Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

8. Comrade!

“Morning Kousuke. Did you hear? About yesterday’s incident.”
“What, didn’t you watch the news? How weak.”

While being teased by Takikawa and Ishida, I’m told about what happened. Apparently, a temple within the city suddenly went up in flames and burned down. Thankfully, only 1 person was hospitalized and no one else was injured.

“Well, that temple is near my house, but I didn’t notice a thing. I didn’t even smell any smoke.”
Fuu, that might have been because of the wind? There were conditions that made it hard for the wind to stick around.”
“I wonder about that. Oh well.”

Ano, Yuuki-kun, can I have a moment?”
Eh, Mizukami-san!?”

All of a sudden, my name is called. When I turn to look, the class committee member, Mizukami-san, is there. I’m shocked. That said, seeing her from up close, she’s even cuter.

“I’d like for you to come to the courtyard afterschool. Is that alright?”
Ah, yes, that’s completely okay!”
“Thank you, until then.”

She leaves with those words and I return to my seat. The girls are all going, “Kyaa kyaa,” and the boys are glaring at me as they cry tears of blood.

“Kousuke… This, you traitooooor——!!”

Takikawa cries out as kicks my shin before fleeing into the hall. That hurt.

“What an idiot.”

Ishida acts the same as usual.

I can’t focus at all on this day’s lessons.

–Diamond of Wrath–

After school, upon heading to the courtyard I see Mizukami-san waiting for me on a bench. Wondering if she came before me, I hurry up to her in a bit of a jog.

“Sorry, Yuuki-kun. Suddenly calling you out like this.”
“No, it’s completely okay. Seriously, not a problem.”

Damn, I’m so tense my vocabulary is shot. What do I do? What am I supposed to say at times like these!?

Ano, your hand, may I hold it?”
“Ye- yesh!”

Upon hearing my answer, Mizukami-san gently grasps my hand. So- so smooth, and soft!

“…Thank you. That, sorry. I seem to have misunderstood.”
Ah, afterwards, didn’t everyone in class really make a fuss? That as well, my bad. There seems to have been a bit of a misunderstanding. I’ll clear this up with them.”
Oh, eh?”
“Well then, see you tomorrow.”

With those words, Mizukami leaves the courtyard. Eh? What the? For some time, I stand there in shock until someone hits my shoulder from behind.


There, with an expression full of pity, is Takikawa. For the time being, I kick him in the shin.

–Diamond of Greed–

Gahaa, where…”
“Kien, have you come to?”

Within one of the rooms of a general hospital within the city, Kien Gouki opens his eyes. Beside him Mitsurugi Yuuen peels an apple with well trained hands.

“Calm down, this is a hospital. Here, eat this and continue resting.”

Kien looks towards the plate of apples presented to him in doubt. All of the apples have been cut up and peeled into resembling rabbits. However, the fact remains that he is hungry. With an annoyed expression, he eats the apples.

“I heard about the situation from the practitioners who were on the scene. About how you engaged a bird shikigami that suddenly appeared and that you seemed to have exhausted your spiritual power.”
Haa, did you come all the way out here from Tokyo just to laugh at me?”
“No, as another head onmyou practitioner, I’m only interested in your opponent. If such an opponent truly exists, the Hinoyama Clan will be troubled.”
Ah, why would there be any trouble?”
“According to a practitioner who was present, that bird type shikigami seems to have resembled a technique of the Mizukami Clan.”
“Yeah, I’m pretty sure there was someone saying something like that.”
“The clan’s family head-sama, when he heard that, visited the Mizukami Clan to request a [match before god].”

Kien involuntary bites down on an apple at the impossible situation. A [match before god], it’s a prestigious ritual utilized by fellow onmyou practitioners to settle problems that might arise between them. In truth, goods are wagered between the two sides and given to the winner.

To summarize the current turmoil, the Mizukami Clan’s revered neko kami was arbitrarily attacked, and the Hinoyama Clan received retaliation. Usually, in such situations, a carefree attitude isn’t the correct answer. That, however, isn’t the reason Kien bit down on the apple.

Gaahaaha! Our clan’s family head-sama, he really can’t be helped!”


Originally, Mitsurugi should have corrected the rude words spoken towards the family head, but he tolerates them. That is because, personally, no one other than he himself is inviting dissatisfaction to the current family head.

“…We, out of the Five Elements, are the most powerful after [Metal]. The Mizukami Clan family head should realize the demerit in refusing our request.”
“Unlike some other family head-sama!”

Mitsurugi quietly releases disparaging remarks into his words.
“Most likely, the Mizukami Clan family head will have no choice but to participate in the match. There will be a clan battle in the near future.”
“You don’t say.”

However, Mitsurugi biggest concern isn’t the ceremonial match itself.
“If, the onmyou practitioner who defeated you is of the Mizukami Clan… that person will certainly appear in this match.”
“This person’s abilities are still unclear, but considering you were somehow defeated with a reconnaissance type shikigami… this match before god might be to our overwhelming disadvantage.”

Kien’s smile deepens despite Mitsurugi’s concern. From it, his joy and expectation at potentially being able to do battle with that shikigami is clear to see.

“…For the time being, the clan battle should be soon. Until then, heal your body.”
“Got it!”

Kien’s cheerful response echoes throughout the hospital ward.

T/N: I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I see the name Ishida, I think of Yamato/Matt from Digimon.

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