I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

47. Fifth Go! (2)

“—what the hell is this all about!? That lady from a baron family is the villainess!? I mean, that’s not impossible, but isn’t this turn in development too far!?”

The legendary Wind Spirits had picked up Mia’s loud murmur.

“—not only does that Baroness have exceptional magical power, for her to be adopted by the Duke of Radphen…! Rather than a villainess, isn’t she basically the second heroine…!?”

‘Villainess’? …‘Second Heroine’?

The magic of the ancient legendary spirits had basically reached the level of clairvoyance—that’s one hellish hearing skill-! The spirits had meticulously evaded the detection of the angels.

The Angels of Light could be felt drifting around Mia, but the ancient spirits didn’t even flinch.

Because Ally didn’t possess the light element, she couldn’t perceive the Angels of Light, but since her magical prowess experienced a dramatical increase in proportion to her muscle mass, she could somehow pick up on them.

I’m grateful that Mia’s ‘story’ didn’t go as she want, but this has somehow turned into sort of grand magical warfare…

Ally sank into a sea of thought before once again returning her attention to her waltz. Maximilian’s expression seemed cool, but he was doing his best to ensure his every step was in sync with her own. He also took care not to converse with her carelessly.

The aristocrats who only had a meager amount of magical power couldn’t see them, but in the upper part of the hall, there were many ancient legendary spirits along with the five Apostles of Darkness floating to protect their masters.

Mia, whose element was only light and couldn’t use the other four elements at all, must not have been able to discern their figures clearly.

But that Mia’s magical power is damn high, she must be able to at least feel the auras of Maximilian and the other…

…It must be one of the reasons why Mia was so frustrated.

The waltz was about to end soon. Maximilian spun Ally’s body around and finished the dance brilliantly.

After performing a respectful bow, he pressed his lips against the back of Ally’s hand. A big swoon leaked from their surroundings followed by thundering applause—

gaaahhhh…!! Indeed…!! Our performance looks amazing…!!

Not only did Maximilian succeed at his ‘Prince Charming’s Behavior’, Ally also succeeded in provoking Mia.

Ally demanded heaps of praise for she was the one who trained that Overlord Muscle until yesterday, until his performance became that smooth.

…But for some reason, I think he looked cooler when he danced in his Overlord Muscle form…

Ally twisted her neck with a smile on her face—she concluded that due to the extreme fatigue, her eyesight went crazy.

Even though it was already obvious which was cooler—Maximilian in his, ‘The End of the Century’ form, or his, ‘doped-with-spirit-candy’ form…

“—Seriously, what’s with this girl!?!? She’s both the second heroine and the villainess at the same time!!! This is no joke!!!”

Mia sank on the ground.

Even though Mia’s charm was supposed to be her delicate appearance which desired protection, as of the moment, the only word to describe her appearance was, ‘terrifying’.

I still can’t understand what she means by, ‘second heroine’, but it seems that the term, ‘villainess’ is what threatens Mia…

A grand ball and the glorious first dance which adorned the opening of the social season. In her previous nine lives, said ball was used to unveil the engagement between Prince Maximilian and Alicia.

However, by that point, Mia’s fascination spell had already taken effect. As such, Alicia could only be jealous.

Saint Mia gradually stripped Duchess Alicia of her position… first, she started off with snatching Alicia’s first dance with Maximilian…

However, this time, the first dance marked the battle between Saint Mia and Baroness Ally. As according to the words spilled by Saint Mia, as according to the plan, Ally had succeeded in provoking her. The result was immensely helpful.

“So, my next partner is that girl…? Listening to the voices picked up by the Wind Spirit, rather than a Saint, I’m convinced she’s nothing more than a person with a slight brain defect…”

“To always maintain your elegance, that’s your duty as a prince. Since the King and the Queen want Saint Mia to be the Crown Princess, Your Highness must deal with her.”

“Of course, I will fulfill my duties as the crown prince. However, for me, Ally, you’re—”

“Go on, the Saint is waiting.”

When Ally showed him a smile, Maximilian finally turned around. His distinctly fascinating back went towards Saint Mia.

The reason why he danced his first dance with a baroness was because the Duke of Radphen had recommended him to do so. From there on, he’d have to fulfil his duties as a prince, and dance with the appointed ladies one after another.

As Ally exited the dance floor, countless curiosities struck her.

After all, Ally was but a baroness slighted by both Mia and the King, who only won the first dance with the prince through the support of Duke of Radphen.

As long as she could fulfil her aim—which was to make Mia regret, it was already aplenty!

As she thought so, suddenly, the nobles—some of them ladies—all but gathered around her, and offered their hands one by one—

Eh? What’s happening?

“It is as Takkun and I said—you’ll be flooded with dance offers, Ally.”

“Isn’t it obvious? What’s to be surprised about?”

Takkun, who was stuck on her chest as a brooch, and Abel, who manifested as a dark blot, that mimicked a black diamond on Ally’s tiara, laughed at the same time.

Despite wanting to see the dance between Maximilian and Mia, Ally secretly felt her heart swell.

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