I am a Duchess who has Rewound Nine Times, but my Tenth Life Seems to be a Reward Mode Translation

43. Fourth Go! (5)

“—If my uncle adopted Stila, I’d be relieved in many ways. My four older sisters are already married to other kingdoms while my father and mother are… well… If I could have any say in this, I think Stila staying with my uncle would be the safest option.”

Maximilian’s words, spoken out of calmness, were also sensible—thus, Ally found it extremely disconcerting.

Sure enough, the four muscle devas buzzed, “That’s right!” “Great idea!”—

—Ally could feel her spine tensing up.

“—Well, if you’re willing to give your consent, I’ll adopt Stila-chan and amend the law regarding her becoming the future queen. I’m no longer interested in the throne.”

The Duke of Radphen responded with a sly look.

“—I’m just kidding. But the prospect of adopting Stila-chan sounds five million times better than adopting a certain lady who supposedly came from a different world. Setting aside the feud that may arise from the succession of the throne, I will cherish Stila-chan from the bottom of my heart.”

While holding Stila, the words, ‘lady who supposedly came from a different world’ were released by the Duke of Radphen. The words entered Ally’s ears from right to left, circling around and around.

The Duke of Radphen has met Mia!?

“Uncle, have you met Jasper Haven’s adopted daughter, Lady Mia?”

Maximilian said the exact question Ally had in mind.

“I have.” Answered the Duke of Radphen as casual as he could get—

“—or rather, I’ve been witnessing the miracles that girl has created. Doesn’t the hospital building supposedly seal off magic? But the seal didn’t at all affect Mia Haven who used her healing magic to cure all the nobles in that hospital. I wonder what kind of power she truly possesses—all I know is that when I passed through it, I felt sick.”

Duke Radphen distorted his mouth. Stila looked around with a confused face.

“This is a confidential information—the head of the religious organization, the King, and the Queen have been summoned. Because there are several hospital staff members who keep their children there, reports regarding the event have become widespread. They’re now making a big fuss about the, ‘Descent of the Saint’. I only caught a glimpse of that woman’s face and I could already feel a disgusting aura emitting from her.”

“Those damned Angels of Light went hardcore, indeed. Either this Mia is being annoying or this is just the way she is, what a flashy attempt to make her debut as a saint! Now that those Angels of Light have released a higher amount of magic than normal to offset the magic seal, their faces should be turning blue…”

Abel murmured inside Ally’s mind.

Using telepathy, Brooch-Takkun asked, “So, it’s possible for an Angel of Light to cast magic that can bypass a magical seal?”

Abel answered in a rather loud voice.

“It should be impossible for just anyone—which means, an archangel has descended.”

The Duke of Radphen continued to speak in utter astonishment.

“Ain’t that girl a sly one… because of her unprecedented power, the bald King has been won over because his hair has miraculously grown back. The same also applies to the Queen whose wrinkles vanished without a trace. The higher-ups of the religious organization quickly acknowledge that lady as a saint and are now attempting to spread the power of their organization to the entire world.”

“…The lady who fell from another world was immediately acknowledged as a saint just like that… does that mean my statement of opinion was of no use?”

From the body of Maximilian, fighting spirit swelled out.

Duke Radphen continued, “When I was observing the commotion, that Mia kid was staring intently at me. I caught some of her murmurings—‘Why won’t the Duchess route unlock?’, ‘By this point, shouldn’t he be eager to turn me into his adopted daughter?’ I thought she had a screw loose and returned home immediately.”

“‘The Duchess route’? —the hell is that? More importantly, she also wants to be adopted by uncle even though she has already been adopted by Jasper?”

“Who knows what she meant. She seems like an ambitious girl accustomed to ascending the ladder, so I wonder if she’s trying to step-up her position. I was sick of her frequent blinking, so I decided to visit this noisy place, instead.”

Ally felt a chill and attentively listened to the whole conversation.

A super flashy appearance of a Saint… she was trying to debut through force… it was indeed different from Ally’s previous nine lives.

Mia’s failure to entice the Duke of Radphen—which seemed to have been caused by his muscle armor, was also unprecedented.

There were also the foreign words Mia had leaked… ‘The Duchess route’.

Route… basically, path? …And, ‘unlock’? In other words, Mia already understood which path she should take and was attempting to unlock said path…

Even Ally, who recalled her previous nine lives, couldn’t do that.

In her former lives, she was always tossed around before getting swept away.

However, the same couldn’t be said about Mia whom was a true saint.

Realizing the extent of Mia’s terrifying power, Ally felt goosebumps all over her body.

***T/N: Ain’t this story where the actual character of the game tryin to resist the cruelty of the heroine///player kinda rare hahaha. When you play a game in such a retarded way the characters start plotting again you… as expected of Miathot.

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