I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

44. Fourth Go! (6)

One thing was certain—

—Saint Mia’s aim wasn’t merely to form a reverse harem.

Ally clenched her fist.

Mia should still be unaware to the change in relation between Maximilian and the Duke of Radphen.

She wanted to fascinate the crown prince, and even sought to entice his relative, whom was his rival in succeeding the throne. In other words, her aim was either to become the Crown Princess, or a Duchess—paths which would never be compatible with one another.

Maybe Mia was trying to seize various possibilities? If that girl’s goal was ‘position’, it was only natural to think that the path would branch somewhere…

In her mind, Ally pictured the ‘Adventure Book’ her younger brother Jean loved to read.

The book itself was designed so that the development and the ending of the story would change depending on the reader’s choices. That book gave the feeling of immersion not in reading, but through playing.

The story would be divided into a number of paragraphs with each paragraph numbered.

The reader didn’t need to read it in order from the beginning, but rather focus on what the end of the paragraph said—which would usually be ‘…proceed to 3.’, ‘this option leads to 7.’, leading to multiple outcomes.

That way, the direction of the story could branch into various directions—Jean was truly absorbed by said book.

The book was a little expensive, but her grandparents, whom were lenient to their grandson, bought it as a celebration for Jean turning into ‘a half adult’—which was his tenth birthday. By the way, a male was considered an adult in Orlandia when they reached the age of 20, while the female was 18.

…So, Mia absolutely thinks she’s the heroine?

At the moment, that girl is trying to unlock multiple endings, just like in the Adventure Book’s system…

Perhaps to Mia, her life in the Kingdom of Orlandia was simply a game. After all, her life surely was convenient, and all men worshipped her feet at the drop of a hat. Not to mention, there was also that cheat healing magic of hers which basically overrode the concept of life and death.

Thinking so, anger, confusion, fear, and impatience welled up from the bottom of her stomach. A shiver went up her spine.

In the Adventure Book, no matter which route you choose, there’s an event that she’ll miss. Well, depending on the way the story progresses, of course there’d be a slight change, but…

Ally also read the Adventure Book because Jean recommended it to her very much—and indeed, it was interesting to play with.

The speculation that Saint Mia treat her life in Orlandia Kingdom as some kind of Adventure Book shouldn’t be too farfetched…

…At the big ball next month, she’ll surely stage a grandiose appearance for herself. Considering the execution of the Duchess Alicia from the perspective of the Adventure Book, she may also appear rather early…

Ally didn’t guard her mind, therefore her thoughts should’ve reached Black Dot-Abel and Brooch-Takkun. However, she couldn’t hear their voices—am I becoming befuddled?

Maximilian, Duke Radphen, Geoffrey, Martin, Stephen, Chris, Duke Grants, my former older brother, also the First and the Second Princes of the neighboring kingdom, Elbert…

She thought about the faces of those men whom had been successfully seduced by Saint Mia over her past nine lives. There were a lot of other influential figures such as His Highness the King and the Prime Minister, but considering Mia’s bias towards outward appearance, there should only be a few people she was targeting.

But this life is different from the previous nine ones. This world didn’t go as Mia expected.

There was no Duchess Alicia for Mia to convict and execute over false reasons.

Mia’s remark about how the Duchess’ route won’t open, or how the Duke of Radphen won’t adopt her… if that girl thought this is a real life edition of Adventure Book, she would have muttered something every time things didn’t go as expected…

“Ally, you’re thinking of provoking Mia, right?”

“Master, the part where I’m pinned to is hot—is your body burning?”

Towards Abel and Takkun’s telepathic remarks, Ally nodded.

Saint Mia has potent healing magic, but she’s not that bright. Whenever there’s an abrupt change with the development she thinks would happen, I think she’ll make some kind of remark. If we listened to them closely, we might figure something out. Since Lady Stila’s personal safety has been secured, I’ve decided to go out of my way.

Ally looked up proudly and stared at Maximilian and the Duke of Radphen whom were conversing with each other while Stila was between them.

“Hm?” they both looked at her. “What is it, Ally?”

“Your Highness, may I have a say? It’s fine if you decide to deduct it from my salary, but I want to make another dress. I want to wear a crimson dress which will match Your Highness’ cravat.”

When Ally said so, Maximilian’s thick eyebrows rose a little—he looked… happy.

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