Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

29. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (2)

Eventually, the chief of the ceremony began to sweat coldly as wrinkles appeared between His Majesty the Emperor’s eyebrows.

‘This is bad!’—was probably what she thought.

Many people of the royal palace still believed that Gaizel was a dreadful emperor.

To change the atmosphere, Tistye cheerfully asked Gaizel.

“Which gem do you recommend, Your Majesty?”

“…The one who’ll be wearing it is you. You should choose whichever you like.”

Letting out a heavy sigh, the chief further stretched his body.

Certainly, Gaizel’s profile gave an impression that he wasn’t the slightest bit interested in selecting the jewels. No wonder it felt intimidating.

However, in reality, he almost spilled, “If you want to use all the jewels for your tiara, I’m also fine with that.”

Therefore, I mustn’t leave this task to His Majesty…

Giving up upon asking for his advice, Tistye looked over the jewels one by one. Seeing one of them, Tistye paused.

“Umm, will this one be alright for the tiara?”

“! Yes, yes of course. This is a gem called ‘Levanite’.”

Tistye was thrilled—that was the first she had ever heard of levanite. In the description, an illustration of a deep, bluish, violet stone could be seen. It wasn’t as sparkly as the others. It could be said to be relatively plain compared to the other glittering jewels.

However, Tistye couldn’t help but be drawn by the profound and mysterious atmosphere of the stone. Above all—

“—It’s an ore that can only be found in the Eastern city of Levalia, it symbolizes the, ‘Night of Levalia’.”

“The, ‘Night of Levalia’…”

Indeed, it was exactly as its symbolism implied. The stone bore the color of the starry sky after the sun had long set. Gaizel looked over the gem Tistye had chosen.

Then, he asked, slightly lifting his brow.

“…Are you sure? There may be more gorgeous colors.”

“Yes, I am alright with this one.”

Envisioning a real levanite, which she had never beheld before, Tistye smiled happily.

“…Because this color resembles that of Your Majesty’s eyes, which I love…”

After the chief of the ceremony heard that, he became surprised before smiling.

Tistye regained some awareness and suddenly turned to Gaizel.

The person in question, Gaizel, was neither glaring nor showing disdain. He had merely lowered his face, and covered his hand over it.

Then, the voice of his heart rapidly flowed into her.

“Okay. Calm down. I mustn’t misinterpret it. She said she loves the color of my eyes, not me. Even if so, I’m really happy. But, the color of my eyes… is there anyone who chooses gemstones based on such a cute standard? Well, there’s one right in front of me. If she had chosen the most expensive one, or even all the jewels, the damage wouldn’t have been this big… I didn’t expect to be suddenly hit from such an angle…”

‘Suddenly hit’—? What does he mean by that—?

Not to mention, the voice of his heart was rapid.

She wondered if he was sick, therefore she asked Gaizel in concern.

“Y, Your Majesty, what do you think?”

“—didn’t I tell you to choose whatever you want?”

After finally removing his hand, Gaizel revealed his face again. He showed a calm expression as usual. However, his cheeks were flushed, then, as if to put up some form of distraction, he turned to the chief of the ceremony.

“Arrange for this stone, then.”

“Understood. It’ll arrive in about two weeks. I’ll be the one to transport it here. At that time, please confirm the actual item again.”

As the chief of the ceremony proceeded wisely, he compiled the documents that had been spread across the desk. The documents detailing levanite was placed on top. The chief then left the room in a cheerful mood.

After only the two of them were left in the room, Tistye exhaled.

“I can still hardly believe it… a wedding ceremony…”

“Before, we’re always in the middle of something.”

It was an unexpected change for Tistye who had been shoveling snow in front of a mountain hut in Isiris until just a month ago. However, it was honestly fun to discuss the suspended ceremony.

In addition, recently, she had been able to spend time with Gaizel whom had been busy. It was also a small privilege granted by the wedding.

“Your Majesty, you’ve been busy lately, are you okay?”

“No problem. What about you? Are you not overdoing it?”

“I’m alright, everyone treats me well.”

After Gaizel was dismissed from the seat of the emperor, the servants of the mansion had also all been fired. However, after Gaizel’s triumphant return, he had succeeded in recruiting them again. As such, Tistye felt at ease.

Of course, Lizzy was included amongst those servants. She took care of Tistye even more than before.

“Then, that’s fine—more importantly…”

Gaizel grabbed Tistye’s wrist, before drawing her palm towards him. Then, he drew it closer to his face, before kissing it. Gaizel’s hot exhalation could be felt on her palm. Tistye’s shoulders trembled.

Seeing her reaction, Gaizel grinned.

“When it’s only the two of us, I told you to call me ‘Gaizel’, didn’t I?”

“I, I’m sorry, Lord Gaizel…”

Towards Gaizel’s sudden turn in mood, Tistye’s face grew hot.

He pulled her even closer, his fingertips gently touching her chin.

“I’ve been missing you.”

“M, me too…”

“—I see.”

Gaizel covered Tistye’s lips, preventing her from saying anything more. With her hands on Gaizel’s chest, Tistye desperately responded to the kiss. Eventually, Gaizel pulled back, sighing with a flushed face.

***T/N: Will be making a change, you guys, it turns out that the chief of the ceremony is a male.

Aight, now that we’re entering second arc, these are a few things which I think will end up becoming a problem if they stay as they are, now that we have 40 chapters ahead of us. The other problems will be expanded throughout the chapters.

It’s mainly the characterization… *cough* Tistye *cough*

Let me start by saying that Gaizel is a well-fleshed character. We know his motivation, we know his anxiety, we know his skill and which area he is poor at, we know his fear and disdain of turning into someone just like his father, and even small tidbits like how he enjoys bath. Compare him to Tistye’s characterization, and you get what I mean.

Tistye… Tistye is just …there. She’s the heroine but in term of personality, nothing particularly stood out about her. She got 1.) interesting ability and 2.) a sad living environment growing up but that’s it. Afterwards, they are mostly treated as mere plot devices for Tistye to get closer with Gaizel instead of properly adding nuance to her own character. You would expect someone who is treated like shit almost her entire life and still come out of it a kind, demure, pure girl to have a lot to teach us readers; like how did she retain hope as she’s cooped up in that tower, is there truly no one in her own kingdom who is her ally, what did she tell herself during the bleakest day of her life if she truly has no one, etc.–but nah, most of the time, I got an impression as if Tistye and her past; what builds her as a person, are two separate matters. Meanwhile her ability is mostly just there to prevent her from having contrived misunderstandings and drama with Gaizel.

Her character is a cookie cutter of a passive (i dont wanna be a nuisance!), kind, low self esteem and goody two shoes mainstream shoujo FL back in my elementary school day, all her responses are predictable, and is in Gaizel’s favor. It won’t pose much of a problem–if this story ends at first arc.

But now that we’re getting 40 more chapters, I don’t think it’s wrong for me to expect for the author to expand more on Tistye.

As of now, I get an impression as if Tistye’s existence is solely made for Gaizel–of course, not in a good sense. At least to me, she feels like this… this being for Gaizel to smother with love rather than an actual character. Her will, activity, and purpose revolve around Gaizel, and when he isn’t around, there’s almost nothing going on with her life, she, she is just there waiting for him to return again to resume the fluff while making some tidbits remarks about her surroundings. Of course there were times when she’s goes out of her way, but those were extreme cases, and not to mention, contrived.

I’m hoping for development. I’m hoping that Tistye will grow out of being a one-pattern girl whose 98% response to Gaizel’s advances is blushing. …Like, one example: imagine after months and months of being married and intimate to your husband, you still can’t even refer to his name properly (lol even in her mind, Tistye refers to Gaizel as ‘His Majesty’…) during the beginning of the story, sure, it’s cute, it establishes Tistye’s purity …but at this point in time? There’s got to be something wrong with her. Sure, one could argue that maybe she is accustomed to that way of referring him, but she also know how much Gaizel wants her to call him ‘Gaizel’, right? It’s at the very beginning of the story!

Sorry not sorry lol, overly pure girl like this just don’t do it for me. IMHO a character can be passionate and reciprocate someone’s advance instead of just plain ‘h-hazukashi!!! *mind went blank,*’ and still be considered pure.

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