The Kingdom of Everlasting Night and the Last Ball Translation

22.3 From That Point Onward: The Servant of Meal and the Beloved Child

“I’ve decided to entrust you to the King of Evening Meal.”

His mother told him that hundreds of years ago.

Dilvier, who controlled the quality of enjoyment in the dawn, never thought he’d become the servant of one of the Midnight Thrones—not to mention, the servant of someone who governed food?

Amongst the Midnight Thrones, there were the Spirit of Death, the Spirit of Despair, the Spirit of Loneliness, the Spirit of Tranquility—

—and any of them would’ve been more suitable for Dilvier.

Despite so, the fairy queen of twilight sent Dilvier to the castle of a king who governed food.

The king accepted Dilvier, and added, ‘food is also part of enjoyment.’

…When I first came to this castle, I was puzzled as to why I had to peel the scarlet winter potatoes overnight, but…

Although he was upset the king made him peel potatoes all night long, he soon got used to such a life. Now, Dia had come, too.

The spirits of the Midnight Throne were by no means peaceful creatures, but Dilvier, who began to live in that castle, was never unhappy.

Said mother who gave him such a life was now looking forward to seeing Dia—it was such a mysterious turn of events.

Dilvier smiled with satisfaction as he stared at Dia who was munching on her skewered meat.

Who would’ve thought that Lord Noin’s shackle of love would actually bare fruit?

To Dilvier, Dia was his one and only beloved child.

If she was welcomed in the family circle, would that make her his sister, or a daughter?

Fortunately, Dilvier’s love for that child was that of a parent’s.

It would be ridiculous if he grew attached to her like a lover, just like his sisters—he was secretly relieved.

He wanted her to be happy.

He wanted his one and only Master and Dia to be happy forever.

Fortunately, even today too, was heartwarming.

“Mugu, by the way. Today, a night dew fairy with a beard said he’d let me pet a Mukmugris if I went to his mansion to play.”

“Alright, tomorrow, I shall eliminate him.” Said Noin.

“…Why is there suddenly an elimination in tomorrow’s schedule?” Said Dia.

“Alright, listen, Dia, when a fairy invites the opposite sex to his mansion or room, it’s a form of courtship—don’t ever approach him again.”


“Lady DiIa, let me take you to the West Forest on your next vacation. I heard there’s a family of Mukmugris there.”

“O, okay!”

“Oi, why are you inviting her first?”

“Because I’m her rightful guardian?”

Dilvier smiled while Noin cursed.

What I should be most grateful about is the fact that my mother let me meet with Lord Noin which led to this…

When asked whose vassal he would rather be amongst the Midnight Throne ever since he came to live there, Dilvier’s first answer would always be the King of Evening Meal.

He was once an impudent fairy, one who dared neglect the king’s deal with a man of Fashitar for the recipe of liquor—despite so, he still taught him lots of things. Dilvier was never bored.

Of course, there were things Dilvier couldn’t accept about him, but such was the king.

“…Dilvier, I’ll make the sauce.”

“What happened, so suddenly? After this, there may be some important work.”

“My, what kind of sauce would you make?”

“Seeing these skewered meats has inspired me. I want to develop a rich sauce that makes use of the sweetness of fruit.”

“…Lord Noin, it’s fine to make sauce, but please consider the time. Today, we have a meeting with the King of the Midnight Throne.”

“It can wait.”

“Lord Noin—!?”

Dilvier tried to follow his master who suddenly stood up and teleported somewhere.

Dia gently touched Dilvier’s arm, as if she cared.

“…Um, should we try to convince Noin together?”

 “No, this is one of his habits, so I’m used to dealing with it. Also, I saw you reaching for a second skewer just now.”

“T, this isn’t what looks like…”

Dilvier sighed at Dia who rushed to retract her hand and gently stroked her head.

Then, Dia stilled and blinked her eyes as if she was at a loss. However, her mouth squirmed in joy and relief.

I love my precious child who choose to love what I love.

Such was the fairy’s selfish way of thinking.

However, as a fairy who had long been regarded as the closest neighbor of human beings, and who had seen many tragic consequences, Dilvier could say that proudly.

For example, she, whom was considered a stranger of Fashitar, could be considered a terrifying and mysterious threat.

However, those people who easily broke their promises and still wished for grace—those were the true mysterious and threatening ones.

Especially considering the fact that they were of different races.

They didn’t usually overlap with each other, and they also rarely connected as a loop.

Appreciating such a rare fortune, Dilvier smiled at his beloved child—his important family.

“Lady Dia, we’ll place the guest who seems to have arrive without prior notice here. I’ll bring Lord Noin back, so please wait a moment. Let’s brew tea slowly after sending him to his office.”

“Yes! Fuaa, that fluffy brother-in-law…!”

He must had come to say hello.

After excusing herself, Dia lifted the fluffy black spirit from the floor and put him on the chair next to her.

Although it looked like a ball of fur, it was one of the spirits of the royal family of the Midnight Throne.

In addition, he had been concerned about Noin, whom had been single for many years. Thus, he loved his sister-in-law, Dia.

While thinking how rude it was that no one escorted him there, Dilvier picked up the remaining pieces of skewered meat and turned on his heels.

Alright then, from now on, it’s the usual task of bringing back the Lord who’s absorbed in developing new recipe.



He wanted her to be happy.

He wanted his one and only Master and Dia to be happy forever.

*broke into a muffled sobs* Me too, Dilvier, me too…

I love the way the story conclude, it gave off a feeling rather than ending, their everyday lives would just continue onward. This couple, Dia and Noin (lol Jillreid is meh) shall forever live in my heart…

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