Translation Your Majesty, the Voice of Your Heart is Leaking!

30. The Wedding Ceremony is Challenging (3)

“The truth is, I want to return home more often.”

“I understand that we’re currently in a crucial time, therefore, please don’t worry about me.”


Tistye intended to give a resolute answer, but for some reason, Gaizel’s expression became blank. She tilted her head. Then, the voice of his heart echoed, at a quieter volume than usual.

[“I’m glad that you understand my job… I see, am I the only one who’s feeling lonely? I really want her to say, ‘I miss you.’. or ‘Please return home.’ Well, the current Tistye is already kind enough, therefore I’m just being greedy, to be honest…”]

Upon hearing that, Tistye’s breath halted.

That’s, I want to say those words, too, but I’m not allowed to be selfish…

She knew Gaizel was busy, he barely had any time to return home or even sleep. That was why Tistye put up with the loneliness. It was part of her duty to ensure he had a good night’s rest.

However, it turned out Gaizel was lonely as well. The voice of the heart was the feelings that he had been repressing.

…But it wasn’t like she could take back what she had just said.

Eventually, Gaizel’s hand dropped from Tistye’s chin. Tistye reflexively held his hand. Suddenly, before Gaizel, whose eyes went wide, Tistye opened her mouth. Her face turned beet red.

“L, Lord Gaizel!”

“W, what?”

“P, please close your eyes!”

“A, alright…”

After blinking a few times, Gaizel quietly followed Tistye’s instructions.

His long eyelashes fluttered down and his freezing blue eyes were hidden.

T, this time for sure!

She slowly leaned forward.

By doing that, Gaizel’s well-organized appearance came closer and closer—Tistye had an urge to escape right there and then.

However, that was the only way she could convey her feelings to Gaizel.

Thus, she endured the embarrassment and pushed her head forward.

She eventually aimed for Gaizel’s thin lips.

Careful not to put force behind it, she extended her hand to Gaizel’s chin. Gaizel’s eyelashes quivered slightly, but there was no sign of him opening his eyes.

I, I have to tilt my face, then…

The sound of her heartbeat grew louder.

She was also surprised by the smoothness of his skin which was unlike a man’s.

As if determined, Tistye drew her face closer.

…Perhaps, before completing the action, she shouldn’t have closed her eyes.

Tistye ended up kissing Gaizel’s cheek—under his eye, and not on his lips.

As expected, she didn’t have the necessary courage for second try, and at the same time, Gaizel firmly opened his eyes as Tistye pulled away.

“…Tistye? Just now, what…”

Argh! I failed again!? Ugh, what do I say…

Whilst desperately wracking her brain, which seemed to be running wild from the heat, Tistye blurted the words she had in mind.

“T, this way, I will forgive you!”

After speaking, Tistye rushed to shut her mouth.

What do I do now?!

He was her husband, sure, but he was also the Emperor, and just now, she had spoken as if he was merely a close friend. After seeing Tistye, whom had shrunk like a small animal, Gaizel eventually said a word.

“…I’ve decided.”


“Today, I’ll certainly return.”

“Lord Gaizel?”

“No matter what they say, I’m coming home. That’s why, wait for me, and don’t fall asleep.”

Gaizel hugged Tistye whom was still trembling. She put her arms behind his neck. In the blink of an eye, their positions were reversed. As the back of her head was pressed, he kissed her deeply, not caring about her embarrassment in the slightest.

[“I wonder how much this person will tease me before she’s satisfied… or is she perhaps unaware of her actions? It’s plain amazing how no man has ever fallen for her. I don’t particularly like the royal family of Lacie, but I guess I have to thank them for that.”]

L-Lord Gaizel…

Before she noticed it, her body was already leaning backward, it seemed that she’d likely be laid down. She desperately pushed his abdominal muscles, but she couldn’t overpower Gaizel. Eventually, he won, and Tistye’s face flushed red.

Then, the sound of knocking echoed on the door.

“—Lord Gaizel, there’s urgent business from Lord Randi. He wants you to return to the royal palace immediately.”


 In front of Tistye was a stiff-faced Gaizel. Even if she couldn’t hear the voice of his heart, it was apparent he was experiencing intense conflict and agony.

“…Y, Your Majesty.”

“…I understand.”

Gaizel answered with a voice as if he was forced to swallow hot iron before then raising his body and slowly standing up. Tistye immediately readjusted her position and stood from the sofa. Then, Gaizel’s wide palm descended on Tistye’s head.

“Do you remember the promise?”

“Y, yes.”

“Have a dinner first, afterwards, come to the master bedroom at night.”

Gaizel patted her head. After disturbing Tistye’s bangs, he immediately reverted to his usual expression and left the drawing room. Tistye, whom was left alone in that room, tidied her messy hair before gradually blushing from her neck to her forehead.

M, master bedroom, does that mean…?

Although she’d already been satisfied with meeting Gaizel after a long time, to think it’d lead to such a rapid development…!

Tistye was so embarrassed, she crouched down on spot.

***T/N: Being honest with you guys, the straight fluff is great, however I’m not one to be reading sth just cause it’s plain fluff. My point is, since there’s like, 40++ chapters of second arc, it better not be about kissing, then intense moment, then interruption like usual. Cause honestly, at this point, imo, it’s getting old. Not that I’m asking for straight-up r18, but I wish there’s more to their way of interacting other than what we’ve continuously seen, seriously. Opt for a healthy and natural communication with her once in a while instead of continuously sealing that lips of her with yours, MY BOY! How about trying to properly express your feelings to her, first?

How about you guys? This has nothing to do with the story, and plain my curiosity alone–If a story contains only straight fluff that has no bearing (almost didn’t add to the story at all), and it led to nothing but interruption ALL THE TIME, would you still love that story? Or would you get tired of it?

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