Even Though I was the Real Saint, I was Exiled—Which Means my Country is Finished Translation

16. I did say I don’t Need a Large Room, Right?

I was again reminded of the number one habit belonging to both the father and son: skimping on explanations.

“Isn’t this room too spacious!?”

Abby was the one who guided me to that room.

After she had closed the door, I went wide agape.

“Did you escort me to the dance hall, instead?!”


The room prepared for me was ridiculously large.

Not only that—

—a bed with a canopy… I had only ever seen one in a fairy tale book… not to mention, wasn’t it too big for me to sleep in alone!?

There were high-quality vases and paintings everywhere… how was I supposed to sleep peacefully in such a place?

The room had also been tidied up properly, which seemed to be the reason why the room appeared to be shining.

I never asked for such a spacious room! A room consisting of a wooden table, a desk, and a solid bed—even if the place was narrow and damp, would suffice for me!

It wasn’t like I didn’t welcome the offer… but…

Such a large room, how was I supposed to calm down?

A room that could shield me from the rain and the wind was enough…

“…They’re just trying to be hospitable, I guess.”

I approached the bed and tried pushing it with my finger.

Waaah! So fluffy and soft!

I then lied down on the scary bed.

I felt lacking in elegance, for I performed such an action while still wearing my outerwear. But I couldn’t resist the fluffy temptation…

“A lot has happened ever since I was exiled, indeed…”

Gazing at the white ceiling, I recalled what happened so far.

Banished by Prince Claude… the annulment of my engagement…

It was hard to process.

“But… what am I going to do now?”

I had acquired a place to live.

That alone had resolved my biggest concern.

However, people couldn’t live by themselves.

In order to live, I needed to earn a living.

In short—money.

I brought a small amount of money with me, and it’ll run out soon.

I had to find a place to work before that happens.

“Shall I go to the medical center for employment? I can use healing magic, after all.”

But I immediately shook my head.

“No can do. If I did that, my identity as the saint will be exposed instantly. Then… a bakery? I yearn to work for one, but I wonder if I can serve customers well. I like cooking, then, a restaurant, maybe…”

Nnn… for me to start doubting myself at this point…

Who would hire this me who had poor social experiences and no other abilities other than that of a saint?


“Well, let’s think about that later… I really want to sleep, my head is really befuddled…”

My eyelids grew heavier—

“—Eliane, can I have a moment?”

I heard a knock.

It was Nigel. I leaped off the bed immediately.

“Y, yes! Please wait!”

I couldn’t show Nigel my messy appearance!

I immediately went to the mirror, tidied my hair with a comb, and opened the door.

“I’m sorry for intruding your rest time…”

“There’s no problem. But, what happened, Nigel? Could it be… you wanted to see me?”

My heart went aflutter, but I still made a joke with an elegant smile.

Under my gaze, Nigel’s face turned red.

“N, not like that… I just want to talk to you, Eliane.”

He steadily answered.


Since it was Nigel, whom was usually playful, I thought his answer was going to be, “Haha, indeed, I wanted to see Eliane’s face badly.”

Wasn’t that how he usually is? It was hard to see through his jokes and his flattery…

What happened to him?

My words incited such a reaction from him…

…for a moment, it was as if he was a cute dog.

“…So, what do you want to talk about?”

If I pester him further, I’d feel bad. Thus, I cut straight to the point.

“…It’s difficult to have a conversation here. Nearby, there’s a balcony, why not speak there?”

“Well, no problem with me…”

I wondered what was it.

Judging from his expression, it didn’t seem to be for mere chitchat.

…It might be something upsetting.

A bit anxiously, I followed Nigel.

**E/N: Wait, Traveling attire??  What happened to the dress from last chapter?? On a side note, I can’t sleep on soft beds >.>

***T/N: Whoops, I was misled by the kanji. I’ve corrected it to ‘outerwear’. What happened to the living expense promised by the King from last chapter??

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