The Returnee Noble Lady Attacks His Majesty the Dragon Emperor Translation

86. His Majesty the Dragon Emperor is Enjoying his Slow Life (34)

The rumors about Jill, which Lawrence spread, had passed.

Slowly, Jill lifted her face. Hadith showed her an unblemished smile.

“Those three look like they’re having fun. If you want to join them, just say so, Jill. I will speed up our horse to reach them.”

“…Um, Your Majesty, are you still concerned about Lawrence?”

“I don’t care. I don’t care at all. I don’t really care that you recommend him as our guide. I also don’t care how when we greeted him, you told me not to be rude to him. So no, I’m not concerned at all.”

Albeit he was smiling, his eyes weren’t. His eyes were swimming.

…The pressure felt from her back was too great.

Jill inwardly exhaled.

Jill, Zeke, and Camila would be heading to the rendezvous point with Hadith.

However, Jill decided to invite Lawrence.

Despite pretending they didn’t know each other, there was no way Jill could let Lawrence, Geraldo’s subordinate, go unchecked. Princess Faelis, whom was sickly, was told to remain in Noitral—Jill’s aim was to pull Lawrence away from her.

Pulling Lawrence away might prove to be futile, thought… even if she’s alone, I don’t know what Princess Faelis is truly capable of…

Nevertheless, because Lawrence had spread the rumor that Jill was his lover, extra effort was necessary.

“Your Majesty, I’ve said it many times already. Those rumors are baseless, he only did that to stop the harassment.”

“Yes, I know that. Lawrence also told me the same thing, kindly, I might add, with a smile on his face, as if saying, ‘There’s no way the Dragon Emperor would be concerned over some small trivialities like this, right?’ That guy has some courage!”

That sounded like Lawrence indeed.

Jill became silent—she was actually gritting her teeth.

Hadith on the other hand, continued refreshingly.

“I’m not doubting you at all. After all, you must’ve had your own reason for recommending him, right?”

“T, then stop being so angry…”

“I’m not angry, I’m just—I just don’t like it.”

The pressure in Hadith’s low voice caused Jill to almost choke.

When she turned around, Listeard chimed in to Hadith.

“Will you stop? Grow up, stay calm, and have confidence.”

“There’s no need to act like an Emperor because right now, I’m just a cook!”

“There’s also no need for you to put up with that setting anymore. Oh well, you’re the type of guy who only straightens up during emergency, aren’t you?”

Due to how light his tone was, Hadith became astonished—the same went for Jill.

H, His Majesty Listeard is getting better at handling His Majesty… until a while ago, it was only Rave and I who understood His Majesty…

Jill looked at Hadith, feeling as if there was something stuck in her chest.

Hadith, whom had been looking at Jill alone until a while ago, turned to Listeard, stupefied.

How great.

What a great display of affinity between two brothers…

But she wondered why she also felt a slight sense of irritation at the same time.

“Even though we’re only a small number of people, we’re still your subordinates. You’re the emperor, don’t show such an ugly side.”

Again, it was as if Hadith was struck.

Listeard went straight ahead, offering to replace Camila as the lead.

“Even though there’s no need for him to be that harsh… Jill?”

Hadith seemed to realize the change in Jill.

“I’m so happy that you’re on good terms with His Majesty Listeard, Your Majesty.”

“Um, yes? Okay? But why do you seem angry…?”

Keeping a secret wasn’t good. Recalling that, Jill bulged her cheeks and leaned her back on Hadith’s chest.

“Forgive me, but I’m rather jealous that someone else discovered your true nature, Your Majesty.”


After a silence, Hadith staggered, and fell from the horse.

Camila, who was beside them, caught him quickly.

“I fully expected that’s going to happen~”

“You expected what?”

“You know, Jill-chan being her usual self. Alright, Your Majesty, get a grip. You’re carrying Jill-chan, after all~”

“C-Camila! My wife is too cute! What do I do!?”

“We’re about to reach the campsite, until then, leave her to this onee-san~”

“Wait, Camila, should you be using that tone with His Majesty!?” Said Jill.

“You’re in the wrong, too, Jill-chan~”

Suddenly, Camila put her forefinger on the tip of Jill’s noise, causing her to recoil.

“Hey, that Raccoon Boy, who could he be, really~? Were the two of you acquainted back in Kratos~?” Said Camila.

“T, that isn’t really the case…” Said Jill.

“But, whenever that boy has the chance, he keeps glancing at you, Jill-chan~”

Camila’s horse strode next to Jill’s horse.

“I’m curious~ for him to just leave Princess-sama and come here for the sake of Jill-chan… His Majesty’s moodiness is reasonable, you know~”

Perhaps happy that Camila was on his side, Hadith perked up. He listened to the conversation, smiling the entire time.

…Jill felt a little annoyed.

“What is it, Your Majesty? Being suspicious at Lawrence is understandable, but just now, you’re merely jealous of him, aren’t you?”

“Guh…! To attack from that direction, that’s just cowardly!”

 “Jill-chan, stop harassing His Majesty. Afterwards, we won’t keep silent anymore, okay? Zeke and Jill-chan seem to have come to an agreement regarding Lawrence—but that doesn’t mean I approve of him. The same goes with His Majesty over there~”

Suddenly, Camila pointed her index finger at Listeard whom was behind her.

“It seems that you’re quite familiar with him, who hails from Kratos~ however, what are you thinking, Jill-chan~ not only is there a possibility that the reinforcement is merely a trap, you also asked such a suspicious person to be our guide.”

Keeping secrets aren’t good.

It was none other than Lawrence who said so. Perhaps he had foreseen that situation.

After some thinking, Jill opened her mouth.

“…Rather than Princess Faelis’s subordinate, that person is Prince Geraldo’s.”

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