I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

54. Fifth Go! (9)

Standing in the center of the dance floor, Emilio wrapped Ally’s hand in his. As his lips distorted into a smile, he landed a kiss on the back of her gloved hand.

“My heart is raging for you. It’s truly interesting. What is it that makes me so enraptured with you? What kind of magic did you use?”

Emilio chuckled as he gazed at Ally. The next song started. Then, Ally slowly lifted her leg—

“I, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!”

Ara, forgive me.”

Since she couldn’t release fighting spirit, she decided to step on Emilio’s toes, instead.

A kiss on the back of the hand was a form of respect, it showed how precious the woman in front of one was.

For a ball like that day’s, it was common to end the dance by saluting each other, “Good job.”

Fu, what an interesting lady. That kind of haughty attitude isn’t bad, either. You just won’t let go of my heart, will you?”

Emilio regained his composure. He just drew closer and closer.

She wanted to complete the dance elegantly, and gorgeously—but this man is just useless.

It’s just ‘that’, isn’t it?

This man wants what is another’s.

She wanted to shake off Emilio’s hand with all her might. Because of how ill she felt, her hand grew sweaty.

She thought that maybe, with a sticky and slimy hand like that, Emilio would retreat. However, despite his rotten personality, the prince was still as graceful as air as he led Ally.

From the corner of the hall, she could feel the penetrating gaze of someone—it was clearly Saint Mia’s.

Ally sneaked a glance at Mia as she danced—

—Mia had the face of a Hannya.

According to the adventure book which Jean read… instead of reading hundreds of paragraphs in order, you can skip and spin the flow of the story at your own discretion. There seemed to be nine men, each with their own respective endings. Their routes and those nine men… if the memories of Duchess Alicia are reliable…

Of course, there was no way to confirm that Saint Mia indeed thought that world was merely a game.

No matter how much of a saint she was, there was no way the entire world would be offered to become her playground.

However, when Ally perceived that demon of hell face on Mia, the ‘Second Prince of the Neighboring Kingdom’ laughing before Ally seemed to be one of those nine men…

Hmm, but, as you can see, even though the Adventure Book may have multiple endings, it’s difficult to proceed through multiple routes at once…

While dancing with Emilio, Ally couldn’t help but miss Maximilian’s presence. No, not because she loved him, but because Emilio’s dance, even though elegant, was also unstable.

He may be tall and dressed like a prince, but his dance wasn’t balanced, perhaps due to his physique.

“Every minute, every second of dancing with Ally is like a dream…”

Ally smiled—well, it’s a nightmare for me.

Oh, by the way, who are you to address me so closely?

Again, she stepped forcefully on his foot.

It huuuurts—!”

Be grateful I didn’t straight up kick you.

While dancing, Emilio’s flatteries flew around.

Through his eyes, it could clearly be seen those words didn’t come from the heart.

Emilio had a complex with Prince Dylan, the first prince of Elbert, whom was too excellent.

By the way, he was loosely related to Maximilian, therefore, he also harbored a complex towards him.

That was why he approached Ally whom Maximilian was interested in.

I wish this person also had muscle training… If you were to spend even a little bit of time in training your muscle, then you might be able to overcome your complex…

The graceful waltz lacked strength—Emilio needed more muscles.

The voices of Takkun and Abel resounded at the same time—

““—we’ve lost you.””

***T/N: Lol, Prince Cuckold, the worst of Asshole Prince(s) Brigade. To get such a rare species of Asshole Prince(s), have my skill leveled up? …That’s honestly scary.

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