Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

3. Ah, I Forgot to ask for her Name

“Hey, hey, ain’t this a bit better?”
“At any rate, you free? Let’s go together.”
“I-I’d rather not…”

On the way home, for a change of pace, I went through the shopping district. Along the way, I came across a girl in glasses being harassed by a pair of frivolous guys. Her uniform is the one worn by students of my school.

Of the two frivolous guys, one has a pretty good build. Maybe it’s because of him, but everyone passing by continues on without sparing them a glance.

“Let go… please…”
“What’s that? Your voice is too low. I can’t hear you?”
“Let’s go together? Yeah, you’re down.”

That one grabs the glasses girl’s arm and forces her along against her will.

Haa, I can’t ignore this.

“Hey, let her go. She’s against going.”

The eyes of everyone passing by all say, “Is he serious…?

I’m extremely serious. Sure, I might come off as nothing more than some ordinary guy but just like that time I saved kami-sama, my body is moving on its own.

Even I myself consider this disposition difficult, yep.

“Hey, hey, you trying to be a hero?  You stupid brat.”
“If you don’t want to see any pain, then get back.”
“No, no, the ones going to pull back… are you bastards!”

While saying those words, I decide to tackle the power type frivolous guy. I must have landed a clean blow cause he’s sent flying towards a garbage collection point inside an alleyway and disappears. Success!

“Come on!”
Ah, yes!”

I continue with the momentum, grab the glasses girl’s arm, and run. The skinny frivolous guy shouts something as we leave him behind, but ignored ignored.

After running for a bit, we finally come to a park not too far away.
“Are you okay?”
“Ye-Yes… haa, haa, I’m, okay.”

She’s out of breath. In order to escape, I made her run too hard.
“Sorry, are you alright?”
“I-I’m alright… ano, you saved me. Thank you very much.”
“No, no, I’m glad you’re safe.”
Ah, but, really, thank you very much…”
“No, no…”

…I came this far through momentum, but the conversation is stalled. This girl looks bad at speaking and I’m not used to speaking with girls, I’m not. We should split up.

“Well then, this place… That! Your slime keychain, isn’t he the guy from that popular novel!?”
Ah, yes. You know of it?”
“Of course! I missed out on buying the manga and wasn’t able to get my hands on one.”
Ah, I, also have, another pattern of him. I bought, two books.”
Ooh, incredible!”

From there on, an astonishing conversation bursts up. From popular light novels to minor manga, our staggering hobbies suit each other. I knew it, otaku culture is magnificent.

Ah, it’s gotten quite late.”
“Yeah, it has.”

According to the park’s clock, it’s already past 5. Since it still isn’t April yet, the sun has already started to set. I wanted to keep talking a bit more, but it can’t be helped. It’s time to split.

“Want me to see you off?”
“That’s alright. My onee-chan, and friend, seem to be, nearby.”

Megane-san1 mutters such as she checks the screen of her smartphone. I was worried she might get mixed up with those guys again, but if she’s not going to be alone, she should be fine.

Ano… Today truly, was enjoyable. I’d like to talk, with you again.”
“Yeah, I also had fun. Let’s talk again.”
“Yes! Well then, later.”

I leave it with those words and run off in the opposite direction back home.

What a great encounter. Kami-sama, thank you for returning me back to life!

Ah, I forgot to ask for her name.”

I forgot to give her my name too.

Well, it’ll work out? Since we go to the same school, surely, we’ll meet again.

While hearing an ambulance head to the shopping district, I reach the road back to my home.

T/N: For shame, forgetting to give/ask your/her name. Chances are, considering she’s on the cover, they will meet again. Well, that’s just my guess anyway.

<2. A Normal Revival Because of a Blunder
4. You, can Talk!?>

  1. Literally, Glasses-san