The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

88. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (36)

Prior to joining the Northern Division, both Camila and Zeke were mercenaries. Therefore, each of them had some experience in traveling. Jill herself didn’t like camping or night patrols because they were the enemy of her skin, but since she was used to it, there was a degree of comfort.

“Not only is it a great moment, the food is also delicious~ isn’t His Majesty too awesome~”

He was able to instantly identify which plants were edible, combine the seasonings he had brought with him, and also picked out some weeds that’d be delicious if cooked. In fact, he was able to do it with ease…

“Zeke, you’re retiring early? Wait, Lawrence, you too?”

“I can’t keep my eyes open…”

The person recommended by Jill laughed. Fumu, Camila nodded—it actually wasn’t that strange for a person to still be awake at that hour. In fact, Listeard’s subordinates were chatting a small distance away.

Zeke, who twisted a branch and threw it into the campfire, turned back.

“How about the tents of Captain and the other?”

Haddy is keeping watch at the door while Sauté is sleeping with me.”

“…That’s, what’s that? A chicken? …How strange.” Said Lawrence.

A fire was good for warding off beasts, but the smoke could give away their location. Therefore, the tents were set away from the fire and located in secluded places between the trees.

However, Lawrence’s concern was only reasonable—not only was a cute teddy bear guarding the tent, there was also a chicken sleeping inside it.

Being honest, Haddy counted as a trap, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. After all, he wasn’t on her side yet.

“Both are the important charms of Jill-chan, received from His Majesty~” Said Camila.

“If that’s the case, you’re supposed to hug it as you sleep… and, it seems that Her Majesty the Dragon Princess also raising a chicken…” Said Lawrence.

“Say no more. I mean, the chicken’s name already says a lot. By the way, of course its godmother is Captain.” Said Zeke.

Lawrence wisely followed Zeke’s words and gently looked away.

“She’s quite an interesting person… on the other hand, I have about two to three plans towards how we should carry on for the night…”

“Stop counting them.”

“There’s no need for that~ I’m keeping watch so nothing will happen. I do hope this night will pass without any incidents~”

“It’s unclear whether this whole thing is a trap or not.” Said Lawrence.

By intending to perform a search, the person in question had affirmed the possibility of a trap.

“Even if it’s a trap, Crown Prince Vissel might not even be an ally in the first place. Georg may have overlooked him because Vissel was on his side all along. There are many possibilities, I can’t help but think about them. Well, either way, isn’t this actually the best method?”

Best method? You can say that even though His Majesty is here~?”

Lawrence picked up one of the branches he had collected for the fire and drew a square on the ground.

“Let’s assume that it is indeed a trap. Suppose you left this matter to both His Majesty Listeard and Her Majesty Elynsia. If such is the case, then even I can enter Noitral while posing as an ally.”

“… That sucks. We’d get destroyed from the inside.”

“Now, put the Emperor in the equation. Since we consist of a small number, they’ll try to seize the Emperor. After all, their original purpose has always been one—to capture the Emperor. Once the Emperor is captured, His Majesty Listeard and Her Majesty Elynsia will have no choice but to surrender. Then, there’d be no one else who would fight for the Emperor—well, except for the Dragon Princess.”

Camila didn’t deny his ruthless assertions. Zeke listened attentively.

“It seems that the Emperor himself is aware of this truth, hence why he decided to come out. It’s the best, and not to mention, fastest method to detect traps and minimize damage; an eye-opener.”

“The same goes for you~”

“Did the Dragon Empress say anything about me?”

“I was told to ensure your proper return to Kratos because you have an older sister~”

Being told straightforwardly by Camila, Lawrence blinked and then smiled.

“…I got found out. But, seriously?”

“In the first place, is it safe for you to remain here? What about your sister? How is she?” Said Zeke.

Camila was grateful for Zeke’s denseness when it came to such times.

Lawrence replied—he didn’t seem upset in the slightest.

“Her letter has arrived—she said she’s doing fine and there’s no need for me to worry. It seems that the Southern King isn’t interested in my sister as of now.”

As of now? Then, is she in the rear palace?”

“There are mountains of beautiful men and women in that palace. My Sister’s birthplace throws the King into bad mood, I think. Also, the Southern King is currently interested in a young boy.”

Zeke stuck his tongue out.

“That’s just—… how to say it, it doesn’t sound like your sister will be noticed soon.”

“The way you put it sounds optimistic. Back in Kratos, there were a lot of people telling me to give up.”

“Well, they can say that because it’s none of their business~”

Lawrence laughed and began to write something on the ground. Camila who looked at it blinked. Zeke narrowed his eyes.


With his free hand, Lawrence placed his index finger in front of his lips. It was a signal to keep silent. Then, the raised finger was directed to the sky.

Zeke and Camila trained their eyes to the sky.

Camila, whose weapon was a bow, had good eyes. After the fire’s smoke had vanished, she was the first person to notice a glow in the night sky.

A Dragon Knight…! Furthermore, he’s riding a Red Dragon!? Could it be, another of the Rave royal family’s Dragon Knights!?

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