I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

49. Fifth Go! (4)

Maximilian is giving off the, ‘Supreme Princely Prince’ vibe—!!! Even if I do a facial reproduction and replace his current face with that of his true form, this is just too much—!!!

Jiiin—Ally felt as if her whole body was pierced.

Well, she had used wind magic. That stated, magic used unbeknownst to others wouldn’t interfere with the flow of the grand ball.

However, using a conspicuous healing magic was a whole different story.

After the first dance, the number of people dancing had increased. In fact, the four muscle devas and their respective fiancées were also dancing.

Thus, Mia’s ‘denseness’ to the atmosphere incited contemptuous glares from all around her.

“That girl just muttered in her heart; ‘What’s happening? Is it a bug?’”

Abel, in the form of black dot stuck on Ally’s tiara, murmured.

“Again, another foreign term… even though that girl speaks the language of this world fluently, does she possess knowledge about a concept that only exist in another world?”

Brooch-Takkun muttered.

“Judging from her emotion… this ‘bug’ she mentioned is some kind of defect? Oh, the Angel of Light has just protected her heart with a barrier. But that girl’s heart is too noisy, I don’t know if that shitty Angel of Light can guard it for long.”

Fuun—the sound of Abel’s snort echoed directly in Ally’s mind.

“Bug, defect… although she may be a saint, it seems that the response she received is unlike her expectation… I wonder if it’s different from the story that girl envisions…”

Maximilian and Mia stood in the middle of the dance floor.

The waltz started.

The two begun to dance gracefully, along with the other ladies and their partners who also debuted that year.

A manly prince and a maiden from another world—it was a sight to behold.

That pairing would surely create a whirlwind in the social world, carrying an entirely different vibe than that of when the prince danced with Baroness Ally.

After all, the King and his wife, as well as the religious organization protected and supported by the Kingdom of Orlandia, placed tremendous expectations on the magnificent ability of Saint Mia.

It seemed that Saint Mia envisioned for all the aristocrats to be attracted to her and fight for her hand in marriage.

During the waltz, Maximilian led Mia. Due to the intensive training, his dance was truly sophisticated.

The entire time, Mia was eager to press her body to him so they’d end up hugging each other. But all Maximilian did was modestly correct her form and guide her elegantly throughout the dance.

Jiiin—Ally felt pierced again.

Indeed, those hellish days of training were worth it.

Mia twisted her head, as if she was frustrated by the dancing couples around her.

I can roughly guess that Mia is annoyed… annoyed because none of the four muscle devas are sneaking glances at her. After all, that girl is also aiming for another ‘route’ at the same time…

Certainly, in Ally’s previous nine lives, the four muscle devas were so entranced with Mia, even during their dances with their respective fiancées, they kept glancing at her.

However, as of the present, the four muscle devas focused solely on their fiancées—as if their partners were the only ones in the world.

She has casted her fascination spell, but to no avail!

Even though Ally had reassured herself—they have that muscle armor so it’ll be fine, she was still nervous in the end.

Thus, Ally exhaled in relief as Maximilian continued to dance with a super cool appearance.


It seemed that Saint Mia envisioned for all the aristocrats to be attracted to her and fight for her hand in marriage.

Just the other day, I’ve read a CN that picked up my interest, cause it seems to stand up against rape (lol it doesn’t), and the title is ‘Being PAPA’d Every Time I Transmigrate’–keep in mind it’s an R-18, so you can roughly guess what ‘PAPA’d’ meant.

That’s how my hate for THOT like Mia reached a whole new height.

The heroine of that novel is basically Mia, she’d get transmigrated (or in a simpler term, ‘fell’) to another world to complete a mission. This mission would range from keeping the ML alive, to destroying the ML and FL’s marriage. And the reason for said mission ranges from barely plausible one to no apparent reason at all but for shit and giggles.

Yeah, but wait, that’s not the worst about it. And that’s also isn’t the main focus of the story.

The main focus of the story is for that loose c*nt of a heroine to sleep with as many men as she could because: 1.) she can.

Even though it basically had nothing to do with the mission, this slut would spread her leg at speed faster than light to every MLs with good looks (gee, sounds very much alike to our THOT over there…) and frickfrack with them. Lemme tell you, bich ain’t loyal, she’d ravage any handsome males who enter her sight with no remorse whatsoever–and I’m not even kidding. She’d spout lies after lies to keep all of them ensnared in her grasp, even though she felt nothing about them and is just using them for sex–

–and of course there’d be repercussions to that. The good ol’ thing called consequence, which is only to be expected because she only think using her vajayjay and never, not even once, think further ahead.

–by frickfracking with those males, she had basically messed up their lives (yeah some of them are engaged, AND SOME OF THEM ARE BLOOD RELATED TO HER!!!) and by openly cheating on them, she had led majority of them into some kind of mental breakdown because her body had passive fascination ability which turn any male into a simp. However, did she take any responsibility regarding that?

–Lol of course not. After all she has the heroine halo, and to her, that world is basically a game, anyway, and those males? They are but tools I could use to fulfil my base urges, thus there’s no need for me to feel even the slightest bit guilty or sorry after basically destroying their lives and leading them to mental breakdown(s).

Even though it isn’t. Even though those males and other charas she had messed up with only have that world. She can die and still get revived, then got transported to another world thru her halo with ease, but those charas she fucked with (both literally and metaphorically) only have one livelihood in that one world–but hoe doesn’t give a shit. As long as my lust is satisfied, that’s all that matters.

Then, once it was proven to be too much (read: lol she just doesn’t wanna deal with the consequences of being a cheating whore), she’d half assedly complete her original purpose (yea that mission, still rmb about it?) and leave that world, ditching those innocent souls she had destroyed in its entirety, and basically leaving destruction on her wake… the actual heroine of that world would always suffer, has her true love snatched away, and be scorned until the end for what she didn’t do, just like Ally.


Therefore I really, really understand Ally’s boiling desire to punch that THOT, who messes around with ppl’s lives as she sees fit. Hell, I’d even put an end to such a THOT.

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