Only I can Return After the Class Transfer Translation

42. Hypocrisy

Meguru: “Yeah, I knew. I saw you hiding in the shadows of a building and distributing them… But, Yukinari-kun was passing things on his own.”
Yukinari: “Ahaha…did you think that I was being extorted for food or something?”

Meguru-san shakes her head after hearing my response. Was that not it?

Meguru: “That, I thought that Yukinari-kun was trying to start a relationship with girls… at least from what I saw.”

Ah, Meguru-san must have thought I was a terrible guy as she watched. Well, with my being backwards compatible, she might have thought I had become disgruntled.

Meguru: “But all Yukinari-kun did was give sweets without really ogling anyone at all, and you gave sweets out to the boys as well… so I figured I was wrong…”
Yukinari: “Yeah, I’m not just giving it to girls. I just felt… guilty. I was trying to find a way to do something without jeopardizing my own position.”

I might come off as arrogant to some people. I might even be told off as a hypocrite giving out charity from a high place in order to feed my sense of superiority. However, I want to avoid revealing the fact that only I can return and from being driven out of the group. Otherwise, I won’t be able to help Shigenobu and everyone else in the class. This is the limit of what I can do.

Yukinari: “We’re going off-topic. Afterwards… everyone in the battle group refused listen to my opinions. Even Shigenobu, the representative of the base group, couldn’t do anything about it.”

As such, I gave up. Probably, it was when Taniizumi burned the teacher. We were all taught who our real leader in this community is. We can only stop Taniizumi and the others by force.

Yet with the abilities we were given, we can’t reach the hands or feet of Taniizumi and the others. A transfer that takes five minutes to activate is only useful as a surprise attack. Wouldn’t attacking Taniizumi while he’s asleep be different from challenging his control Taniizumi? Just killing him would be wrong.

Taniizumi’s actions so far haven’t been anything commendable, but nobody has died. In that sense, it proves that he’s capable. Saying he has taken up leadership wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

In a survival situation like this, we’ve been fighting mamono for three weeks without a single casualty. Taniizumi and the others really are familiar with games. Just a little more… really, just a little more and we’ll be able to free everyone in the base group from these rigid circumstances. 

Yukinari: “After that, it’s as Meguru-san knows. I lied about my expansion ability being able to order items from Japan and was actually buying them in Japan.”

Really… looking back, it was just me self-centeredly protecting myself. I feel dizzy with guilt.

Yukinari: “This is the true me. That’s why… Meguru-san. I don’t have the right to accept your confession.”

I didn’t expect it to be revealed so soon. With this, I’ll be completely isolated. Even Shigenobu might scorn me. If I said I had no regrets… although it’d be a lie, there are none. After hearing my story to the end, Meguru-san closes her eyes and shakes her head.

Meguru: “No… you’re wrong. You’re wrong, Yukinari-kun.”
Yukinari: “About what?”

Meguru-san opens her eyes slowly and stares at me with a strong will.

Meguru: “On the first day, Yukinari-kun was ridiculed as being backwards compatible because of me. Otsuka-san hit you with such unbelievable strength… you couldn’t say anything even if you wanted to. Not only that, with your secret being that only you can return to Japan… it wouldn’t have been strange even if you were killed.”
Yukinari: “Even so, I should have said something.”
Meguru: “Well… maybe. But, didn’t you reject me when I confessed?

My rejection. Looking back on how I’ve distributed sweets, surely someone like that has the right to accept a confession. But I can return to Japan. Having kept it a secret, and limiting myself to just passing out candy, I can’t accept Meguru-san’s confession.

Meguru: “If Yukinari-kun had accepted my confession… yeah, I might have scorned you. But didn’t you hate having to keep your ability to return to Japan secret?”

That’s… true. To be honest, I was afraid of being scorned. Even though I had been granted the great power of transporting, I couldn’t tell the truth to Shigenobu who had been my longtime friend out of fear of being hated.

There were so many things we could have done if I had told the truth. We’d have been able to get an inexhaustible supply of weapons and food as long as we had points. Though it would all have been due to point conversion, my expansion ability.

Meguru: “Neither Shigenobu-kun and Hagisawa-kun know or think about Yukinari-kun’s expansion ability. If you had been exposed, you wouldn’t be here. Even if you were to escape death, you’d be being exploited as everyone’s slave in order to… obtain food and items from Japan. Furthermore, Taniizumi-kun and the others wouldn’t have let you raise your Lv.”

If that had happened, there would have been no point conversion either… we’d have had to cut into our savings. I might have even been more on guard than I am now. And taking my personality into account, I might not have returned at all to this world.

Meguru: “Even once our money ran out, the demands would increase… everyone would probably tell you to shoplift or something. That’s… wrong. Wouldn’t Yukinari-kun just be a slave to everyone?”
Yukinari: “I might have been able to get a different result… in the end I was just a bystander.”
Meguru: “If everyone had acted calmly, it wouldn’t have turned out this way. It’s not just Yukinari-kun’s fault.”

…Meguru-san won’t budge an inch.

Meguru: “Anyway, I understand… the reason Yukinari-kun was so nice to everyone.”
Yukinari: “…Yeah.”

So, don’t direct any more goodwill towards me. I’m not brave like you, I’m just a cowardly bystander.

Meguru: “Yukinari-kun… about this, sorry about questioning you so closely. But you weren’t there, and I was terrified.”

It would certainly be scary for someone who had existed until now to vanish without a trace.

…Japan and the other world. It hurts my heart that I can only be recognized in one or the other. With all my coming and going, there are times when I ask myself… whether I really exist or not. Not just Shigenobu and the others, but my parents too, they forget about my existence during those times. As I thought that, Meguru-san smiles and points at me as if to threaten me.

Meguru: “Well, Yukinari-kun. I’ll confess again once we return to Japan, so if you want me to keep quiet about this, will you consider it?”
Yukinari: “Yes?”

What is Meguru-san saying!? Even after learning the truth she still wants to date me? Is something wrong in her head? Is that it? Nightingale syndrome? Nah, maybe Stockholm syndrome. After sharing in my secret, she’s gone crazy. No doubt about it!

Meguru: “Ah, somehow I’m sure that you’re critically analyzing me!”
Yukinari: “What? No?”
Meguru: You absolutely are. I know, Yukinari-kun is the type to do that!”

Meguru-san responds indignantly as I shake my head in confusion. Even if you give me such a terrible label… No, well, hiding the fact that I could return to Japan does make me somewhat of a terrible guy though.

Meguru: “Hey, Yukinari-kun. If you could return to Japan, you’d normally abandon everyone, right? That’s why, even if you’re just helping everyone out of curiosity, I think it’s much better than doing nothing.”
Yukinari: “H-huh…”
Meguru: “As they say, acting in hypocrisy is better than refraining from acting virtuous. You were doing what you could for everyone. For you to claim total responsibility for everything, I think that right there is arrogance.”

Meguru-san points sharply at me.

Meguru: “Don’t be so conceited. Did this all happen because Yukinari-kun did nothing? No, even if you alone had done something, it wouldn’t have changed much. Your ability, just being able to return to Japan, isn’t that already as amazing as the combat power of Taniizumi-kun and the others?”
Yukinari: “Yeah, but…”
Meguru: “It’s because nobody strongly objected Taniizumi-kun. I’ll distain those who’ll blame Yukinari-kun for everything. Then, once everyone calms down, they’ll understand.”

Meguru-san puts her hand on my cheek.

Meguru: “There are far more people who don’t do anything even if they can. But Yukinari-kun was doing what you could to support everyone. Blaming yourself for that is wrong.”

Meguru-san laughs pleasantly, having answered as she liked.

Meguru: “As for me, in a situation where the battle group is monitoring everyone, even if the base group could fight, revealing you can transfer would be bad, right? To the people of the battle group who wouldn’t be accepting of our uprising, you’re able to transfer for us.”
Yukinari: “No, that’s kind of irrational…”
Meguru: “That’s right. It might be irrational. But stop that self-derision. I’ve known what kind of person Yukinari-kun is since before the transfer. Others have called you Shigenobu-kun’s servant and what not, but when it comes to it, you’re a kind person who’ll protect him no matter what, right?”
Yukinari: “Ah, that’s because I’d be troubled if Shigenobu were to be defeated….”

When I recall it properly though, I’m almost overwhelmed by guilt. I’m probably using Shigenobu in a good way.

Meguru: “No. When we were all fighting our first mamono, you took the initiative in protecting me. Also, whenever we challenged the unknown, you were always in front… that’s why I respect you. Your ability has nothing to do with that, right?”
Yukinari: “…”

Since it was natural to me, I never really noticed. But Meguru-san has always been earnestly watching what I did.

Meguru: “I’ve known this time since before this all happened? That still hasn’t changed now, or rather… I knew that you were hiding something. Yukinari-kun wasn’t like his usual self.”
Yukinari: “My usual?”
Meguru: “Yeah. How should I put it? You’re always cursing while doing anything. That… Yukinari-kun is someone I like as well. It’s human after all.”

Seeing her honest feelings makes me happy. And… with her accepting what I had hidden, the pain in my chest eases. 

Meguru: “Anyway, since I’ve already found out what Yukinari-kun was hiding, don’t worry about it anymore.”

Meguru-san’s smile somehow makes my heart beat strongly.

Meguru: “If we’re able to triumph over Taniizumi-kun and the others, please tell Minori, Shigenobu-kun, and Hagisawa-kun about this. Aren’t they companions who have been with you through thick and thin? You’re not alone, and if Yukinari-kun is chased out of the class, Shigenobu and I will absolutely stay with you.”
Yukinari: “…Yeah. Thank you.”
Meguru: “Well Yukinari-kun, once more, nice to meet you?”

Like this, you can say that Meguru-san holds my weakness… we pleasantly share a secret.


Cheat sheet

Yukinari Hanebashi:
1) Teleport objects /Self to Earth
2) Point/yen conversion. (Tells others it’s a shopping catalogue)
3) Remote viewing
4) Bestowal transfer
boxing gloves, strawberry wallaby medal, kangaroo knight medal
Kangaroo Punching Glove +10 | Effect : Dynamic Vision Up | Wind Punch | Wild Sense
Instant Expansion Ability : Kangaroo Step | Boxer

Meguru Hiyama:
1) Teleportation
2) Clairvoyance
3) Material transfer (uses pillars of light)
4) Transfer to the other world
Metal turtle sword

Minori Himeno: Has a polite/formal way of speaking
1) Healing/recover mana
2) Charge with mana
3) Repair (doesn’t fix missing pieces/chips)
4) Item box
Kitchen knife (item box?)

Shigenobu Sakaede
1) Black Smith
2) Mining Correction
3) Equipment Strengthening

Dai Hagisawa
1) Craft things
2) Identify
3) Trade

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