Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

36. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (9)

Night came and Tistye’s concern still hadn’t left her.

What should I do… should I go to the master bedroom today?

At dinner, Gaizel hadn’t yet returned to his mansion. After confirming with the butler, it seemed that Gaizel intended upon returning after having eaten at the royal palace.

It’s not like he has any business at home, he also didn’t promise that.

But she still wished that Gaizel would return. After all, she wanted to spend more time with him, even if was only a bit.

However, if she were to go to the master bedroom even though he hadn’t called for her—it would seem as if she was expecting something.

Tistye shook her head to dismiss the intrusive thoughts.

Not that I’m expecting anything in particular—no, that’s not the main problem here!

There was another reason why she wanted to see Gaizel.

It was regarding that afternoon—Gaizel had always stared at Tistye, but today something felt off. It was as if Gaizel had a momentary loss of consciousness.

That was why, either she’d go to the master bedroom or quietly wait for him in the morning.

As Tistye groaned, Lizzy visited her room to help her change for the night.

Lizzy witnessed Tistye wandering around the room while clutching her head. Her eyes widened as if she had just come into contact with a rare beast.

“Your Majesty!? What’s wrong!?”

“Sorry, Lizzy! I was thinking for a bit…”

Having been noticed, Tistye decided to reveal her troubles to Lizzy. It could be said that Lizzy was her only female acquaintance.

Lizzy was only tense during the beginning, but by the end of it her gaze became distant.

Realizing that, Tistye became anxious. “Huh?”

“I, it would be problematic if I go to His Majesty’s room, right?”

After venting, Tistye stared at Lizzy seriously as she awaited her judgement.

Lizzy nodded several times with her eyelids closed, then grasped Tistye’s hand with both fists carefully.

“—Let’s go.”


“Let’s go! Now! To the master bedroom! Come on!”

“Eh? Eh?”

Lizzy opened the closet, starting to choose clothes more enthusiastically than before.

Tistye wore a night dress with delicate lace edging and sat in front of the mirror stand.

Lizzy spoke in a soft voice, whilst combing Tistye’s silver hair.

“There’s no need for Your Majesty to worry about such thing. I’m sure His Majesty will be very pleased.”

“I, is that so?”

“Aren’t you a couple? Then please have courage!”

“Y, yes…”

After applying plenty of rose water to her skin, Lizzy asked if Tistye needed to be escorted to the master bedroom.

However, Lizzy’s shift would be ending soon. Tistye declined, saying it was fine. Of course, she was also embarrassed.

Lizzy gave her some encouragement.

Yosh!” Tistye determinedly went to the master bedroom.

Inside the room filled with quiet air, she could feel the pride of being in the lord of the kingdom’s room.

Sitting on the same sofa as last time, Tistye exhaled deeply to calm her mind.

I’ll wait for a moment, and if it gets too late, I’ll withdraw…

She didn’t intent on bothering Gaizel.

Since she didn’t intent to stay for long, Tistye didn’t bring a book. Thus, she looked around the room.

Then, the sound of a door unlocking could suddenly be heard. Tistye was so surprised she jumped to the floor.

Soon after, the door to the master bedroom opened and Gaizel entered. But when he noticed Tistye inside, his eyes widened.


“I, I’m sorry! Y, you haven’t called for me, but I really want to see Your Majesty…”

Gaizel was stunned for a while, but as he listened to Tistye, he began to relax.

After he had approached her, he easily lifted her sideways.

Towards Tistye, whom was upset, Gaizel smiled happily.

“How rare for you to come visit me.”

“I, I thought I would be a nuisance…”

“How could it be considered a nuisance for a wife to visit her shared bedroom?”

Gaizel gently laid her on the bed covered with a plain sheet and kissed her.

As their lips separated, their gazes were locked together.

At that moment, Gaizel’s eyes glimmered mysteriously.

Gaizel quietly narrowed his eyes. Tistye wondered if he was anxious of something. At the same time, he put his hand on Tistye’s shoulder.

“How beautiful…”

“Y, Your Majesty?”

“Silver hair, blue eyes…”

Tistye couldn’t believe what she heard.

It wasn’t the voice of his heart—but his actual voice spoken directly out of his mouth.

What did His Majesty suddenly say!?

Certainly, Gaizel had previously expressed his feelings—but only a few times.

It was a very rare experience. After that, he’d stop talking to her for a while.

However, the current Gaizel whispered sweet words to her without any hesitation.

Aside from Tistye whom was confused by what was going on, Gaizel suddenly professed his love.

“I love you.”


Tistye realized she was being pressed against the bed and was completely covered by Gaizel.

Due to the dimness of the room, Gaizel’s good features and dark eyes exuded violent sex appeal.

I, I’m prepared, b, but this is just…

Tistye remembered the previous night. Although the situation was similar, Gaizel pulled himself back as Randi had suggested.

If so, she wondered if he wouldn’t let her overdo herself again.

However, betraying Tistye’s thought, Gaizel leaned in and claimed her lips.

Instead of his usual gentleness, the kiss of a hungry beast, one that messed with Tistye’s mind.


What she said:

“Let’s go! Now! To the master bedroom! Come on!”

What I read: “You! Are doing such a bad job! With moving the plot! Due to your passiveness! That I have to! Act as a plot device to move the story forward! Otherwise! Nothing will happen!”

I’m noticing a pattern here–Lizzy and Van are there to move the story slash Tistye x Gaizel’s relationship forward majority of the time, while Randi is there to stop their relationship from going beyond a certain threshold–there, I’ve just summed up everything that is there to their characters up until this point lol.

…Seriously, Tistye, you’re losing me here, girl… how are you still behaving this way even though supposedly, you’ve gone through thin and thick with him? Does the Author want us to pretend all those developments in the first arc never happened and just nod along with second arc? You know sth is wrong with a story if someone like me, who praised this couple to high heaven up until last week, starts questioning that very couple.

…I think the Author insists upon keeping this couple’s–and above all, Tistye’s purity. I got a feeling the Author wanna write Tistye’s extreme meekness as a flaw that actually isn’t a flaw at all, but sth that makes her endearing. We are supposed to look at her incessant “purity” and be like UwU she’s so puuuure, kawaiiii…

…No, Author. It annoys me instead. Even though Tistye have been kissed by, confessed by, and listens to Gaizel’s yearning for her on a daily basis, how much he wanted her and all that, she still somehow can think of herself as a potential nuisance? How do you explain that Author? It honestly come off as an insult to Gaizel’s feelings at this point.

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