Reincarnating Into a Different World... Ain’t This! Translation

2. A Normal Revival Because of a Blunder

When I thought I had transmigrated to another world, I was in a morgue. How did this happen?

That’s when I feel a discomfort among my toes. I look and discover a tag. Aren’t those given to people identified as corpses? However, nothing was written on it.

As I rip it off… [My bad, right. This one blundered again. Wait there a bit longer for this one,] becomes written on it.

Instead of another world, isn’t this just a normal revival in my world?

Kami-sama… I even said to be careful.”

For now, I wait as instructed by kami-sama.

–A Diamond–

The whole day passes before I’m able to safely return home.

After my conversation with kami-sama, a whole bunch of police officers rushed into the room, I was dressed into formal clothing, I was taken to an award ceremony at the police station, and was bombarded with questions by reporters and the news media.

Apparently, my situation is one where I’m a super high school student who captured an atrocious villain. I don’t get what that means.

Ah, a letter has arrived.”

The sender is kami-sama.

[My bad, right. This one blundered and gave your honorable self a normal revival. For consistency, this one made it so that your honorable self never died. Furthermore, the situation of your honorable self is one where your honorable self was unable to attend the opening ceremony due to overcoming an assault from an atrocious villain. Truly, this one’s apologies, right. Now, while this isn’t an apology, your honorable self’s cheat ability is still the same. While this isn’t another word, this one hopes your honorable self will be healthy, right.]

Well, I’m grateful at being able to keep my cheat ability. Also, I would have missed my family and friends, so it’s not like transmigrating to another world was wholly problem free.

“For now, I suppose I should get ready for school the day after tomorrow.”

The opening ceremony was on Friday. Today is Saturday. Since I couldn’t make the opening ceremony, I’ll take Monday with the fighting spirit that was meant for it instead.

–Another diamond–

Etto, I’m Yuuki Kousuke. A pleasure to meet you all.”

It’s the first day of school. Since I couldn’t attend the opening ceremony’s guidance, I introduce myself alone at the podium. It’s totally nerve wracking.

“That’s the super high school student?”
“Amazing, he’s the person I saw on TV yesterday.”
“The criminal he caught apparently looked like a pro-wrestler.”
“Not to mention he was armed? He easily took down a guy like that.”

I’ve been the center of gossip during each break. This is even continuing now during the lunch break. Yet, no one has talked to me.

“This is… uncomfortable.”

Since this high school is combined with a middle school, half of the student population moved up from the middle school. Because of that, groups with strong ties have already been established. The other half of the student population is like me; we are external students who took the school entrance exam. Although they haven’t made any connections yet either, they’re staying cautious. No one approaches me.

Because of kami-sama’s excessive consistency, I’m instantly falling at top speed into the solitude route.

“Yuki-ku—n, you he—re?”

Right when I was thinking that, someone suddenly calls out for me. I turn around and see that a splendidly shaved head, The Delinquent-kun, is looking for me.

“Kasai-san calling, b—ut which Yuki-kun?”

Everyone’s gaze… gathers on me. The delinquent too notices.

“It- it’s me.”
I hesitantly raise my hand.

“Come with me fo a bit?”

The head shaved delinquent takes me behind the gymnasium.

–Third Diamond–

My knees are trembling, and a cold sweat won’t stop flowing.

Hanging out behind the gymnasium are 10 delinquents. The leader-ish person, a delinquent with spiky hair, talks to me.

“I’m Kasai Souji. Are you Yuki?”
“You caught an atrocious villain, that true?”

Sc-scary. His height, he’s gigantic, about a head taller than me. While I’m 160 cm tall, he’s about 180 cm.

“How’d you catch him? Wasn’t he a ridiculously ripped guy who even killed a bear barehanded? I also heard he had a gun?”

Kami-samaaa! Just want kinda monster did you have me take down!?

“A-about that, I don’t remember it too clearly. By the time I noticed, I seemed to have already stopped him…”

Back when I was being questioned by the media, I was able to get by with that.

“For the time being, there’s no doubt you took him down?”

“Th-that’s how it is…”

Out of nowhere, my collar’s grabbed. Wait a, my feet aren’t touching the ground, my feet aren’t touching the ground! What kinda brute strength is this!?

“Souji! The heck are you doing!?”

Suddenly, a girl with short red hair approaches.

Who’s this?

“Akari? Why’d you come for?”
“Don’t you, ‘why’d you come for,’ me! Dragging a new student outside against his will, what are you trying to do!?”

Somehow or another, she seems to know him. Even the surrounding delinquents seem to acknowledge her. They quietly watch their exchange.

“Shaddup, I get it. I’m letting go, letting go. I thought he did it, but it seems to have been a misunderstanding.”

In an instant, he looks down on me and releases my collar. I’m being held up off the ground, but I expertly don’t nail my landing and instead fall over.

What a mess.

In the end, Kasai, the spiky haired delinquent, clicks his tongue and returns to the school building, taking his fellow delinquent-in-arms with him. For now, I’m saved.

“You, are you alright?”
Ah, yeah. Thank you very much for saving me.”
“No worries. More importantly, sorry for the trouble that guy caused you.”

So kind. Not to mention, super cute. Who is this person, an idol? Her features are astonishingly well arranged.

“Honest, he’s a good guy. I’ll severely tell him off later, so could you let him off on my account?”
Ah, sure.”

Too cute, an agreement slipped out. Either way, I won’t forgive him!

To begin with, how is he a good guy? He isn’t just not good, he’s a delinquent. And not just that, he has a girl this cute covering for him. I’m so jealous! How overwhelmingly infuriating!

“Thanks, shall we head back? I’ll see you to your classroom.”

–The Final CounDiamond–

The red haired beauty seems to be called Tsukino Akari-san. We have a light conversation as we return to the classroom. Upon arriving, my classmates rush over.

“Yuki-kun, it seems that Kasai-kun called you out, but are you alright?”
“Wait, you came back with Akari-san just now? What kind of relationship do you two have!?”

The beautiful, black haired, committee chairman bombards me with questions. Afterwards, after talking with me for a bit, they all seem to realize I’m an ordinary person and I’m able to make some friends.

All in all, I was able get to know my classmates because the spiky haired delinquent called me out.

Kuh… it can’t be helped. I suppose I’ll let you off.

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