strength.

However, he understood Listeard’s anxiety.

When Hadith though he was being asked to be engaged with that goddess girl, he was truly at loss.

Not only had they come that far, she also kept fostering his expectation of her—

—only for her to suddenly cast him aside like that;

At that moment, it even occurred to him that he’d break that fine neck of hers.

It turned out that he was jumping to conclusions. Jill’s true answer was beyond Hadith’s expectations—

as expected of my wife…!

From inside his mind, an insolent voice could be heard.

“In the end, it’s a good result… however, geez, that Little Miss’ performances really shorten my lifespan…”

“—You’re a god, as if you have lifespan.”

“Oi, we’re still in a conversation.”

After a slight piercing sensation, Hadith regained his full consciousness.

Listeard was frowning.

“Whether or not you can talk to Rave, the Dragon God, I don’t care in the slightest.”

“I also don’t care in the slightest about what you think.”

“—Listen until I’m finished. I want you to stop cutting off whenever you’re talking to someone—it’s rude to the other person. If the Dragon God wants to get involved in the conversation, please relay it to me properly so I can understand.”

“…Oh, I see.”

There seemed to be no objection from Rave, who stayed silent. There was even a sign that Rave was happy for some reason.

Unaware of that, Listeard frowned as he glanced at Hadith from top to bottom.

“I wish you’d behave a little more like an emperor—it’s fine even if only your appearance is emperor-like—yet you failed even that.”

“As of the present, no one is supposed to know that I’m the emperor.”

“—Where else would you find an emperor who works as the head chef of the Dragon Knights?! Not to mention, the dragon empress is currently working hard as an apprentice knight… Guh! To think that my great empire has sunk this low!”

Towards Listeard, who lamented alone, Hadith stayed quiet.

For the time being, although it was merely an appearance, an arrangement of cooperation had been established. They still had time before the army was raised.

As a response to Georg’s inquiry, Elynsia had released a statement to gain time. Her statement strongly criticized the fire. Not only that, she had also contacted the lords, whose territories were the future targets of burning, to warn them. She had also raised supplies and troops.

Thus, Hadith’s whereabouts being discovered at that time would be terrible.

However, Listeard strongly opposed the idea of letting Hadith return to that hideout.

A middle ground was reached.

To hide his identity, Hadith decided to work.

It was a golden opportunity because the number of Dragon Knights had just increased, and not only that, the victims of the burned village also needed a place to stay. Thus, Hadith became a chef.

Again, Listeard strongly opposed the idea. However, Jill dubiously claimed—

“With his cooking skill and good looks, His Majesty might be able to cheat this situation!”

…That was how Hadith became known as a chef who cooked and looked good.

Hadith started from zero—which was to help cook rice, and ascended to the top in an instant. The chef whom had been entrusted with the kitchen of the Dragon Knights for many years suddenly said, “I will leave everything to you, and retire.” In the blink of an eye, Hadith had become the head chef whom was responsible for the dining room.

While stirring a large pot containing that day’s soup, Hadith let Listeard, who looked bitter, taste the dish.

“It’s delicious, isn’t it?”

I know. I’m desperately aware of that! Everyone is excited about today’s lunch menu, isn’t that great!?”

“Then, what are you dissatisfied with?”

“…Nothing. It’s just, I never knew you loved cooking so much.”

“That’s not really the case—well, I do like cooking.”

Listeard was prompting him to just tell him the full story. After tasting and covering the pot, Hadith explained.

“If I stay cooped up in a room, Jill might suspect me.”

“Huh? Of what?”

“Cheating. Jill wouldn’t suspect me of committing adultery if I work here. Besides, there are many eyes. That weak Princess of Kratos also can’t come here.”

“…I see, but…”

“I don’t want Jill to be anxious, because, you know, the other day, she, she… she got jealous of me…”

“…Drink some water.”

A fed-up Listeard offered him a cup of water as his heartrate peaked.


At that moment, it even occurred to him that he’d break that fine neck of hers.

I think this is one of the few yandere passages I can accept throughout my entire life (LOL). Cause’ I can only imagine all those love he had for Jill turning into hate the moment he thought she was throwing him away, plus his hate for that mini Thot who shan’t be named–the intensity must’ve been strong enough for him to contemplate murder.

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