Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

34. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (7)

After a lesson and tea time in the afternoon, Tistye stared outside a window as the sun started to tilt.

The edges of the faraway mountains were reddish gold, while the light entering the room was somewhat warm.

His Majesty should be returning soon…

Tistye’s gaze returned to the book in her hands before immediately glancing at the window again. Tistye hurriedly dropped her gaze onto the page, but raised her face to every single small noise. Eventually, Tistye sighed as if she had given up.

No good, I can’t concentrate no matter what…

There was no helping it. Tistye closed the book and casted it aside before immediately standing up. Leaving the room, she went to the entrance hall on the first floor where Gaizel would first arrive.

Then she spotted Van whom was walking there from across the hallway on the second floor. Perhaps he came to guard Tistye.

“Van, hasn’t His Majesty returned yet?”

“…Not yet.”

Tistye leaned over in response to a somewhat cloudy Van.

Feeling that his gait was somewhat unstable, Tistye gently ran up to him.

“Are you alright? Are you feeling sick somewhere?”



Van lifted his face, his silvery blue eyes gazed at Tistye. His usual casualness wasn’t there—his expression was intense, as if standing before his lover.

Tistye felt the smoldering heat behind Van’s eyes and was attacked by the horrifying sensation of fear.

Van… is not behaving like his usual self? …This feeling…

She couldn’t hear the voice of his heart, but she could feel his obviously disturbed emotions. Towards the hallucinations-like noise, Tistye steadily retreated step by step.

Then, pursuing Tisyte, Van narrowed the distance.

“I’m, sorry… but, I…”


As Tistye asked back, Van shook his head strongly. When he lifted his face again, his expression morphed into a pained one, one almost at the brim of tears.

Van repeatedly said, “This isn’t right, this isn’t right…” as he grabbed Tistye’s shoulders. As it was, she was driven to the wall of the corridor, hidden from sight. Not to mention, it was impossible for Tistye to move.

“No, I don’t want to betray His Majesty…”

“Van! Get a grip on yourself! What happened to you!?”

“Tistye, I, towards you…”

However, the words remained unfinished as a blade appeared from his side.


The edge of the blade gently attacked Van’s throat. The two immediately shifted their attention.

When Tistye raised her face, Gaizel stood behind Van. His face was horrifying, like a messenger of hell.

While still rigid, Van also turned around.

The sharp blade was still on his carotid artery. Van couldn’t let his guard down for even a moment.

Maintaining that position, Gaizel gently opened his mouth.

“Tistye, come here.”

Slipping under the side of Van as instructed, Tistye hid behind Gaizel’s back. Van kept his arms up and kneeled to express surrender.

Gaizel lifted his sword and pointed it to Van.

“Slowly turn around. Make any suspicious movements and I’ll cut you down.”

Perceiving his life crisis wasn’t over, Van turned around while subtly trembling.

Then, Gaizel stretched his long leg to restrict Van’s movements. Gaizel’s foot was beside Van, entrapping him near the wall.

It was like a romantic scene between a woman and a man often found in novels. However, if there was the slightest of mistakes, let alone the wall, the man would also be destroyed.

“—Van Altranza.”


“If you have an explanation, I’ll listen?”

The voice of Gaizel, who tilted his head, was cold. His intimidation would even cause the innocent to plead guilty.

Shortly after Tistye opened her mouth to stop him, Van stared at Gaizel and confessed.

“I’m in love with her…!”


“I will definitely make her happy, that’s why—”


The unfamiliar sound caused Tistye to jump. It was as if Yenzie had invaded again.

However, the sound of destruction came from right in front of her. It occurred right next to Van’s face and the cause was none other than Gaizel’s fist.

Gaizel laughed as he stared at Van, crushing the material of the wall.

Tistye once again realized no matter how beautiful his face was, he was really scary when angry.

“I understand. Then let us duel.”

“Ah, I, I…”

Van listened to the sound of falling stones.

Did he finally lose himself in fear?

He suddenly fell down.

As Gaizel pulled out his fist from the wall, Tistye rushed to him.

“Um, Your Majesty, it isn’t like—”

“—I understand, you want to say Van isn’t being himself?”

“S, so you understand?”

“That guy is very good at remaining professional. He isn’t one to confuse public and private matters. Therefore, it’s very unlikely for him to address you as, ‘Tistye’.”

“N, now that you mention it…”

Surely, if it was Van, he would always refer to her formally. Ever since their first meeting, he had always call her, ‘Her Majesty’.

Tistye was once again impressed by Gaizel’s insight. He could notice such trivialities right away.

“…Then, what happened to him just now?”

“…Well, it’s probably some kind of spell—but it’s surprisingly easy to solve.”

If it wasn’t dispelled, what would Van’s fate be?

Tistye became slightly anxious.

Gaizel knelt down before shaking Van’s shoulders. With his head being swung back and forth several times, he finally opened his eyelids. Unlike before, his gaze was focused.

“F, forgive me!! I, what have I done!!”

“Are you awake?”

“I’m terribly sorry…! I’m willing to redeem this sin with my life…!”

“No need for that—just tell me what exactly happened.”

Gaizel’s words caused Van to be silent. At the same time, he also seemed relieved.

***T/N: Since a while ago, I realized that Tisyte is your dutiful wife 101, who spends her entire day waiting for her husband to come home and make sammich while at it.

Like, back before the incident with Luxen and all that stuff happened, that’s what she’s been doing–waiting for her man to come home. Then, after she and Gaizel got stuck in that Isiris village, the only thing that changed about that routine of her is the LOCATION. Now, she’s back to assuming the same routine again lmao.

A peaceful, slow, married couple life isn’t exactly what I’d expect from an Emperor X Empress pairing but OK.

The most apparent good thing that comes from this story is the bare minimum misunderstanding dramaplot happening due to Tistye’s special ability–but I think the Author kinda shot herself in the knee regarding that.

Sure, too much misunderstandings spoil the broth, but sometimes, it’s exactly those jealousy and misunderstanding that lead to proper, healthy, communications. But Gaizel is too good of a man, while Tistye can mindread her man–so there’s little to no chance of those happening.

At the same time, I also got the impression that the Author thinks Tistye’s special ability constitutes proper communication between the two… it doesn’t, actually.

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