Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

35. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (8)

The butlers and the servants who heard the commotion apologized for turning a blind eye to it.

Tistye and the others moved to the drawing room.

Across Tistye and Gaizel who sat next to each other on a sofa was an exhausted Van. He seemed depressed.

“Actually… I don’t really know. I remember returning here to protect Lady Tistye as per Your Majesty’s order…”

Van explained that after leaving the drawing room, he headed for the treasury in the royal palace.

He clearly remembered returning and greeting the servants after confirming the safekeeping of the jewel with the chief of the ceremony.

“Suddenly, I felt as if my heard was enveloped in a mist. I thought I couldn’t meet the First Empress in such a situation and tried to turn back… however, when I was about to leave, I encountered Lady Tistye in the corridor. Iimmediately, I felt as if I have met my destined person and lost control of myself—Your Majesty? Umm, your gaze is scary…”

“…I see.”

Listening to Van’s testimony, Tistye pondered.

In the morning, there was nothing amiss with Van. It was natural to think that something had happened on his way from the royal palace.

His Majesty mentioned something about a spell… but, should we immediately jump to a conclusion?

A spell—something also commonly known as magic.

A mysterious power which surpassed human intelligence. With magic, someone could create fire and wind from nothing—and even manipulate the hearts of people.

She had heard rumors of such ‘magicians’ on the continent far from Verscia, but she never actually met one.

Eventually, Van bowed deeply towards Tistye.

“I’ve scared Her Majesty the Empress, I’m truly sorry…”

“T, there’s no need to bow! There’s no way you could’ve known…”

“Lady Tistye…”

Gaizel, who had a piercing atmosphere, seriously stared at Van whom was shedding emotional tears full of excitement.


“Y, yes?”

“If you truly intent upon snatching Tistye away, inform me first. We shall then commence a duel.”

“As I’ve said, you’re mistaken!”

Watching the two argue with a bitter smile, Tistye reviewed the new information.

From the royal palace, Van was on the way to the mansion…

If something bad was truly brewing, the location was too close to Tistye and Gaizel. She experienced indescribable anxiety. However, Tistye gently pressed her hand against her chest to calm herself.

Three days after Van’s confusion.

Tistye came to the drawing room after being contacted by the chief of the ceremony. Gaizel was also present that day, he said his work had lessened.

On the other side of the sofa was the chief of ceremony. On the table were several pieces of materials and a familiar box. The box containing levanite…

“Pardon the lateness, but here are the designs for the tiara.”

“Wow…! Everything looks nice…!”

All of the designs emphasized the beauty of the levanite. There was a tiara imitating a royal crown, a thin tiara with small diamonds lining the main body, and also one with a drop-shaped crystal on the forehead.

After seeing at them, Gaizel also held his breath.

[“I see… I haven’t really cared about a women’s accessories until now, but when I think that Tistye is the one who’s going to wear one, they all look precious… well, whichever gets chosen, it’ll still pale in comparison to Tistye’s natural cuteness.”]

In His Majesty’s head, I wonder how I look like…

To prevent the emperor from feeling embarrassed and upset, Tistye worked calmly and carefully examined the designs.

Eventually, after choosing a design, the chief of ceremony suddenly recalled;

“Speaking of which, His Majesty hasn’t seen it yet, right?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking of this—the actual levanite.”

As she said so, the chief opened the lid of the box.

Just as before, the gem gave off a dazzling blow as if insisting upon its existence.

Gaizel, whom usually didn’t show any interest in jewelry, may had been surprised. He kept gazing at it.

“This… is certainly amazing.”

“I agree. Her Majesty has good tastes.”

In face of the chief’s prominent laughter, Gaizel was still gazing at the levanite in earnest.

Tistye also smiled at the sight of his deep blue eyes meeting the gem of same color.

But it was really beautiful… just like His Majesty’s eyes…

Eventually, after discussing the details of the design she had chosen, the chief left the reception room politely bearing the lavenite.

Once the two were alone, Tistye asked Gaizel.

“Does Your Majesty still have work left?”

“Yes, but it’ll soon be finished.”

“T, then you will return early today?”


Tistye smiled like blooming flower. Towards such an easy to understand Tistye, Gaizel couldn’t hold back his laughter. Tistye followed Gaizel to the door as he stood back to get back to work.

Then, Gaizel, whom was about to touch the doorknob, suddenly turned to Tistye. He silently but intensely gazed at her.


She couldn’t hear the voice of his heart.

Tistye smiled, wondering if he’d soon return to work. While Gaizel seemed to be contemplating something, Tistye inhaled a little.

Was it just her or were Gaizel’s eyes, which were akin to a deep sea swaying like blue flames just now?

Tistye, who couldn’t stand the silence, called out to Gaizel.

“Your Majesty? Are you alright?”

“—! N, no, it’s nothing.”

Gaizel shook his head, as if repelling something. Several times, he strongly opened and closed his eyelids.

After fondly patting Tistye’s head, he said, “I’ll be going.” He walked with firm steps to the entrance hall.

His Majesty seems a little different from usual…?

As she stared at his back, Tistye felt anxious about something.

***T/N: …OK so instead of expanding the little knowledge we have about Verscia, its people, and tradition, which we barely knew about and is actually necessary to know, the next conflict came straight out of la la land–magic, the topic that has never been touched upon in the slightest in the first arc, and doesn’t feel at all that important.

Since Tistye is likely going to be the first and only Empress, I’m kinda hoping the conflict is related to court intrigue to develop her more, you know, if she truly wanna support Gaizel and be a worthy partner to stand beside him and all. But maybe the Author wants to be anti mainstream and opted to this, instead. …I’ll just be positive…

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