The Heir of the Dragon Emperor and his Bride Corps Translation

25.1 The Unknown Girl’s True King and Her Ambitions

[You came to the wrong place. We’re looking for soldiers here. We’re neither looking for eiyuu nor yuusha[1].]

Thus said the soldier to the girl crouching on the ground.

[But, I can use magic! I’ll definitely be useful to the Governor-sama!”

The girl named Yukino shook her tiny hand and on top the palm appeared an ice flower. It’s small but elaborate.

[I, I’m hungry right now so I can only do this much!]
[We are not recruiting spellcasters here.]

The soldier, however, shook his head.

[What we are looking for here are soldiers who can fight collectively. Also, my duty is to recruit those who fit the criteria. Not only will your petite body disturb the formation, it also won’t be of any help in intimidating the enemy.]
[I am capable of other things too!]
[If you’re really that capable, then how are you unknown to me?]
[If you really do have special abilities…. then you should head over to Governor Kittle-sama’s castle. Hime-sama has been personally recruiting such personnel. You should be able to have an audience with her if you wait for about 3 months. At that time, I advise you to refrain from using that high and mighty tone you’ve been directing at me.]

The soldier jutted his chin towards the main gate.

[The governor-sama’s castle is to the southwest. You should be able to reach it within two days.]
[…. No way.]
[You came to the wrong place.]

The soldier, having lost interest in the girl, looks away.

The girl remains on the ground, but she drops her head in dejection. 

[Hang on, Haruka.]
[Yes, Aniue-sama.]
[Why did the soldier refuse that kid? In troubled times like these, shouldn’t they want more talented people around?]

In fact, I was readily accepted by the ajin. If a cult is rioting, you would think that talented personnel to subdue them would be essential. 

[…. It’s because Kittle-sama is… etto…. a ‘conservative’ figure who ‘is descended from the ruling bureaucracy and is of a distinguished lineage’[2]. That’s what Liz-nee said.]

Haruka explained to me while stumbling with her words. 

[…They are retainers who’ve served for generations, their arrangements and composition have long been settled with no room for change.]
[Even during times of trouble?]
[It’s precisely because we’re in times of trouble, Aniue-sama.]

Haruka brought her lips to my ear.

[There are 2 kinds of people during times like these. Those who would try to use the turmoil to further their own interests, and those who desperately protect what they have from the upheaval. Perhaps, Governor Kittle-sama belongs to the latter. That’s why—]
[There’s no room for them to accept others beside humans…]

I don’t quite understand that way of thinking, though. Since there is no telling how things will turn out during troubled times, I don’t believe survival is possible without change.

[… He’s being entrusted with territory bordering the ajin frontier exactly because he’s such a person, Aniue-sama.]
[… Since he’s averse to change, he wouldn’t ally with or make amends with ajin…]

Haruka nodded at my words.

The present country of Alicia has resolved itself to drive the ajin to the frontiers. If the oni clan, the harpies, and dragonkin like Lizette were to cooperate with the Governor and deliver good results, then the country would be forced to acknowledge the achievement.

Therefore, those assigned to the frontiers would be people who wouldn’t do that…

[Then, what kind of person is the hime-sama who has been gathering people in the castle?]
[…My apologies, Aniue-sama. For something to that extent, I have no idea.]

Haruka shook her head.

How curious. If she’s a person who’d accept ajin and irregular talents within her ranks, I think I’d like to meet her.

[……… I’ve got to go.]

Abruptly, the girl who had been crouching up until now, stood up and started walking with an unsteady pace. Come to think of it, she did say that she came all the way from the capital… and that she was hungry.

[Haruka, are there any extra bentou from the village?]
[There’s not much… but I can reduce my share.]
[You don’t have to look like you’re about to burst in tears.]

Maybe it’s because Haruka eats a lot…

[I’ll reduce my share. It’ll be an information fee to have her tell us her story.]

I might not know anything about her, but we do need information about the descendants of the Dragon Emperor and the “Ten Wise Men” from someone that hails from the capital. Moreover, her 『plan』… it could serve as a reference too.

Until this turmoil ends, I have to survive living in these frontiers. It doesn’t matter if it breaks from the norm. If someone can use magic and has information, then that person is a valuable talent.

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[1] Both are ways of saying hero
[2] This was mostly spoken in hiragana, implying that Haruka doesn’t quite get the meaning of the words she said.

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